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Hello TalonRO! This is my guide on how to play and gear a High Priest for ET for both newbies and veterans. Please note that this guide is purely meant for ET-ing, and may or may not apply to other forms of party runs. This guide might be useful for ET priests too! It's also my first time writing a guide for a class, so please leave your comments on areas I can improve on, that would be much appreciated! This guide was first posted on Aeon's forums, but I thought the rest of the server should know this, so here it is. Note that this is a direct copy-paste and although I've made some changes to the texts, images are shown at full size.


Introduction to HP in ET

Your main role as a High Priest in ET is to constantly buff, resurrect, protect and cure nasty statuses of your party members. With a missy mid, you WILL run of SP from time to time, so be sure to be within a gyspy for the Service For You song, and bring a couple of GJs to keep your SP up. The best part of being an ET HP is that you don't need many gears to be useful, so if you're a poor nab who wants to ET, read on!

Content Page:

  • Stat Build
  • Skill Build
  • Equipment
  • Climbing ET
  • Credits
  • Current Version + Changelogs


Stat Build

There is only 1 proper stat build for well-geared ET HPs, and that's:

  • 150 DEX
  • 100 VIT
  • At least 97 INT
  • Add the rest to STR

However, if you are not well-geared or not 99, your top priority should be to get: 100 total VIT, 97 total INT and above for optimal Heal, and then add the rest to DEX (a little STR if you need more weight).


  • 150 DEX for Instant Cast, but if you can't hit 150 DEX, that's fine too. The more the better!
  • 100 total VIT for immunity against Bleeding, Silence, Stun, Poison and Curse(not to be confused with stone curse).
  • At least 97 INT because you need it for Heal, as well as Sleep immunity. Click here to know what your optimal INT should be for Heal.
  • STR to help you carry more stuff. (1 base STR = +30 total weight)


Skill Build



All the necessary skills added, but this time, since you're solo-ing/being an all-purpose HP, you add Lv10 Signum Crucis and Lv5 Gloria. If there are more than 1 HP in your ET party, please talk to him/her and decide who gets SC, and who get Gloria. This way, you can allocate more skill points to other skills. Please, for goodness' sake, do not get Magnus Exorcismus. The snipers deal much more damage anyway, and the skill points could be allocated to other beneficial skills. Same goes for Mana Recharge. So if someone else goes Gloria/SC, you drop that skill and go max other skills.

For example, if you're going for the Gloria build, your skills should look something like this:


Explanation of important skills:

  • Pneuma creates a 3x3 cell cloud that blocks all ranged physical damage. Negates Safety Wall, and vice versa. Pronounce it right gosh darn it. D:< (silent P, btw)
  • Heal heals the HP of the target player. Heal amount is based calculated based on your Base Level, as well as your total INT. Again, click here to know what your optimal INT should be for Heal. Ideal Heal amount is 2.7k and above, lower if you are not well geared.
  • Cure cures Blind, Confusion and Silence.
  • Increase Agility adds +12 AGI as well as increases the movement speed of the target player. Movement speed increase only stacks with the peco peco speed increase.
  • Blessing increase STR, DEX and INT of the target player by 10 each. Also removes Curse and Stone(only when you're immobilized already).
  • Signum Crucis reduces the hard DEF, not VIT DEF, of Undead and Demon property monsters by up to 50%. Has a chance to fail. Monsters affected by SC will show the /swt emotion icon.
  • Gloria adds 30 LUK, but lasts only 30 seconds. Be sure to keep it up for snipers! Causes affected players to stop moving, so don't spam it too often to prevent position lag.
  • Magnificat increases natural HP and SP regen by 200%. Also causes affected players to stop moving, so don't spam it too often to prevent position lag.
  • Recovery cures Frozen and Stun. Also stops passive monsters from attacking, and causes aggressive monsters to change target, which includes the old target. Works on mini-bosses, slave monsters and MVPs.
  • Resurrection resurrects a dead player. Does not work on players equipping armors with the Evil Druid card, but does work on players wearing GTB. No need to be Lv4, Lv2 is good enough.
  • Assumptio halves all forms of damage taken. Cancels Kyrie Eleison, and vice versa. Please don't use KE for ET, if you are a Priest leave it up to the HPs to cast Assumptio.
  • Impositio Manus increase ATK by 25 at max level. Nice skill to have.
  • Meditatio is a passive that increases Max SP, Heal amount and SP Recovery(bonus SP recovery works only when sitting down).
  • Sanctuary is an AoE skill that heals players standing on the 5x5 cell. Will disappear if it reaches the max heal amount. Damages Demon and Undead property monsters by a small amount. Reaches max heal amount at lv7.
  • Aspersio enchants a player's weapon with the Holy property. (rarely used)
  • Safety Wall blocks melee attacks on a cell. Negates pneuma, and vice versa. (The High Wiz should be taking care of the SW-ing, but HPs can pitch in during floors that have pneuma-casting monsters. Also, consider having Lv10 SW, as it helps you tank in certain floors if needs be.)
  • PLATINUM SKILL: Redemptio resurrects all dead party members in your screen and recovers their HP by 50%. Takes 4 seconds(unaffected by DEX), but useful for long range/mass resurrection.
  • OPTIONAL: Lex Aeterna doubles the next damage source.



