Good Pickaxe Quest

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Items Required

  • 1x Simple Pickaxe
  • 10x Iron
  • 5x Rough Elunium
  • 5x Rough Oridecon


Once you reach a mining skill of 50 you have the option of getting a Good Pickaxe. The first thing you need to do is find Georg on level 3 of Coal Mine(Dead Pit) dungeon (246,225). Speak with him and he will tell you he's trying to escape from the monsters, and a few Myst will spawn. After you defeat these he will thank you and ask you to meet with him at Einbech Mining Village.


Use the Warp Girl and go to Einbech Dungeon. This takes you to Einbech the Mining Village, where you will find Georg (168,134). Speak with him and ask about making a Good Pickaxe. He will require you bring the following Ingredients and tell you there's a chance for it to break upon making.

  • 1x [Simple Pickaxe] (Received during [[Mining Quest])
  • 10x Iron
  • 5x [Rough Elunium]
  • 5x Rough Oridecon

Once you gather the ingredients and bring them back to him, he'll make you a Good Pickaxe (if successful). Gp2.jpg