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Note: This guide hasn't been worked on in over two years, feel free to edit if needed.

I'm sure if any Gunslingers have looked for a guide on the class before, they've encountered this And since we're on tRO, probably this one, too; Gunslinger .

Now, I'm very fond of Blue's guide, but its lacking elements found on tRO, namely to deal with our economy and the Reward Guru, etc, and the guide that's found on the wiki is...less than informative, I think.



I see a lot of people who want to play Gunslinger going straight for an AGI/ASPD based build, and let me tell you, this isn't very good aside from the first few levels. People already take Gunslingers really lightly, ASPD based Gunslingers don't do very good damage, even if you stack on all the ASPD increasing effects you can get short of a Doppelganger card, you'll only get something like 183 with a Gatling, 177 or something with a Revolver, and even then, with Madness Canceller and Gatling Fever on, any half decent skill fire will out damage you. Maybe if you can get 190 ASPD with a Revolver, and a Turtle General card, you might be able to maybe keep up with the damage output of a skillfiring Gunslinger, but the simple point is, they have Rapid Shower, AND Full Buster, not to mention Triple Action or Bull's Eye (depending on the situation, which I'll cover when I talk about skills.)

Now, if you're going to play the good way, you have 3 or 4 options for maintaining SP, which is one of the biggest obstacles to playing a Gunslinger.

1.) Get a GEC Card. I prefer this, as it usually makes SP less of a chore, even though with 1k SP and a GEC on (what my Gunslinger has at time of writing) you can still run out of SP pretty quick, so keep a close eye on it, and maybe carry some emergency Grape Juice.

2.) Spend Millions of zeny on Grape Juice. Whether you're making it, or buying it, we burn through this stuff, quick. GEC + Grape Juice is my recommendation to a solo Gunslinger, but if you can't afford a GEC.... this will do.

3.) Make a Professor friend, and get them to slave you with Soul Change. This one's pretty nice, since they can also endow you while SP slaving, and depending on what you're up against, they can help with the killing too. (Professors are what I call a Gunslinger's best friend, since SP is a huge issue, and elemental attacks are a huge issue, and Professors help cure both those ailments.)

This is in italics because its important. Do NOT ever ever ever ask what type of Gunslinger you should be, with the options being shotgun type, revolver type, rifle type, etc. No. Those types of Gunslingers are even worse, or just as bad, as basic attack ASPD Gunslingers in general PvM, I could maybe possibly kinda see a "just rifle" Gunslinger in PvP, but I doubt it would be good. To be a decent Gunslinger, you need to be a hybrid of AT LEAST revolver and Shotgun, since these carry your most important skills, and are the most widely used. Some situations may call for a Grenade Launcher or Rifle to be employed, but please, at least make use of both your Revolver and Shotgun.

Alright! Now that we're done with rants, lets get onto actual Gunslinging

I'll start with the skills, and my opinion on each of them, in no particular order.

Flip the Coin

- max level 5 - Gives a 50% chance to gain a coin, which adds 3 damage which doesn't miss (due to flee, Kyrie/element /safety wall/pneuma may still cause you to miss.) - You need this skill, period. +30 damage isn't much, but coins function as catalysts for a lot of your skills, including your best self buff, which will come up soon. Get this to 4 or 5, depending on your build.

Snake Eyes

- max at 10 - Its essentially Vulture's Eye, adding +10 range to basic attacks and ranged skills, and +10 HIT. +1 to each per skill level. - You need this at level 10 for Increasing Accuracy. Sucks the prerequisite couldn't have been like 5 or 7, but you'll soon learn that Gunslinger's skills are full of nasty prerequisites.

Increasing Accuracy

- max at level 1 - Adds +4 DEX, +4 AGI, and +20 hit using up 4 coins and 30 SP. - Like I said, this is one of your best self-buffs and you should get it. Its really nice for rounding out DEX in your build, or just giving a small boost to free up more stat points for VIT/INT. If you PvP, this is also nice for a bit of a boost in HIT against flee whoring Stalkers/SinX/Snipers.

Single Action

- max at 10 - Adds 2 HIT every level, and 1% ASPD every other level. - I have it at level 5, since that's the lowest for Full Buster and Tracking.

Chain Action

- max at 10 - A Gunslinger's version of "Double Attack". - Just get it to level 3 as a prerequisite, level 10 if you have to for Triple Action.

