Gangster Scarf Quest

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This is for all you gangster-wannabes who want to make a Gangster Scarf.

This quest isn't particularly difficult if it wasn't for some of the items needed which require effort to farm.

Thankfully, this quest doesn't include any PVM besides whichever you might go through to farm all the items you'll need.

Items Required

The items you'll need for this quest are the following:

  • 100 Torn Scroll (45% drop on Elder)
  • 1 Red Scarf (0.3% drop on Anolian or can be bought from pet gear NPC at prontera)
  • 50 Royal Jelly (42% drop on Violy/30% drop from Enchanted Peach Tree)
  • 10 Anodyne (3% drop on Galapago/Pest)
  • 5 Aloe (1.5% drop on Green Plant)
  • 1 Gangster Mask (0.09% drop on Zerom)
  • 200 Red Muffler (66.6% drop on Disguise)
  • 500,000 z

Gathering the items

Torn Scroll

This will be by far the most eligible contender for hardest item to farm in the above. Elders have their highest spawn points in Thanatos Tower F4, F5 and F6 (20). They also spawn in the F2 and F3 (10).

Now as you might or might now know, to access the later floors of Thanatos Tower (Anything beyond F2), you need to have a party of 5 people waiting next to the NPC that'll warp you to the next level. Farming these items is therefore tricky as you'd need a strong preparation to farm them effectively.

Some of you might consider farming them in the lower level (F2) to avoid the trouble of walking all the way up the tower. My advice is : Do not. Floor 2 has an insane amounts of Ancient Mimics who'll do their very best to prevent you from farming your scrolls at ease. If you were to access Floor 3, it is still not a good spot as there is 80 Death Words roaming this place which might or might not be a problem for you. However, there are only 10 Elders on that floor.

What I'd suggest you, what I have done myself, is farming them on Floor 4. This floor is less mobby than the above and has 20 Elders. Now if you were to die, you'd have to walk all the way back which will be a hassle, so you'll need to think of everything to farm this floor. I personally farmed my scrolls with a champion 99 using Investigate and Eddga shoes. I had an HP and Prof stashed on the warp to Floor for buffs and re-SPing (And the eventual need to resu). Farming these items alone will prove to be a very challenging task which I don't advise.

What I WOULD advise is for you to take a farming job (Stalker, Sniper or whatever you think would do best here. HWs wouldn't be advised as Elders have high MDEF) and a decent support HP to F4. The mobs you will need to avoid are Owl Barons, Owl Dukes, Ancient Mimics and Death Words as those can quickly constitute a major problem when they mob. You'll also eventually come across a Dame of Sentinel : these should be avoided at all cost (Do not take risks, if it saw you : TP and gather up with your party). Now, the disadvantage of taking people with you will be that you'll be slower to move, but it's the safest way I can think of to collect these.

Elders have a relatively high DEF/MDEF, 21592 HP and tend to use Silence/Stone Curse. Thankfully, you'll find out that their attacks aren't as strong as other mobs you'll face. Good luck, you're doing the hardest part.

In regards to farming Torn Scrolls:

  • Intimidate often. Do not get mobbed. Elders are little to no threat individually.
  • If Stone Curse is getting on your nerves, GTB or Evil Druid can protect you from that. Elders and Owls will also be using lightning and fire-bolts, so GTB will save you a lot of grief.
  • Elders are DEF-heavy. Ice Pick can work wonders against them, but then the little books won't flinch. (Then again, if you're attacking little books, you're not farming right.)
  • For killing Elders as quickly as possible, go with Bowling Bash (however SP-use is likely to be a problematic without GEC... you're a long way from being able to restock GJ and most of your weight should be Meat). If you brought GTB, you'll need GEC to keep farming with Bowling Bash. Without GEC, ol' Triple Attack is hard to disagree with.
  • Chase Walk won't help here unless you're using GTB, due to the Owls' love of lightning. They're demons who will pursue you until you find an Elder to intimidate.
  • Keep some SP in reserve in case you find two or three Elders together. There's always a corner nearby in Thanatos 4, and you can drag them around it into a tight little bunch for you to Bowling Bash.

I suggest operating alone if you can.

