Gamemaster Challenge (GMC)

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The Gamemaster Challenges or GMCs is a set of scheduled custom event running daily. Everyday, at a specific time of the day, a random GMC is open for 2 hours to players. To participate in GMC, talk to the Minigame Girl to join the GM Challenge Lobby.

The GMCs entail fighting monsters (including MVPs such as Valkyrie Randgris, Nidhonggur) and a final custom boss (each named after a TalonRO Gamemaster). There are a total of 8 different GMCs each with its own unique experience.


  • No monster drops (other than the final boss)
  • All skills usable
  • Kill all monster to proceed to the next floor, with a total of 4 Floors. The last floor will only contain the final boss.
  • 2 GMC rooms available
  • A time limit of 1h 30 mins


There are 2 cooldowns applied after each GMC.

  • Game Account Cooldown (48 hours): After successfully killing the boss, the game account you're using will be applied a 48 hours cooldown. You are not allowed to GMC with any character on that game account until after 48 hours have passed since you killed the GM.
  • Forum Account/IP Cooldown (resets the next server day 00:00): You are only allowed to GMC once per day. Failing the GMC also triggers the cooldown.

GM Challenge Schedule

Server Time (GMT+1)








02:00 - 04:00 04:00 - 06:00 06:00 - 08:00 08:00 - 10:00 00:00 - 02:00 02:00 - 04:00 00:00 - 02:00
12:00 - 14:00 14:00 -16:00 14:00 - 16:00 18:00 - 20:00 11:00 - 13:00 12:00 - 14:00 11:00 - 13:00
16:00 - 18:00 18:00 - 20:00 20:00 - 22:00 15:00 - 17:00 18:00 - 20:00 15:00 - 17:00
20:00 - 22:00

South-East Asia Time (GMT+8)








08:00 AM - 10:00 AM 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM 12:00 AM - 02:00 AM 02:00 AM - 04:00 AM 12:00 AM - 02:00 AM 02:00 AM - 04:00 AM 12:00 AM - 02:00 AM
06:00 PM - 08:00 PM 08:00 PM - 10:00 PM 12:00 PM - 02:00 PM 02:00 PM - 04:00 PM 06:00 AM - 08:00 AM 08:00 AM - 10:00 AM 06:00 AM - 08:00 AM
10:00 PM - 12:00 AM 08:00 PM - 10:00 PM 05:00 PM - 07:00 PM 06:00 PM - 08:00 PM 05:00 PM - 07:00 PM
09:00 PM - 11:00 PM 09:00 PM - 11:00 PM

Prepare Yourselves

The common party set-up:

  • Steel Body Champ
  • Devotion Paladin
  • Sniper
  • Sniper
  • Sniper
  • Creator
  • High Wizard (HW)
  • High Priest (HP)
  • High Priest
  • Clown
  • Two extra slots: Depending on who the GM is, the party will most likely take a HP, Sniper, or Creator.

Do not forget to bring your supplies!

  • Fly Wing - emergency teleport or to look for that one last struggling mob.
  • Yggdrasil Leaf - All HPs dead? Use a leaf!
  • Grape Juice - Mind your SP!
  • Green Potion - Do not wait for a HP to cure you, use a Green Potion!
  • ADs/Coats
  • Meat - Got Hell Poodle accessories? Spam that meat!
  • Ranked Condensed White Potion - emergency; for those not using Hell Poodle; needs heal while on GTB
  • Other healing items you prefer to use.


  • Aside from RSX armor, you can also wear Strong Shield to negate Knockback.
  • Lex mobs when you can.
  • Do not forget to Pneuma the party.
  • Be mindful of where to position your party for some GMCs.
  • HW preferably helps with Safety Wall-ing the Champ. Quagmire helps. Be ready to have Monster Property/Ganbantein/Ice Walls, plus the gem requirements - at least 20 pairs will do.
  • Do not forget to use Full Chemical Protection on the Champ.
  • Communicate and cooperate with the party AND lastly, enjoy the run!
  • More monsters spawn if the party has more than 9 members on the first 3 floors.

