Gunslinger - Overview

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A guide to understanding Gunslinger!

Let's begin with an explanation of a gunslinger's best friends!

As much as guns are cool and important, a gunslinger would not be much without his skills. In particular, these skills :

  • Desperado
  • Full Buster
  • Rapid Shower

These skills each have a purpose that is irreplaceable to the Gunslinger, as I shall explain below:

Rapid Shower

The alternative bread and butter skill! Rapid shower greatly resembles the archer's Double Strafing in usage and purpose, which is to say that anything that moves faster than you, is too tough to 1-shot and is strong enough to be dangerous is handled by this skill. Rapid Shower is one of the few skills in RO that have no aftercast delay of any sort, and that's why we use it to stunlock a dangerous foe! It is hard for me to prove or deny that poem of bragi or ASPD will actually help in making this skill faster, but I do know that this is definitely the strongest gunslinger skill in terms of ranged DPS

Full Buster

The Bread and Butter of most leveling Gunslingers. The Full Buster starts off at 400% ATK costing you 20SP and goes up to 1300% ATK at 65SP. This is the second most SP-efficient damage you have, and optimally you should always be leveling by using Full Buster to one-hit kill your enemies. Full Buster is also a viable ranged DPS option if you happen to be standing in magic strings/poem of bragi.


If you had a reason to make a gunslinger other than for shits and giggles or to look cool using guns, it would have to be this skill. This is the most infamous skill in the gunslinger arsenal, and one of the main reasons that gunslingers are typically a VIT-based character rather than AGI-based.

Desperado is the only thing the gunslinger brings to the table that no other class can : a ridiculous close-ranged AoE that can deal upwards of 200k raw damage per second (before reduction calculations - during WoE it's closer to about 25k, assuming you meet all preconditions and get close enough without dying or being interrupted).

Desperado is quite a complex skill to explain, it has an actual total AoE of 7x7 with you in the center. This means anything in the area can be affected, but not necessarily. Enemies in the area have a chance to be hit by the skill based on proximity, up to a maximum of 0~10 times, with the 10 possible hits being spread out over the period of 1 second. The skill has a built-in after-cast delay of 1 second, but a 1AGI gunslinger will actually cast the skill slower than that. This is because Desperado has a pretty huge 'animation' time that is affected by ASPD.


In normal scenarios, this tiny detail doesn't make a big difference, and if you pop an awakening pot, no difference at all! But in extreme cases - say in the case of 150 INT bragi (which will reduce after-cast delay to 0), this suddenly becomes the critical difference between the greatest DPS gunslingers and the mediocre casual gamers. In this extreme case, the maximum rate at which you can spam Desperado suddenly follows your maximum attack rate; 5 hits per second for 190 ASPD, about 1.5 for 160 ASPD. Considering that this is a server where extreme cases are quite likely to happen, it is something to think about.

But enough of extreme cases! Let's say that agi/bless and standard lame-o bragi are given to you. Standard bragi is still quite effective at reducing after-cast delay to less than half. To spell it out for you, it means that any gunslinger than intends to make use of desperado should have fingers capable of two actions per second and try their darndest to have some AGI in there without crippling themselves. Desperado is also incredible for leveling through mobbing!

Credits to: Kitler