Red Scarf

You can buy that at Pet Gear (prontera 210, 211), next to the Pet Groomer:


Royal Jelly

Royal jellies. We all have at least one of these in our Kafra. This item won't be too painful to farm. You could try either Enchanted Peach Trees or Violys. High-end players will tend to chose Violys. I would personally suggest Enchanted Peach Trees as their drop rate is relatively high (30%) and these mobs won't prove to be challenging.

Violys can be found in every map of Geffenia, have 18257 HP and use ranged attacks. These are a common problem to whoever farms Geffenia. Farming them specially will be tough to anyone not geared for that last spot as the place is fairly well garnished in strong mobs.

Enchanted Peach Trees have 8905 HP and are particularly weak against Fire. Their attacks aren't much of a hassle and a simple Hunter with a Burning Bow and fire arrows can make 50 RJs in 20 minutes. Beware of Bloody Butterflies though, those are clearly a much more annoying monster.


SQI ingredients. These can easily be bought, although you might want to farm them as the mobs dropping these are low-end targets.

Galapagos have 9145 HP (Not event Galapagos, regular ones), can be found lurking around in Kokomo Beach, are NOT aggressive and weak against Fire. Kokomo Beach is infested with Seals and Mobsters which will make this task rather painful.

Pests, 3240 HP, resistance to most elements besides Holy. Why not these ? Because their highest spawn map is of 30 and happens to be the same where you'll find Anolians. In case you've decided to farm that Red Scarf, it will never hurt to include them in your mob. In case you did NOT, however, you can find them in the left cave of Comodo. Beware as there are Medusas in this map.


Not much choice here : Either call your friend biochemist who frequently farms plants or go to Hwergelmir's Fountain and keep pounding Green Plants.

Gangster Mask

The second best contender for most annoying item to farm. Zeroms are not particularly a powerful mob but their map is terribly depressing. I personally got lucky with this last item and got it when I was farming for a Pantie as a newbie Rogue. Once again here, not much choice : Buy or suffer.

Red Muffler

To get this last item, you'll either have to farm Skellington or buy them from a freshly comer from this last place. People usually NPC-sell these so you might want to be fast with it if you're after buying them.

If you prefer farming, however, you will need to use an AoE damager with a sufficient self-preservation (Potions will be your best bet or Heal if you're a priest). ME Priests and WSes with Baphomet are known to thrive in Skellington, however a simple HW might do the trick just fine. This is far from being the hardest item to farm in the above.

Disguise have 7543 HP and are fairly weak against Fire. Their attacks aren't much of a threat as long as you don't stand idle with a humongous mob behind you.

Now that you have all the items, let's proceed to the soft part...

Doing the quest in itself

1. To initialize the quest, one must take the Warp Girl to Pyramids and speak to the Dead Man (moc_pyrd01 139,130)


You will be prompted to deliver a message to its rightful owner.

2. Head to the private pub in Morroc (morroc 45,110).


3. Walk down the stairs and speak to the Weird Looking Guy in the right side of the bar (que_job01 90,93). He will be referred to as Darius from now on.


He will ask you to bring him the following items:

  • 100 Torn Scroll
  • 1 Red Scarf

4. Return to Darius with the requested items. You will be asked to go to Geffen's pub.

5. Go to the pub in Geffen (geffen 138,138).


6. Speak to Bernard (geffen_in 17,121) in the left side of the pub.


He'll ask for the following :

  • 50 Royal Jelly
  • 10 Anodyne
  • 5 Aloe

7. Take the items back to Bernard. You'll be ask to go back to Darius.

8. Speak to Darius, he'll ask you to act as a decoy for his plan.

9. Walk one map down from Morroc and walk by the Guard (moc_fild12 159,373). A dialog box should pop open and you'll have to go back to Darius and announce the success of the plan.


10. Go back to Darius, he'll ask you for a final batch of items which are:

  • 200 Red Muffler
  • 1 Gangster Mask

11. Take the items back to Darius. He'll ask you to wait for a while (~1 hour)

12. Speak one last time with Darius, he'll reward you with a fresh Gangster Scarf.

Congratulations, you finally got that cool headgear. Go forth and be a gangster.

  1. Kudos to PinkNoodle for the guide. Special thanks to Comrade Tiki for helping me (Noodle) farm some items and straightening some steps in the guide