The GMs

/!\ Strategy part and some more info WIP/!\

Black Talon

Map.png Hidden Cave in ein_fild01 / Thanatos Tower (Boss Floor)
Steps1.png Skogul, Frus, Aliot, Imp, Sniper Cecil, Ygnizem Cenia
Steps2.png Skeggiold, Kasa, Lord Knight Seyren, Majoruros, Sword Guardian, Ygnezim Cenia
Steps3.png Hell Fly, Hellion Revenant, Bio Mobs (LK, Sniper, HW, HP), Salamander, Detale
Mvp.png Black Talon + Kasa, Salamander
Arrow.gif Silver, Immaterial, Shadow, Crystal, Stone
2345.png GTB shield
  • When spawning, rush up towards the narrow walkway up the stairs. If you can't make it, don't drag a mob towards your party
  • Floor 1-3 map is a bit annoying because of the hidden pathway so proceed with caution.
  • Bring a few Green Potions, they'd help to counter confusion when you're setting up at the boss floor
  • At F1-F3, clear the middle area first before going deep in the walkways. This will allow your party to group up in an area in case of emergency
  • Group up as much Hell Flies and Hellion Revenants as you can to save time
  • Make Blacktalon spawns an LP a few cells below where you will be tanking it so your sniper can be positioned there safely without dying from Meteor Storm
  • Position correctly during MvP floor. Make sure Blacktalon isn't facing your party
High Priest
High Wizard
  • Make sure you have Ice Wall and Ice Wall the narrow path where the party will head to after spawn. Also Ice Wall tunnel entrance and stairs when you're clearing near them
  • Don't SG much on F1, it's better for monsters to not be frozen on that floor for snipers to clear faster.
  • If you're planning to SG on Blacktalon floor, make sure you are positioned away from the party as you wouldn't want the Kasa and Salamander heading to towards them
  • Bring Ktullanux Armor and your Falcon (for detecting BT).
  • Double Strafe from outside of Earthquake range at Blacktalon floor
  • Be wary and focus on AD'ing Cecils and Seyren


Map.png Ant Hell 1 / Abyss Lake 3
Steps1.png Hunter Fly, False Angel, Ancient Mummy, Lord of Death, Stormy Knight
Steps2.png Hunter Fly, Sword Guardian, Agav, Ancient Mummy, Baroness of Retribution, Drake, Stormy Knight, Lord of Death, Ktullanux
Steps3.png Hunter Fly, Assassin Cross Eremes, Sniper Cecil, Byorgue, Gloom Under Night, Amon Ra, Valkyrie Randgris
Mvp.png Boreas + Thanatos mobs
Arrow.gif Silver, Immaterial, Shadow, Fire, Stone, Wind
2345.png GTB shield, Marc armor
  • Stay in the circle when spawning.
  • Bring Bathory Armor to tank Amon Ra.
  • Bring Angeling Armor to tank Valkyrie Randgris.
  • Perma-GTB on Boss floor (it dispels).
  • One of Boreas slave's (the Dolor), sucks away SP, ask snipers to kill it if they can
High Priest
High Wizard
  • Double Strafe from out of Earthquake range at Boss floor. It's Ghost into Holy at 50%, so start with Immaterial and switch to Shadow Arrow midway