Be sure to borrow from guildmates and/or friends if you need equips!

  • Upper Headgear : Lord Kaho's Horn, or anything cheap you can find that gives INT/DEX/DEF/MDEF/resistances
  • Mid Headgear : INT Mid w/ Mistress Card, if you have an INT mid w/ Pharaoh/Basojin(White Lady), bring it along. Robo Eye
  • Lower Headgear : Pussy Cat Bell, Rainbow Scarf, Umbala Spirit, Spiked Scarf. No lower headgear is fine too!
  • Armor : Bare minimum to have is a Marc carded armor for Naght Sieger. For anything other than Naght Sieger: Garm, Bathory, RSX. Better armors are the elemental ones, Stat enchants(INT, DEX, DEF, MDEF) would be a lovely addition.
  • Weapon : Evangelist carded with Dracula with bonuses if you have it, Any staff/book that gives INT/DEX like Survivor's Rod INT/DEX versions and Dark Thorn Staff, High upped Staff of Recovery
  • Shield : Bare minimum to have is a GTB carded shield. Get your hands on a Medusa carded shield ASAP for Stone immunity. Alice card for bosses, Hodremlin for all round resistance. Best shield is Valkyrja's Shield, but any shield that HPs can wear will do. Cheap shields: Guard[1], Stone Buckler[1]
  • Garment : Any garment carded with a Deviling. Cheaper card alternatives include: LOD, Raydric, Noxious, Jakk. Cheap garment alternative: Vali's Manteau
  • Footgear : Any footgear carded with a GEC card. Best footgear is Sleipnir[1]. Eddga card is a good substitute. Cheaper card alternatives : Green Ferus, Verit, Matyr. Cheap footgear alternative : Vidar's boots(unslotted)
  • Accessories : x2 Brisingamen with Sting, cheaper alternatives would be x2 glove/orlean's glove with Sting. x2 Celebration Rings, x2 Bunch of Carnations. For more resistance, use Nepenthes card. If you have an Osiris-carded accessory, bring it along.



Honestly you don't have to bring much - 5 Green Potions(for Confusion) and about 500 GJs are all you need. However, if you want, you can bring CWPs for emergency healing and stat foods. A couple of Holy Water if for some reason someone needs Aspersio.


Climbing the Endless Tower

Introduction + Before the run

Playing a High Priest in ET can be some of the most daunting, stressful and toughest things to do, especially if you're a newbie or have never played HP before. However, as you play, you'll realize that it isn't as hard as it seems. You get showers of 'Thank you!' every now and then, and the experience of learning how to play HP is a great skill to have under your belt. Speaking of which, for those reading this guide, there is nothing more a HP wants than to hear a "Thank you" after all the buffs and resurrects he/she have given. All I can say is, practice makes perfect! If you have unsure about certain things regarding ET and HP, please do not be afraid to ask your fellow party members. They won't bite, I promise!


