Green Whistle (1930)

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These are the TalonRO stats for this item:

Green Whistle [1]
A wind instrument crafted from the solid trunk of a plant.
MATK + 50, ASPD + 5%. When using Frost Joker, add a 3% chance of casting Level 2 Wide Curse.
For every refine above +6, decrease SP cost of all skills by 2%.
Class: Musical Instrument
Attack: 170
Weight: 80
Weapon Level: 3
Required Level: 90
Applicable Job: Clown Only

Let's hope you like killing Antler Scarabas to get this one. You can find them in El Dicastes Dungeon level 2. You need to do 2 quests to enter this place:

- Sapha's Visit
- Doha's Secret Orders