Rapid Shower

- max at 10 - Fires 5 shots for a total of 1000% atk, uses 5 bullets. - Max it, its a Gunslinger's Double Strafe. Its highly spammable, does really good damage, especially if they're weak to holy, and can lock some enemies, if they walk slow. Revolver only


- Max at 10 - This is awkward to explain, even though most people know how it works. There's a range of 7x7 cells, and the closer the enemy is to you, the higher the chance for the skill to hit, and for it to hit more than once. It CAN hit up to a maximum of 10 times, but even if they're right next to you and have no flee, it CAN just completely NOT hit them at all. This usually translates to a skill used for mobs, rather than single enemies, though in PvP it can be useful against sneaky SinXs, especially when you get super lucky and land 8 or 9 hits. Revolver only - I say max it, its just a good skill to have, especially when leveling, and it can be one of the strongest you've got (even better than Full Buster. I've done 20k damage to someone with this skill, when they have full demi-human reduction armour, but not Holy reduction of course)


- This skill is....not too great. I really enjoy having it to use against Geographers in lower levels, since it gives you a big chunk of HIT and does a nice 1200% atk each shot. Its casting time is really, really nasty, but if you can get two Beelzebub cards (I was thinking about maybe possibly sticking two in Bris when I get them) it wouldn't be as terribad. Only Revolver/Rifle - I have it at level 10 regardless, for Bull's Eye.

Bull's Eye

- Max at 1 - 500% atk at the cost of 1 coin, 1 bullet, with a 0.1% chance to Coma target. Can only be used with Revolver or Rifle - Coma chance sucks, the coin catalyst sucks, but something super mega awesome about this skill is, its pierces the Ninja skill Cicada Skin Shed. So, I have it, just on the off chance that a Ninja is in PvP. Its also fun to try your luck and see if you can Coma something.


- max at 10 - At level 1 has 150% atk, and increases by 50% each skill level. Regardless of level, causes a 5 cell knockback. Used with Shotguns only. - This is really useful for PvP, as it goes through Pneuma, and its also a prerequisite for Full Buster so it needs to be to 3 at least. I have it at 4, because I had an extra skill point.

Full Buster

- Max at 10 - Starts at 400% atk, and goes up by 100% per skill level, maxing at 1300%. It has a 10% chance to blind you though, but I'll talk about how to counter that when I talk about stats and/or gear. Uses 10 Bullets per shot, with a nasty 3 second cool down. Only useable with a Shotgun. - Max it. Great skill, especially with a Bragi so you can spam it faster.

Triple Action

- max at 1 - Uses 20 SP, 1 coin, and 1 bullet to deal 3 shots. - As far as I can tell, its just your usual 100% atk, but times 3. This skill is really great for leveling, especially if you're going somewhere where you need fire, wind, or water, since this and using basic attacks with a grenade launcher are the only ways of getting an elemental attack aside from Neutral and Holy without a Sage/Professor or converter. Interesting tidbit, you don't need to use the proper ammunition for this skill in relation to your gun. You can use elemental spheres with a shotgun/revolver/rifle/gatling and this skill, or you can use bullets with a grenade launcher with it. Cool huh? You can also use it bare handed, as it doesn't have any sort of weapon requirement to it. I left it out of my build, since it has a nasty prerequisite of level 10 Chain Action, but I have to say, I miss it.


- max at 5 - Chance to give the "weapon off" status to enemy for 30 seconds when its successful. Revolvers/Rifles only - This isn't very good, its really unreliable and the only time I've found it useful was when I used it on monsters while helping friends level. From what I can tell, its based on your HIT, and your enemies flee, though that may be wrong.

Piercing Shot

- max at 5 - Starts at 120% atk, and adds 20% every skill level. Has a 15% chance to cause external bleeding at level 5. - From what I hear, this skill pierces long range reduction/cancel effects, such as Reverse Tatatami, or Noxious cards, however, I haven't tested it. So don't take my word for it. I left it out of my build.

Spread Shot

- max at 10 - goes up to 9x9 AoE shot for 280% damage. I believe this uses 5 bullets, though that may go up each skill level. Shotgun use only. - I've never used this, if you want AoE, use Desperado. Its stronger and looks cooler. A lot of people argue that this is better so you don't take as much damage, but you should drop your mob in 2-3 hits with Desperado solo, otherwise you should have a Priest. You'll also be at a higher level when you'd be able to use this, so you'd have more HP anyway.

Ground Drift

- max at 10 - Sets a "trap" using a Grenade Launcher. At level 10, they last 30 seconds and have atk + 500 damage. They carry the element of the sphere used. - I dislike these, because they last a short amount of time, and they're weak. If they were AoE, or could inflict status ailments aside from Blind or Poison (say, freeze?) I might consider using them in WoE, but, they're not that great.


- max at 1 - -20% from incoming long range attacks, Flee rate +30, but your HIT is reduced by 30. You can't use this with Madness Canceller, and it takes 2 coins to use. - I like the sound of this skill, but in practice, it isn't that great, as it doesn't reduce much damage, and I'd prefer the coins for Increasing Accuracy or Bull's eye. It also has horrible prerequisites.

