Green Salad Farming Guide

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[1] This guide will NOT depend on actually ​cooking the food

This guide will teach you DEX addicts how to get that desired +5 DEX food for whatever sick purposes you might have planned for it in the most effective and economical way. If you think you found a better way, nothing forces you to follow this guide. Heck, you can even suggest it here so this guide may be improved or even share it through a different thread.

As a fair warning, this isn't something ANYONE can do, this will require some patience, some specific characters (Yours or your friends'), sacrificing a warmth slot (You can always make an SG specially for this), and most of all, some relatively cheap gears including but not limited to DEX gears and ASPD gears. Everything will be explained in details on here.

Now that the mood has been set, here is the part you're all waiting for...

The target

In one image:


What you'll need (Key items)

This method will require you to have some items which may be considered optional (Although they will speed up the process of farming highly) and some KEY items which include:

GreenSalad002.png GreenSalad003.png GreenSalad004.png

Where to get it

  • Luna Kaleet: Drops from //Tatacho// (0.6%). Highest //Tatacho// spawn : dic_fild01; dic_fild02; man_fild02; man_fild 03 (25)
  • Sprout Hat: Buyable from //Reward Guru// for 5 Talon Coins.
  • Stem: Buyable from //Alchemist Shop// for 46z each (Without Discount).

What you'll need (Optional items)

Anything that pumps DEX and is equippable by a level 70 High Priest/Champion (Non-weapon/Hat) such as :

GreenSalad005.png GreenSalad006.png GreenSalad007.png

Anything that pumps ASPD and is equippable by a Biochemist such as :

GreenSalad008.png GreenSalad009.png

The rest includes INT+DEX items and eventual General Egnigem Cenia Carded footgear, this is very optional however and we're aiming at getting the cheapest investment.

PS: If you do not own any of these gears and intend to buy them for Green salad farming purposes only, DO NOT. This is just some of the gears that you might have laying around here or there and that will help your farming, but they aren't in ANY way something that you won't be able to farm efficiently without.

What you'll need (Characters)

  • Level 70 High Priest/Champion: MUST BE EXACTLY LEVEL 70, any lower means no Sprout Hat, any higher means no Autoloot. This will be the plant cleaner.
  • Biochemist with Plant Cultivation: This will be the planter.
  • Star Gladiator with Warmth on your farming map: This will be the plant stacker.
  • (optional) Professor with Health Conversion and Soul Change: This will be your SP healer.
  • (optional) Clown with Poem of Bragi: This will speed up the process of cleaning plants.

Builds & gears for the characters

  • High Priest/Champion :

Build: 77 STR, rest in DEX. Gears: Must wear Sprout Hat and Luna Kaleet. Use every DEX gears you can find on this (So long as they don't interfere with your using Luna Kaleet and Sprout Hat).

  • Biochemist :

Build: High AGI, high INT. Gears: This wears any ASPD gears you might have. You can also use Berserk Pitcher on yourself for an extra +25% ASPD during 15 minutes or even awakening potions. Wear a GEC on this if you have one.

  • Star Gladiator :

Build: High INT. Gears: Anything that increases SP recovery or MSP.

  • Professor :

Build: High VIT, INT (Enough for his SP pool to be equal/higher than everybody else's), moderate DEX. Gears: Anything that might increase MHP or pump his SP level to everyone else's level.

  • Clown :

Build: High INT, high DEX. Gears: Anything that pumps above stats even further (HP/Champ takes priority on DEX gears). If you have a Kaho, this is the char that must wear it.


Why not simply use a High Priest/Champion lv71 or 69 ? At any level higher than 70, you'll lose autoloot (Which will prevent loot from stacking infinitely and therefore, you'll lose a LOT of loot if you stack too much plants and then Greed them). At any level lower than 70, you cannot equip your Sprout Hat and therefore are pretty useless. How convenient that Sprout Hat is equippable at the same level Autoloot is limited to, huh ?

Why 77 STR on High Priest/Champion ? Luna Kaleet will ONLY give out food if your STR is equal or higher than 77 STR.

Why use DEX gear on High Priest/Champion ? The faster you cast, the faster you kill. The faster you kill, the faster you can proceed to stack more plants. The faster you do that, the faster you get green salads.

Why use AGI and INT on Biochemist ? The higher your ASPD, the faster you can plant. The faster you plant, the more plants you'll get to kill and therefore will get salads faster. INT is mostly for SP pool problems as it will run out pretty fast due to intensive planting.