Map.png Abyss Lake 3 / Thanatos Tower
Steps1.png Howard, Whitesmith Howard (Miniboss), Penomena, Ice Titan, Garm, Ktullanux
Steps2.png Katrinn, High Wizard Katrinn (Miniboss), Thanatos Dolor, Ghost Incarnation of Morroc, Ghostring, Evil Snake Lord, Gloom Under Night, Scholar Celia
Steps3.png Magaletha, High Priest Magaletha (Miniboss), Gold Acidus, Angeling, Arc Angeling, False Angel, Valkyrie Randgris
Mvp.png Seiren + Raggler, Raydric, Lord Knight Seyren (Miniboss)
Arrow.gif All elements
2345.png GTB shield, Medusa shield
  • Seiren will summon LKs whenever the other slaves die! So pay attention when targeting and avoid killing any slave!
  • Having a Wind RSX and a Holy Armor (for Randgris only) would be lovely.
  • Tank Scholar Celia using RSX + GTB (she dispells).
High Priest
  • On the Boss Floor, one HP stay off screen preferably, and focus on buffing snipers
High Wizard
  • Get a Marduk Mid if you own one and use it on the Boss floor (Seiren silences a lot)
  • Do not cast any magic other than Quagmire on the Boss floor.
  • Monster Property often especially when you see the property change animation on Seiren or your snipers starting to miss.
  • Bring a lot of arrows/quivers and in all elements cause Seiren changes property a lot, and always pay attention to Monster Property and your damage.
  • Take of your falcon and normal attack Seiren from out of Earthquake range.
  • Easy arrow guide, F1: Wind, F2: Immaterial, F3: Shadow
  • It is highly recommended to FCP your party before entering F1, as there will be many WS heading towards your party, ready to break stuff. If you don't wanna use that many coats, you can just FCP your Champion, Pally and High Priests (the frontliners, basically). Don't be stingy. It's a lot better to waste some coats than having shields or Kahos broken at the very beginning.
  • AD the LK slave on Seyren's floor as soon as possible. Be very careful not to kill other slaves as this will certainly cause the LK slave to respawn and give a harder time to your party.


Map.png Rachel Sanctuary 5 / PVP map
Steps1.png Rata, Anubis, Abysmal Knight, Elder, Duneyrr, Amon Ra, Incantation Samurai, General Egnigem Cenia, Orc Hero
Steps2.png Wild Rose, Hillslion, Dolomedes, Cornus, Centipede, Atroce, Gopinich,, Vesper, Ktullanux
Steps3.png Hydrolancer, Blue Acidus, Gold Acidus, Mutant Dragon, Centipede, Dark Shadow, Nidhoggr's Shadow
Mvp.png Howl + Ice Titan, Salamander, Tatacho
Arrow.gif Silver, Shadow, Crystal, Fire, Wind, Stone
2345.png GTB shield, Medusa shield, Marc armor
  • Map is super big and annoying, if your party is reliable enough, try splitting on the first and second floor
  • Always on GTB for Niddhogr and Howl. Because they dispell.
  • Howl sucks SP, it's recommended to bring Yggdrasil Seed to get SP when you need to urgently re-Steel Body.
  • Bring and use an Osiris accessory if you own one.
  • Pay attention to your health and the screen. One spiral pierce towards the Champion will kill you. Ask for resu immediately and re-devo as quickly as possible
High Priest
  • Two things are crucial during Boss floor: Pneuma and Paladin
  • Ask your snipers to stick together under one pneuma, and another pneuma on your party.
  • Pay attention to Paladin's health at all time, even if it's full, he can die in a matter of seconds. Always be ready to resurrect him.
High Wizard
  • DS or auto crit from out of Earthquake range on Boss Floor
  • Stick with the other snipers and do not go attacking in your own corner or you'll be a pain in the ass to High Priests.
  • When Howl starts a long cast in his first form, STOP ATTACKING immediately or it'll change aggro, and will wipe parts of your party.
  • AD the Hydros on F3!
  • Stock up some Blue Potions, and have Level 4 Potion Pitcher ready when facing Howl. You can use this skill on your Champion whenever he/she needs SP to make things a lot smoother.


