Flower Crown Quest

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Flower Crown



Flower Crown:

  • Location: Upper Headgear
  • Weight: 30
  • Required Lvl: N/A
  • Usable on: Every job
  • MDEF + 5
  • Maximum SP + 50

Items Required

To make this headgear you are required to supply these items:


1. The quest starts from NPC Ezi (mjolnir_08 287 244). to get there you can simply walk 1 west of Prontera, and 2 north after that.

2. Speak to the huge blue talking flower and she'll introduce herself.

At this npc there will be 2 selections for you to make. answering otherwise will cancel the whole quest.

Option 1:


Option 2:


3. After showing your interest on the flower crown, or great flower of wisdom will test our 'wisdom'.

Ezi3.jpg    Ezi4.jpg    Ezi5.jpg   

4. Now that you have shown your wisdom, she will tell you to speak with her brother and sister. you have to start with the sister first though. so now talk to the red flower (esri) next to her.

WARNING this part involves fighting 3 Dryads so make sure you have prepared for the worst.

5. As soon as you talk to her she'll tell you that something is behind you. WARNING: You must KILL the Dryads YOURSELF. or you can have someone to tank for you but they MUST NOT kill even a single dryad.

Current found cases:

a. Killed more than 3 Dryads=fail

b. Not killing exactly 3 Dryads=fail

Known solution:

a. Relogging does NOT solve the problem

b. Moving between maps do NOT solve problem

c. (Unsure) Leaving the npc alone AFTER killing all dryads for some time (we tried 30mins) SOLVES problem

Ezi6.jpg    Ezi7.jpg   

6. Upon defeating all the dryads, speak to the red flower again (esri). she will claim that you are good enough to have her approval.


Now talk to the last flower on the left, the yellow one (eldi)

7. Upon speaking with him, he will ask if you want to be a nymph. Answer Yeah, Absolutely!


And he will tell you to pass him a couple of his 'family'

  • Hinalle x3
  • Izidor x3
  • Hinalle Leaflet x9
  • Aloe Leaflet x

8. Pass him the plants and he'll acknowledge you to be courageous enough. now go talk to the blue flower on top (Ezi).

  Ezi11.jpg    Ezi12.jpg   

9. Now she will finally ask you to pass her the ingredients for the Flower Crown:

  • Fancy Flower x1
  • White Dyestuff x1

10. Now pass her the stuff and she will reward you with your very own Flower Crown!

  Ezi14.jpg    Ezi15.jpg   


  1. Credits to Heartless_Droid for this guide