Galaxy Circlet Quest

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  • Mdef +5
  • For every refine, MaxHP +10 and MaxSP +10.
  • For every 2 refines, increase resistance to Earth, Fire and Water attacks by 1%
  • Defense: 3
  • Location: Upper
  • Weight:100
  • Required Level: 50

Items Required


1. Find Claire prontera (116, 265).


Offer to help her. She'll ask you to find Prince Heinrich VI inside Prontera castle.

2. Head North of Prontera and go up twice until you reach the throne room. Prince Heinrich VI (prt_castle) 124, 168


Select the option to Fool Him. You'll obtain a lock of hair. Now head back to Claire.

3. Now that you have the hair. You'll need these ingredients to make the potion.

1 x Empty Potion Bottle 150 x Fig Leaf 150 x Hinalle Leaflet 150 x Spawn 150 x Sticky Webfoot 20 x Green Potion 250, 000 zeny

4. She'll ask you to deliver the items to Mr. Crowley in Lighthalzen. Head inside the Lighthalzen (202, 161) near the spawn. Keep heading upstairs (to the right)


5 x Emerald 5 x Rose Quartz 5 x Amethyst 5 x Sapphire 50 x Star Crumb 100 x Wind of Verdure

5. Then return to Claire. The potion is complete and you'll receive a Butterfly Wing. Head to Prince Heinrich VI in Prontera Castle.

6. Once he drinks the potion he'll begin to turn into a Frog. Use the Butterfly Wing to escape.

7. Then return to Claire with the news. She will reward you with her family heirloom, Galaxy Circlet.