Map.png Biolabs 3 / Pyramid First Floor
Steps1.png Grand Peco, Mistress, Lady Tanee, Bacsojin, Maya
Steps2.png Petite, Blue Acidus, Salamander, Cecil, Magaletha, Banshee Master
Steps3.png Easy mobs (Rocker, Lunatic, Thief Bug, etc), High Priest Magaletha, Sniper Cecil
Mvp.png Shiris + Pecos (turns to Hell Flies)
Arrow.gif Silver, Immaterial, Shadow, Crystal, Wind, Stone
2345.png GTB shield, Medusa shield, Marc armor
  • An additional Asura champ (with Osiris) is also great to clear F1-F2 faster.
  • Run a hybrid Asura/Steel Body build if you can. And help Asura on F1 and F2
  • Wind RSX is good overall on this GMC. But also do bring Fire as you'll need it too for F2 (or in case things break your armor).
  • When tanking Shiris make sure she's facing a long wall. Else she will High Jump when attacked, and changes her aggro.
  • Pot pot pot
High Priest
  • A Wind Marc is great on Boss Floor. Else you might want to take off your Deviling too to tank the Lord of Vermillion.
  • Split jobs if there's a few of you when killing the Bio 3 MvPs, one HP should focus on the tank, the other the party.
High Wizard
  • Make sure you have Ice Wall in case the party wants to ledge.
  • High Vit or Orc Hero mid helps a lot too when ledging
  • Help with Safety Wall for the Bio3 MvPs, and make sure that the MvPs always get quagmired!
  • Jupitel Thunder constantly on Shiris (even if you miss), to help Snipers kill easier by making Shiris stay on Wind element
  • Bring a Marc armor (for Shiris) and crit stuffs (regular Cecil and MvP have high flee).
  • Also bring a lot of Stone Arrows
  • Auto attack from afar with Stone Arrow (if your HW is constantly JT'ing Shiris).
  • Don't be stingy with ADs on F1-F3, but also don't dumbly waste too. A completed run is better than a failed run.


Map.png Geffen Dungeon 1 / Geffen Dungeon 4
Steps1.png Gold Acidus, Banshee, Frus, Deviling, Valkyrie (mini)
Steps2.png Biolabs mobs (WS, Sniper, HW, LK), Dimik, Baphomet, Vesper
Steps3.png Sword Guardian, Archdam, High Wizard Katrinn, Deviling, Baphomet, Gloom Under Night
Mvp.png Muui + Dark Illusion, Bloody Knight
Arrow.gif Silver, Immaterial, Shadow, Crystal, Wind, Stone
2345.png GTB shield, Medusa shield
  • When spawning head to the corner wall on the left hand side.
  • Be careful of Mini Valkyrie on F1, they break armor and their Holy attribute attack hurts.
  • Wind RSX is great here too, but remember to swap to Fire RSX agaisnt Gloom.
  • When tanking Muui, make sure to position him against a wall in a way that your position and his lines up perpendicularly to a wall. He has backslide, and he won't be able to backslide when too close to a wall!
  • Wind Armor + Alice for Muui
  • Run Osiris accessory and pay attention to your hp. Muui spirals, so one spiral might take you out. Ask for resu asap.
High Priest
  • Pay attention to Paladin's hp. If they die, resu as quickly as possible
  • Pneuma is crucial for Muui floor if he faces against the party.
High Wizard
  • Don't Storm Gust on the first floor, Snipers would be able to handle the monsters much easier if you don't
  • Quag, Amp and SG the heck out of third floor
  • Auto attack from inside party with Silver arrow for Muui.
  • AD the Bio3 mobs and Sword Guardians heading towards the party.


