Heart Ribbon Hairband Quest

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Items Required


1. Find Kari at Jawaii (122, 183). Tell her you'll help her bake a strawberry cheesecake.


2. Head to Lutie (122, 159)' to find Master Baker'xmas_in (32, 96) and bring him the following ingredients.


  • 3 x Egg
  • 50 x Strawberry
  • 30 x Cheese
  • 1 x Apple juice
  • 100 x Milk

3. Give him the ingredients and then wait 5 minutes while he bakes the cheesecake. Then go back to Kari in Jawaii.

4. Hand the cake to Kari. She'll ask you another favour to wrap the cake and deliver it as a gift.

Bring her

  • 1 x Silk ribbon
  • 10 x Slick paper
  • 1 x Witherless rose

She'll tell you to find her boyfriend Alexanderin Alberta and deliver it to him.

5. Alexander is at Alberta (68, 53). He'll give you a love heart to give to Kari.


6. Once you give her the heart Kari will offer to make a Heart Ribbon Hairband as her thanks. You just need:

  • 1 x Hairband
  • 1 x Green lace


And done :)