Madness Canceller

- max at 1 - Increases atk by 100 (just 100, not 100% or anything :T) and ASPD by 20% at the cost of 4 coins, and losing the ability to walk. Terribad prerequisite on Gatling Fever too. - I can only see one very specific use for this, in a party, with a good Bragi, where you're using Madness Canceller just for the +100 atk while you're Full Bustering an MvP, or something similar. Please, for Freyja's sake, don't ever cancel your madness while you're alone.

Gatling Fever

- max at 10 - +120 damage, and +20% ASPD while this is on. You can actually walk, but you walk sooooooooooooooooooooooooo slow. Your flee is reduced by 50 at level 10, Gatling guns only. (No coin cost though.) - Don't use it. Gatlings are bad.

Now.... time for the skills that are just so bad that they're completely useless.... not that some of those other ones aren't useless (Ground Drift/Chain Action anyone?)


- max at 1 - This skill advertises that it reduces the target's DEF by 3 for each coin used, up to a max of 5 for a total of -15 DEF. However, this doesn't work. I've heard rumours that it just reduces soft (VIT) DEF, but no, It just doesn't. Don't get it.


- max at 1

- Awful chance to stun an enemy at the cost of one coin per try. Don't use it, I've gone through 40 coins and not stunned them once, even when they had 1 VIT.

Magical Bullet - max at 1 - Horrible, horrid damage, that doesn't even have a method of calculating it. Just don't use it, the most I've gotten from it was about the same or less damage from a normal shot.

Alright, lets talk about stats and how they effect a Gunslinger

STR: Depending on your situation, you'll want 1-30 of this, the only reason being for weight.

AGI: The ONLY time I recommend this, is if you're mobbing something easily flee'd that doesn't mob. Otherwise, ignore it, or anything extra can go here.

VIT: You'll want 30-70 of this, depending on the situation and gear. Super mega high VIT often isn't recommended for PvP or WoE, but all that extra HP helps so much for PvM.

INT: 50-70, depending on what gear you have. I find that 1000 SP+ is a good amount, so try for that.

DEX: 9x + x where 2x will = 0. For example, without any gear at 99/70 you'll want 91 base, since you'll get a job bonus of 9.

LUK: Leave it at 1, unless you're derping with Crit, which I hope you're just doing for fun.

Leveling Guide

Novice: Of course, you should do the Novice grounds. Since I have a Kaho, Devi, and GEC, I usually leave the Novice Grounds at level 25-30, then I leave. Though you CAN get to level 40ish if you finish up.

Gunslinger: Usually leveling guides will have more stages, but in this case just these two. To start off, you'll want to go to Payon Dungeon for skill points, then you have a couple of options.

30-40: Usually I'll just max Rapid Shower and keep killing in Payon 2, though you can go to Metalings or Geographers.

40-60: You can keep trying with Rapid Shower at Geographers, though Tracking might be better if you can't get enough DEX. I prefer to get Rapid Shower and/or Desperado and kill stuff in GHP. You can probably kill Stings rather easily with Rapid Shower and Full Buster.

60-80: The lower end of this you could probably try for Hill Winds/Siroma, though I usually just mob in GHP for this section. If I can, I'll do Loli Ruris at 75+. Anubis was popular, before the nerf.

80-90: You can keep trying GHP or Hill Winds, since they're decent money and meh exp. My favourite option is Loli Ruris solo, Anubis are still alright too. If you can get into an Abbey Party, you'll make a decent Banshee Killer, especially if your party contains a Bard/Clown for Bragi.

90-99: Really the same places as before, but its usually better to solo. Get Mad Dog Rings and just Desperado the hell out of Loli Ruris.

Onwards to Equipment! Here's my godly unrestricted gear build that I made, just for you. (I know its in the PvM calc) And also this

Or if you want to use Beelzebub cards, for Tracking, I set these changes

The shield is there because in WoE you're going to have a shield on more than your guns, in case you get jumped.

This is a less godly build for PVM You can use a Porcellio in the Formal rather than the Garm. If you're running away switch to the shield and Eddga shoes. PvP changes should be easy to think of.

Super pro Vanilla build that isn't all too super pro because I don't know Vanilla:

I'm not going to make a not-super pro Vanilla build, because I think if you want to play Vanilla it won't be hard to find out what cards/other guns you'll need.

Cards you should use should use % modifiers, I dunno what's up with Gunslingers using Samurais all over the place. The other guns you'll want would be a +10 Black Rose [Turtle General] and if you want a Rifle for damage, +10 LAR [TH or TT], I'd like a +10 Garrison or Western Outlaw [Plankton or Magnolia x2, but its completely optional.]

What you do in PvP

A few pointers, to start with. Don't use Disarm, its really unreliable and not worth using. From that, also don't use Adjustment. It sounds good but it doesn't do much to increase survivability.