Map.png Thanatos / PVP map
Steps1.png Ragged Zombie, Loli Ruri, Rata, Duneyrr, Necromancer, Dark Lord, Baphomet
Steps2.png Zakudam, Thanatos mobs, Thanatos
Steps3.png Incarnation of Morrocs (all 4), Assassin Cross Eremes, Thanatos
Mvp.png Sushi + Biolabs mobs
Arrow.gif Silver, Immaterial, Shadow, Fire
2345.png GTB shield
  • When spawning head north towards the corner.
  • Bring a lot of Fly Wings in case you get exiled a lot.
  • Sushi casts Tarot, so funky stuffs such as dispel even when you have GTB on, and coma might happen. Pay attention to it
High Priest
  • Cast Safety Walls all around the party when spawning.
  • Thanatos expulse a lot, be careful and try not to tank the damage and dying in vain if you don't think you can take it.
High Wizard
  • Auto attack from out of Earthquake range with Silver arrow.
  • Pay attention not to kill other mobs.
  • AD and get rid of Sushi's LK slave as quickly as possible.


Map.png Brasilis Dungeon 1 / PVP map
Steps1.png Uzhas, Medusa, Gemini-S58, Seaweed, Sedora, Bow Guardian, High Priest Magaletha, Paladin Randel, Queen Scaraba, Boitata, Tendrilion
Steps2.png Engkanto, Nepenthis, Tatacho, Naga, Seaweed, Sropho, Bow Guardian, Lord Knight Seyren, High Wizard Katrinn, Hardrock Mammoth, Detale, Buwaya
Steps3.png Ancient Tree, Strouf, King Dramoh, Seaweed, Tikbalang, Bow Guardian, Stalker Gertie, Professor Celia, Lord Knight Seyren, Gloom Under Night, Leak, Kraken
Mvp.png Gemini + Dame of Sentinel, Garden Watcher
Arrow.gif Silver, Immaterial, Shadow, Crystal, Fire, Wind, Stone
2345.png GTB shield, Medusa Shield, Marc Armor
The recommended gears other than GTB shield generally only applies for High Priest, High Wizard, Professor, Creator
  • Bring a Professor to dispel defender from Paladin Randel, and Gemini.
  • Try to move upwards from spawn towards the wall, and get Ice Walled in.
  • 97 Int or Nightmare Mid or Pet
  • Bring a bit more than usual Fly Wings due to how mobby the map can be, and Gemini MvP also has "Expulsion" skill. Try not to rush.
  • Be on GTB against Gemini (Dispel & Earthquake). Be careful of Bio4 Professor's Dispel too.
  • Greenpot to counter Confusion
  • Do your job
High Priest
  • There are Bow Guardians in here. It's important to Pneuma the party, but make sure the Pneuma wouldn't prevent Snipers from killing whatever is there in the party
  • Lots of status debuff from MvPs, be ready to Cure Silence, Bless Stone Curse, Recovery Sleep etc your other party mates
High Wizard
  • Quagmire cause it will get very mobby.
  • The temptation to cast LoV is high cause of the present of Water element monsters, but use JT instead.
  • Storm Gust the party and the tank (when they stop moving) when it gets too mobby
  • Snipeshoot when it's mobby.
  • Focus on Bio4 Paladin, and Bio3 Lord Knight. They're a much bigger threat to the party than some MvPs
  • Bring a looot of Green Pots or run as close to as 97 vit as possible because there's a lot of status effect for this particular GMC.
  • Drop some traps near the spawn point after clearing a floor so that the Party can have a bit more time to get ready for the next floor monster spawn
  • Focus on Bio3 Lord Knight and Bio4 Paladin.
  • Run 100 Vit, it's ok to run low Int.
  • Dispel mainly Bio4 Randel (Autoguard, Defender), and Gemini (Defender). Dispel whatever is Assumptio'd by Bio3 High Priest on F1 too.
  • Bring Cobwebs and web things running into party
  • Cast Wall of Fog on Party if they're targeted by Bow Guardians
  • Help with Safety Wall
  • Help supply SP with Soul Change
  • Cast low level Land Protector on GM Floor to protect Snipers from Meteor Storm


Clearing Floors 1-3: The 24 Copper Coins reward from killing Floor 1-3 has been removed to prevent dual clienting abuse.