Typical party set up:

  • Champion (Steel Body)
  • Paladin (Devotion)
  • High Wizard (Ganbantein, Safety Wall, Quagmire)
  • Biochemist (job lvl 54 for at least AD10 + FCP3)
  • Bard/Clown (97+ vit, exactly 110 int blessed)
  • Sniper
  • Sniper
  • High Priest (if possible sleep, stun, stone immune)
  • High Priest (if possible stun immune)
  • 3 extra slots for other classes like a Professor, Gypsy, HPs or more DPS."


Phew, we're finally at this part!

Buffs and Debuffs you will be using:

  • The main 4 - Blessing, Increase Agility, Assumptio, Magnificat
  • Cure and Recovery for curing statuses
  • If you have them: Impositio Manus(if it's not lv5 I wouldn't waste my time casting it),Gloria, Aspersio(only for those that need it)
  • Pneuma for protecting your stack(will be covered later)
  • Safety Wall to negate the pneuma for pneuma-casting monsters
  • Redemptio for when a large number of party members are dead, great for long range resurrection while staying safe.
  • Signum Crucis
Monsters affected by Signum Crucis in ET
For Non-MVP Floors

Keep the 4 main buffs up for every member at all times. For easy buffing, open up your party window, then expand it to the maximum so that every name is visible. To buff, press the skill, then click on the party member's name to buff him/her. Voilà! A small tip : buff yourself before buffing others, so you can keep track of when the buffs will run out. Another alternative is to enable 'Party Member's Abnormal Status Message' for your chat log to see who has ran out of buffs. Keep your Medusa shield(if you have it) equipped at all times during the early floors. Lay down a couple of random Sanctuary while climbing, so as to heal on the go. Don't forget to recover statuses! Switch to GTB/Alice whenever necessary. If there is a clown/bard playing Poem of Bragi, get in range of the song so that you can spam your buffs really quick.

Note that you cannot buff and heal you and your party members while wearing a GTB, so be sure to yell on Discord/party chat to get them to take off their GTB. You can resurrect GTB users by the way. Cast Redemptio when a lot of your party members are dead to save time. On floors that have pneuma-casting monsters, cast safety wall around it. This negates their Pneuma, and allow the Snipers to shred them.

Prioritize your resurrections! The Tank, Paladin, HPs and HW should be the first to get up if the party is overrun, followed by the bragi, snipers, biochemist and finally the non-core classes if any.

For MVP Floors (listen out for instructions on your respective VoIP)
One of many MVP formations, more or less looks like this.
  • Tank(typically a Champion) lures the MVP into attacking him while being in range of the Snipers
  • Bragi stack consists of 1 or more HPs, a HW, the bragi himself/herself, a Paladin, and sometimes other non-core classes
  • Sniper stack consists of 1 or more HPs, Snipers, and sometimes other non-core classes
  • There will be a Biochemist away from the two stacks either AD-ing or staying far away to act as a backup resurrect.
  • Note that this is just one of many ET formations while MVP-ing, so do listen out for the leader giving out instructions!

This is the formation for when we fight the harder MVPs. Assuming that you've already settled which HP goes where, get into your stack, properly stack yourself into a cell and start casting Pneuma on your stack. Keep the Pneuma up at all times, because the MVP unleashes a nasty ranged AoE skill called Hell's Judgement that can result in a party wipe if Pneuma is not up. Lay down a sanctuary and keep it going constantly. Don't forget to equip the correct shield! You can use Lex Aeterna on the MVP if you want, but I'd rather you focus on buffing and keeping your stack alive. Once Sanctuary and Pneuma is up, use the free time to buff up your party members.

