Getting Started - A Guide for Beginners

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Getting Started: A Guide for Beginners, Novices, and Players New to TalonRO

If you're new to TalonRO or to Ragnarok Online in general, this guide is your place to start! TalonRO features many, many customizations that include special items, changes to cards, and incredible features that make it much more than a standard kRO clone. Nor is TalonRO another server infested with ridiculous custom items like wings, ugly headgears, or things that otherwise make the game as mind-numbing as a glorified chat room! At TalonRO, we pride ourselves on not only our originality, but keeping the game challenging and dynamic. We encourage party play dynamics and make every effort to keep the game fun even after reaching level 99, all whilst keeping everything balanced.

However, what does all of this mean? How can you navigate through the changes and customizations to get the most out of your experience at TalonRO? While the possibilities for your experience are endless, there are a few tips and additions along the way that will help get your journey started on the right path. Once you have a good sense of the server, we invite you to explore our many custom quests, embark on the arduous journey toward crafting your own Super Quest Item, gather a group of players to take on one of TalonRO's many minigames and events, including the GM Challenges, and so much more. This guide is is designed to walk you through the first steps in TalonRO, where to find most of our NPCs, and an overview of the custom features on the server.[1]

The Novice Grounds

Not your average Ragnarok Novice Grounds!

Tired of the boring default Ragnarok Novice Grounds? We are too! As TalonRO features quite a different gameplay compared to other low-rate servers, we decided that the Novice Grounds deserve an entire makeover to explain our gameplay to you!

When starting off, you will first be given the choice to either enter the Novice Grounds or enter the world of TalonRO straight away. We understand that older players might not want to keep doing the Novice Grounds over and over again, so there is the option to skip it. However, we do not recommend it as the Novice Grounds will give you various benefits, new player or not!

So to make it easy for ourselves, we'll imagine that you have picked the option to do the Novice Grounds. First off, you will notice that you have been given special Novice gears. You will notice that your maximum HP, SP, and attack power have increased greatly! Gaining your first levels will be a lot easier, but remember that you won't be able to wear them after you change class!

After obtaining the Novice gears you will be warped to a big lobby with a couple of NPCs. Apart from the main lobby, the Novice Grounds consists of two main rooms. The left room will tell you more about special TalonRO features while the room on the right will give you more information about the TalonRO game mechanics.

You can start with either of the rooms. The order doesn't matter. For this guide we'll pick the left room first. Talk to Rodney who will warp you to a new room. Talk to all the NPCs here and be sure to read every option in order to proceed. These NPCs will give you more information about the unique TalonRO features such as the Reward System, Vanilla WoE/PvP, common leveling locations and more! After you have talked to all NPCs here, talk to Rodney who will warp you back to the main lobby.


Now that the left room is done, it's time for some action! Talk to Johnny to warp to the room on the right. Remember to talk to all NPCs here in order to get a good idea about the TalonRO game mechanics. After you have done so, talk to Jess. She will give you the option to try out some of these features. You will now be warped to a field filled with monsters.


And now comes the fun part! You will be given a special dagger with cards that are common in the TalonRO environment so you can get a good feeling about how the server plays. This dagger will give you a very high ASPD. After some kills you will be given another dagger to try out, just with different cards in it. This particular one will not attack fast, but will be a lot stronger! Now that you have killed some more monsters, you will be given the final weapon: a rod. This rod will give you special bonuses so you can experience how it is to have Instant Casting. Furthermore, you will acquire the Jupiter Thunder skill. Kill some more monsters and eventually you will be warped back to the lobby. You'll notice that you have leveled up quite a bit! Some players suggest staying here to level for a while as you can gain significant experience while you're in the Novice Grounds. You may even want to consider staying through until your base level reaches level 35~40, as that will give you quite the head start when you head outside of the novice grounds and into the real world of RO! Refer: Novice Grounds

Now that you had a good experience about how TalonRO works, you can enter the actual world of TalonRO! Talk to McNarty in the middle of the room, who will reward you with 25 Copper Coins for finishing the Novice Grounds. He will give you the option to change your job right away or to train a bit more. The Novice gears will only be usable as a Novice, so it might be a good idea to make use of them a bit more.


Congratulations - you've mastered the Novice Grounds! You can choose to go to one of our two capitals: Prontera or Payon. Now your journey can finally begin!