Never, never never never use Full Buster as an opening move/main source of damage, unless you can tell that you're going to one shot them (like if they're a novice derping in the PvP room.) A good strategy I've found is 1-4 Rapid Showers and a Full Buster for damage, using Dust and Desperado as needed.

Against Ninjas

2 options, I've found. You can try to control them to bounce them in a corner, and pin them with Desperado. If you can do that, great, because that's the best way. Second way requires you to have coins, since you'll be using Bull's Eye. It passes through Cicada Shed, and should be the way you deal damage. If they throw up tatatami try to rush them and use Desperado/Dust and continue spamming Bull's Eye or try to pin them.

Against LK's

You're going to die unless you have really good reduction gear. The only advice I can really try to give you is if they're a sword type, try to keep them at a distance with Dust and spam that Rapid Shower/Full Buster. If Dust is giving you issues, try your luck with Desperado.

Against Paladins

You probably won't be able to kill these guys unless they suck really hard. While you're giving them everything you've got they can probably just poke you to death with a bare-fisted Bash or something. Try to avoid them.

Against Biochemists

Another fight I'd rather avoid. Since your HP will be so low, you need a hearty amount of VIT, which turns you into a one shot AD target. Homuns are annoying, especially if they have high ASPD or if they're a Vanil and spam you with bolts. If you can, I'd suggest using Tracking or Rapid Shower + Full Buster, Desperado for the Homun if you really must.

Against SinX

Hope that they don't have SBK, and keep them at a distance. I've found the best way to kill a SinX is to lock them/prevent them from Cloaking with Rapid Shower. If they don't have SBK, and you can keep them from hiding, you can likely win. (Unless its the infamous iTunes in unres, if its him you're going to die regardless of what you do.)

Against Stalker

Try really hard to not get your weapon stripped, because if it does all you're left with is Bull's Eye, which doesn't have that great of damage on its own, let alone without a weapon. Somewhat same tactics as against a SinX if they're Dagger. If they're bow, which they likely will be, hope that they try to use Bowling Bash on you and use Desperado > Dust > Rapid Showers.

Against Whitesmith

Keep these guys at a distance! Unless they have a Tomohawk/Mjolnir, they won't have many ways of hitting you. You'll have a good amount of VIT, so stun won't be as big of an issue. These guys can be hard to take down, and even harder to tank, but try to kite them and use Rapid Showers. If you can get a statusing Rapid Shower and put them to sleep/curse, even better.

What to do against Champions

No clue. I don't have the reduction gear to even begin to think of how to fight a decent Champ. I imagine to win, you'll have to be able to read their weapons and slap on the appropriate armour, or just get lucky. This is, yet again, a fight I'd avoid.

What to do against Priests

Usually, Priests are pretty easy, as long as you can get a good amount of MDEF or Holy armour. The main ways I've seen Priests attack is with high ASPD basic attacks, which are easily handled by Dust (if they RSX unleash Desperado hell!) or by Holy Light, which you can probably outdamage if you're smart.

Against High Wizards

In Unrestricted, its either GTB or you die. Even then, they can still Magic Crasher you, so weapon/shield swapping is essential. Wizards are squishy, damage shouldn't be too much of an issue.

Against Professors

Stay away, good PvP Professors are annoying as hell. If they're really bothering you, I'd recommend just trying to hit fast and hit hard. Rapid Shower + Full Buster and prey to Freyja that they don't have the same element of armour you're shooting.

Against Snipers

These... are never fun. If they're in an AGI build, you can probably do somewhat well against them, but if they're in a VIT build, you're a little bit boned. Please don't get stuck in a Rapid Shower/DS competition, they're going to win. Use Adjustment, and try to tank them to get close, RSX Helps a lot. If that's completely impossible, just unleash all the attacks you've got. Rapid Shower, Triple Action, Bull's Eye, Full Buster, give it your all.

Against Clown/Gypsy

Most burst damage classes are good against Gunslinger, and Clowns/Gypsies are very much burst damage with their Arrow Vulcan. Hope you don't get frozen/stunned, and that they don't land a good tarot on you, and hit fast and hit hard.

Last but not least, against another Gunslinger

If the poor sap hasn't read this guide, you're likely going to win, because you've learned so much from me, the proest of pro Gunslingers. ./modesty Anyway, easiest method is to handle it like a Whitesmith crossed with a Sniper. You'll both have low HP, so first one to land a good Full Buster will likely win. It should be common sense for you to wear a Holy Armour, and long range/demi human redux gear.

  • Work in progress*

What you do in WoE

<insert legitimate advice here>

Until I can gain good advice to give you, I'll just say what Blue says in his/her guide. "Gunslingers are good for defending in WoE, since breakers usually use Evil Druid armour, and you have great attacks against undead element."

Now, go sling them guns!