If for some reason the tank dies and the MVP starts to charge towards the two stacks, run into a safe spot and wait till the signal is given to resurrect everyone. If you somehow die and get resurrected, immediately Pneuma yourself before proceeding on to continue with your HP duties. This was what happened on a previous ET:

"Erma: We're fighting FBH. Unluckily, Hell's Judgement hits before the pneuma HP could get a new one up (perhaps due to poorly timing skill cooldowns and whatnot). The stack, or most of it, wipes. One of the party members still alive resurrects one of the HPs - who, instead of pneumaing themselves first, proceeds to res people. Tank is still hanging on by a thread so the MVP has a target - and casts Hell's Judgement again. People go down once more, including the HP, because there's no pneuma."

If a party wipe happens, and if no one volunteers to go back, please volunteer yourself and re-climb the tower and resurrect everyone.

On the last floor of ET(floor 100, Entweihen Crothen), there will only be 1 stack, and the Tank will be tanking Entweihen Crothen. Follow the same procedures as before. Buff yourself and your team mates, keep Pneuma and Sanctuary up, then equip your GTB. Things should be the same for Naght Seiger.

I find kez 's reply to be really informative, do have a read:

"Some worthwhile things to mention that players may overlook. 

  • Prioritize buffs on yourself (especially if you require blessing for IC). Some party members may be quite demanding in terms of buffs. It's important you keep yourself and the tanks alive first. You'll also have a good idea of when the rest of the party's buffs will be running out if you buff yourself first. (Look at your own icons)
  • Some party members will never take off their GTB, especially if they're unfamiliar with the EQ timings. (Don't waste your precious SP).
  • HP/Pally marriage heal is worth the investment. *hi-fives Arya* If you have more than 1 HP in the party. You can actually heal the Pally out of status range (e.g. Earthquake) so no GTB required and you can spam it as fast as you can heal yourself. http://irowiki.org/wiki/Marriage_System
  • (Do people still do this?)Pneuma stacking. I put 2 pneumas down at different times. That way the party is always protected, as long as they're standing on the stack correctly."

After the climb

Whew, you've made it! Proceed to take a screenshot of your party if you want, then head out.


The end of the guide + Credits

Alrighty, that is the end of my ET HP guide. Thank you so much for reading, and I apologize if it's tl;dr material! Please do leave a comment below, I'd like to know how I can further improve this guide and if it helped you. :>

My personal ET Stats and Equipment:


Equips in inventory: GTB Stone Buckler

Supplies : 5 Green Potions, 500 GJs

My BM keys as requested by kez:

Nothing special tbh. Main buffs go on F1-F9, W for safety wall, R for resurrect, you get the point.


  • Me for the pictures and writing this guide
  • Andi's ET guides(on the Aeon forums, for references of the ET equips, ET supplies and the structure of a guide)
  • Mr Patate for his awesome Mr Chicken \o/


Current Version: 1.1


Nov 21, 2015 - Creation of guide(Version 1.0)

Nov 22, 2015 - Version 1.1

June 29, 2016 - Brought to TalonRO Forums with some minor text changes

Version 1.1 I've added and fixed some stuff:

  • Lv7 Sanctuary heals the same as a Lv10 Sanctuary (thanks Acosx!)
  • 97 INT for Sleep immunity. MATK does not affect Heal. Heal amount is based on your Base Level and INT. (thanks Andi!)
  • Osiris is not a mid headgear card, but an accessory card. Added Bascojin/White Lady card: increases Heal and Sanctuary efficiency. Added Celebration Rings, Bunch of Carnations, DTS, high upped SoR and Vali's Manteau.(thanks Kirsch!)
  • Lv10 SW for emergency tanking reasons. Resurrection at lv2 is good enough. Magnificat and Gloria might cause position lag. Recovery works on MVPs, Mini Bosses and Slave mobs. Added optimal Heal INT link. Added that STR might be needed for more weight. Added that 5 Gpots more than enough. Emergency CWPs to consider. (thanks Claudie!)
  • Prioritize resurrection! Important to Pneuma self before ressing others. HW is on bragi stack. Added Biochemist to the bragi stack. Added Pneuma story. (thanks Erma!)