Why use Warmth on Star Gladiator ? Easy and efficient pushback for plants. Make sure your farming map is one without mobs to avoid unnecessary interruptions.

Why increase Star Gladiator's SP pool and SP recovery ? Warmth eats 2 SP every time the barrier hits something. If you recover your SP fast enough, you can stay in a near-unlimited Warmth state as long as you keep renewing it frequently.

Why use high VIT and INT on Professor ? The higher your MHP, the more SP you'll get per Health Conversion, the more SP you get per HC, the faster you can replenish your characters' SP. INT is to increase your SP pool to make it equal with theirs that way you can refill any of your characters' MAXIMAL SP bar.

Why use high INT and DEX on Clown ? The higher those stats, the more efficient your Bragi will be. The more efficient it is, the faster you'll get to kill the plants. DEX affects cast-time and INT affects After-cast delay.

How do I know that I will get +5 DEX food and not some lower level other type of food ? Luna Kaleet's description is actually misleading, or rather incomplete. From the weapon's script:

//{ if(readparam(bStr) >= 77) { bonus bAspdRate,4; bonus2 bAddEff,Eff_Stun,1500; bonus3 bAddMonsterDropItem,12065,RC_Plant,500; bonus3 bAddMonsterDropItem,12043,RC_Brute,500; bonus3 bAddMonsterDropItem,12069,RC_Fish,500; } },{},{}//

For you people allergic to weird RO scripts, this basically means that as long as your STR is higher or equal to 77, you will get a bonus of +4% ASPD, a chance to stun equal to 15% and a chance to drop item :

  • 12043 (i.e. Bomber Steak, +3 STR food) from Brute monsters at 5%.
  • 12069 (i.e. Steamed Ancient Lips, +4 LUK food) from Fish monsters at 5%
  • 12065 (i.e. Green Salad, +5 DEX food) from Plant monsters at 1%.

The where:

Find some spot which is easily accessible, has an easy Kafra access, allows for the use of Warmth AND is free of aggressive mobs.

Finally... How to proceed :


This is basically what it should look like when your setup is done. Note how the Star Gladiator is set up so that his Warmth will push the plants against the corner but won't kill them (Due to range). Here's a more detailed approach of each member's role in the order of action.

1. Star Gladiator: Use Warmth on a regular basis. I personally use Warmth lv3's 1 minute length as a timer for my plants (After ~5 minutes, your plants will disappear).

2. Biochemist: Spam Plant Cultivation lv2 on the cell in front of the Star Gladiator (So that Warmth will push the plants against the wall, stacking them and readying them for the High Priest/Champion. This is the longest phase. Do not stack your plants infinitely as plants have a lifetime of 5 minutes (After which they will simply disappear). If you saw a teleport animation on your plants, then you took too long.

3. Clown: Activate Poem of Bragi, reactivate it every time it expires. Make sure both the Professor and the High Priest/Champion are inside the bragi's range.

4. High Priest/Champion: Use Heaven's Drive lv3 four times on the stack of plants (Will do 3 damage per HD, that's 12 damage done by the High Priest/Champion plus the 1 damage done by Warmth).

5. Star Gladiator: Take one step towards the plants to finish off the Shining ones (Due to the fact the High Priest/Champion has done the highest damage, it will be considered a kill of his).

X. Professor: If any of the characters' SP falls to null, just Soul Change them. If it ever happens that two characters fall out of SP at once, use Health Conversion to refill your own SP then transfer it to them via Soul Change.

Rinse and repeat.

Important Notes:

  • Keep the High Priest/Champion's weight under 50% to reduce the times you'll have to use the Professor.
  • I know that there are other methods to kill all the plants at once. Using a Baphomet Luna or a Marine Sphere clip. I wasn't pointing out EVERY technique there is on this guide, I was showing the most efficient and accessible one.
  • You can eventually replace the Professor with GJ or Doctor healing but that will increase the money you'll invest into this.
  • Not only does this provide a GREAT green salad income, this also will provide you with herbs of all sorts (Blues which you can sell for a very profitable amount), but also yggdrasil berries and emperiums, and you can even use a Cloud Hermit carded accessory on the High Priest/Champion to get Boxes of Gloom.
  • Feel free to change this method to any you think might be more effective for you.
  • The bonus drop from Luna Kaleet only depends on your STR and will not be withdrawn under any circumstances, that means that as long as you're wearing a Luna, you will drop the food items. This means that you can even use your pimped up PVP weapon for your flashy champ to farm this.

Thanks for reading, enjoy farming your DEX food.

  1. by Noodle