Defeating the GM:

  • The GM drops 1x 12103.gif Bloody Branch at 100% drop rate.
  • They also drop an assortment of valuable gears (incl. weapons, elemental armors). Click the GM's image above for more info on their drops!

Note: You have ten (10) seconds to pick up your loots before you get warped into the other room. Rarely but it happens when the party is not set-up for item even share and the MVP member does not pick up the items, resulting to lost loots. Be careful of this.

Clearing GM Challenge: (Restricted to one IP address)

After clearing the final floor, you'll be warped out to another NPC that will give you your rewards:

  • 50 8874.gif Copper Coins
  • 1x GMC Token (according to the challenge done)

GMC Token

Game Master Token
BlackTalon 8882.gifBlackTalon's Dusk Glow
Boreas 8883.gifGM Boreas's Jellopy
Seiren 8880.gifGM Seiren's Condensed White Potion
Howl 8886.gifGM Howl's Yggdrasil Berry
Shiris 8885.gifGM Shiris's Peco Peco Feather
Muui 8884.gifGM Muui's TCG Card
Sushi 8881.gifGM Sushi's Sushi
Gemini 20491.gif GM Gemini's Donut

Making a GMC Giftbox

Since the introduction of the Meiadrir Patch, the Giftbox system has been slightly tweaked. 3 new types of Giftbox have been introduced.

Giftbox Tokens
Classic GMC Giftbox
1x 8882.gifBlackTalon's Dusk Glow
1x 8883.gifGM Boreas's Jellopy
1x 8880.gifGM Seiren's Condensed White Potion
1x 8886.gifGM Howl's Yggdrasil Berry
1x 8885.gifGM Shiris's Peco Peco Feather
1x 8884.gifGM Muui's TCG Card
1x 8881.gifGM Sushi's Sushi
Crimson GMC Gift Box
3x 8884.gifGM Muui's TCG Card
3x 8885.gifGM Shiris's Peco Peco Feather
3x 8886.gifGM Howl's Yggdrasil Berry
1x 20491.gif GM Gemini's Donut
Cerulean GMC Gift Box
3x 8886.gifGM Howl's Yggdrasil Berry
3x 8880.gifGM Seiren's Condensed White Potion
3x 8882.gifBlackTalon's Dusk Glow
1x 20491.gif GM Gemini's Donut
Saffron GMC Gift Box
3x 8881.gifGM Sushi's Sushi
3x 8883.gifGM Boreas's Jellopy
3x 8885.gifGM Shiris's Peco Peco Feather
1x 20491.gif GM Gemini's Donut

Once you've collected the necessary tokens. Talk to the Prize Guru NPC inside the GM Challenge Lobby, and turn them in.

GMC Giftbox Prize

What can you get from the GMC Giftbox?



Other Items

20078.gifAncient Gold Adornment Costume 9062.gifLittle Poring Egg 559.gifHand-Made Chocolate
20082.gifMagic Stone Hat Costume 9057.gifTaini Egg 12901.gifLife Insurance Box
20081.gifMinstrel Song Hat Costume
19543.gifOliver Wolf Hood
20084.gifReissue Schmitz Helm Costume
20079.gifRune Circlet Costume
20080.gifSniper Googles Costume
20083.gifWhispers of Wind Costume
20085.gifResting Swan Costume

Known Prize from the new boxes (subject to change with more info):

20492.gif Crimson GMC Gift Box

20493.gif Cerulean GMC Gift Box

20494.gif Saffron GMC Gift Box

20470.gif Magical Head Dress Costume 20454.gif Clergy Nursing Hat Costume 20474.gif Vicious Aura Costume
20448.gif Peony Hat Costume 20471.gif Magic Stone Grace Costume 20486.gif Night Sky Memory Costume
20453.gif Survival Circlet costume 20477.gif Rosary Necklace Costume 20439.gif Wild Poring Rider Costume
20475.gif Red Vicious Aura Costume
+ Costumes from Classic + Costumes from Classic + Costumes from Classic