Golden Savage Hat Quest

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  • MaxHP +250 and +10% recovery speed of HP and SP.
  • Def: 5

Items Required


1. To obtain this quest, talk to 'Laila' at prt_fild10 (121,197). She will ask you help her find her brother in Hidden Temple, 'Barney'.


2. Find Barney in Hidden Temple. He will be at the poring map, prt_maze (183,12).


3. Go back and talk to Laila after talking to Barney. She wants to award you with Golden Savage Hat but was taken away by 'John'. Look for John in xmas_fild01 (153,236).


4. Find and talk John and he is in frozen state. Go back to Laila and she will ask you give her some items.

  • 1x Flame heart
  • 20x Burning hair
  • 15x Lava
  • 20x Burning heart
  • 30x Live coal

5. After collect the ingredient, give them to Laila and go to talk to John.

6. John will be able to talk now and he will give you the Golden Savage Hat but the hat needs to be unfrozen. He needs some ingredients to defrost the hat.

  • 100x mane
  • 3x gold
  • 1x emperium

7. After passing him the ingredients, he will give you Golden Savage Hat.


  1. Thanks to sweehung for writing this guide