Healing Yourself

Start Replenishing Your HP/SP!

As you play the game, you will eventually get in situations that you come back to town and need to heal. Normally this takes a long while, but luckily we have excellent doctors in TalonRO. These doctors can be found in basically every town.


These services of course require a small fee. To heal your HP it will cost 1 zeny. When you want to heal your SP as well, the price depends on your level. The higher your level, the higher the price of healing. For example, if you are level 99, the cost of replenishing your HP and SP will cost you 990 zeny (base level * 10). However, it will never be prohibitively expensive.


Your Ticket to All of Rune-Midgard and Beyond!

TalonRO offers free warps to any town, PvP room and entrance to most dungeons. The Warper can be found in any town, usually close to the Doctor. In the case of Prontera, you can find it a little above from where you first spawn.


If you cannot find the map you're looking for from the Warp Girl, chances are that it is either a restricted map or it is a map or dungeon that can only be accessed through completing one of our Access Quests. Such Access Quests include gaining entrance to the Rachel Sanctuary, the Nameless Island / Abbey, Moscovia Dungeon, the Kiel Hyre Mansion and Biolabs, and more.

Choosing a Class

The Fun has Only Begun

If you didn't change your class in the Novice Grounds yet, you can do it in Prontera as well. If you did change your class already, you may skip this step. Once you have reached the appropriate level, you can finally choose a class! Make sure your Job Level is at least Level 10 and all your skillpoints have been spent. You can find the Jobchanger in Prontera, the building where you first started off after finishing/exiting the Newbie Grounds, left of the fountain. Just click him, choose your desired class and you're ready to go!

To help you get started on your new class, you will be given 10,000 zeny and a weapon that is useful for the class you have chosen.


A special note on job changing, rebirth, and cross-trans decisions: Lots of players ask what happens when they reach their maximum level (99/50). In Ragnarok Online, when you've reached this level, you can go back to the job changer to "Rebirth" as a Novice High and eventually into the Transcendent Classes. Normally in RO, once you've chosen a path after the novice, you're largely bound to that path. For example, if you go from Novice -> Acolyte -> Priest -----Rebirth-----> Novice High, you normally then have to go as: Acolyte High -> High Priest. However, you are able to cross-trans in TalonRO! So, let's say that you start out going for Priest, but decide later that you want to be reborn as a Thief High to become an Assassin Cross. No problem! You are able to do so, but remember that your choice is final once you've decided on your rebirth class. Please also note that cross-transing is only applicable to Transcendent classes. For example, you cannot Trans from Acolyte->Priest->[Rebirth]-Novice High->Gunslinger, as the Gunslinger (or Taekwon, Ninja) is not a Transcendent class. If you do wish to change your character back into another job afterward, you can purchase the Rollback Service from the Reward Guru using Talon Coins. This service is free in the event that you accidentally changed your job class as long as your job level remains at 1; in this case, fill out a support ticket with the GM team for assistance.

Stat/Skill Reset, Platinum Skills, Rentals

A Whole Group of NPCs at Your Service

There are several other NPC's in TalonRO to make the life of a player easier. The most important ones can be found in Prontera. Simply enter the building bottom left of the fountain. In this building you will find several NPC's, namely:

  • Stat/Skill Resetter: This NPC allows you to reset your Stats or Skills at a low fee (price depends on your level).
  • Universal Rental: If your class allows you to rent a Cart, Falcon or PecoPeco, then you can get these at this NPC for free.
  • Platinum Skills: Using this NPC, you can get the Platinum skills for your class for free (for example Holy Light, Greed and so on). Of course you can still use the quests too if you'd like.
  • Stylist: The Stylist allows you to customize your character to your liking. You can choose one of the 84 (66 for males) hairstyles, 264 hair dyes and 554 clothing dyes.
  • Job Master: The Job Master allows you to change your job. See above for more details.
  • Dressing Coach: The Dressing Coach can let you try out any headgear ingame. This way you can try out various outfits and see what hat sprites you like best. It goes away after you leave the room.



If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask them ingame or in our forums. The GM's and the community will be more than happy to help you.

Good luck on your first journey through TalonRO! We're happy to have you here and wish you all the best!
  1. Getting Started Guide from the TalonRO Main Page. Additional text and references written by Evren.