Grape Juice Quest

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Grape Juice is a modified Item on TalonRO. It weighs only 0.5 instead of 4, which makes it an amazing Usable Item for SP/Mana regeneration for PVM / PVP / WOE. Grape Juice, however, is disabled in Vanilla maps - which include Vanilla War of Emperium and Vanilla pvp. An alternative to this would be Blue Potions.

The quest is relatively easy and requires only a little walking about.

The Quest

1) Inside East Prontera Inn, go upstair and walk all the way to the end.



prt_in (47,173)

2) Talk to Morrison with the Meat in your inventory, when he ask you for meat, DO NOT give him meat, choose to ignore him. Then talk to his mom.


prt_in (49,172)

3) After you ignore Morrison's request for the meat, she should thank you and tell you about the Juice Maker in Payon. At this point the juice making NPC is activated for you.

4) Warp to Payon and move north. The north end is accessible by walking a bit to the west and then north over a bridge - up the stairs and move to the east, beyond the Kafra Lady.



payon_in03 (188,146)

5) He requires the following plus 3z each time to be able to make the Juice:

Ingredients: Creates:
Apple + Empty Bottle Apple Juice
Banana + Empty Bottle Banana Juice
Carrot + Empty Bottle Carrot Juice
Grape + Empty bottle Grape Juice