High Wizard - Fea's General HW Guide

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STR: You can pump some str to increase your weight capacity, so that you can regenerate your SP faster if you are not overweight.

AGI: Higher aspd allows you to spam Jupiter Thunder. You can consume berserk potion or slap some ASPD cards on your weapon.

VIT: Vit increases your survivability and immunity to certain statuses. You can get some vit if you have spare stat points. However, if you are going for high-tier parties, it is highly recommended that you have 97 vit to avoid stun and silence. Stun will stop your magic damage and silence disallow you to cast magics. You can either wait for your priest to cure/recover you, or you can also bring some heavy green potions to rid the silence.

INT: When you are levelling your wizard/mage, you would prioritise Int because it is the one responsible of boosting your damage. Every increment of 7 int, you will have boost on min Matk. Every increment of 5 int, you will have boost on max Matk. You can refer to the int table here: http://matk.gn0.me/ for planning purposes. But generally, 150 int is decent for a wizard.

DEX: 150 dex for instant cast.

LUK: Not necessary.


Soul Strike, Fire Ball, Fire Wall: Skills you need for levelling. Max out your int for damage, some dex for casting.

Sight: Detect hidden monsters.

Increase Spiritual Power: For SP Regeneration.

Monster Property: Check Monster's remaining HP and elemental property.

Ganbantein: Some MVPs cast Land Protector. You can use ganba to cancel the land protector and continue casting safety wall on the tank. Consumes 1 blue and 1 yellow gemstone. Mistress card does not apply.

Ice Wall: Needed in some circumstances *

Storm Gust: Our favourite skill. It freezes monster thus good to control mobs. However, it also disperses the monster from the tank. Thus, after the monsters unfreeze, they might change target and attack the party. You must be tactical when to use this. /sob

Jupiter Thunder: Spamming Jupiter Thunder is correlated with your ASPD. You can wear doppelganger staff or consume ASPD potion.

Lord of Vermillion: Good to "hit-lock" or rather, slow down the monster's movement. Alternative to Storm Gust that will unintentially disperse monsters, making snipers harder to kill or even get party mobbed./lv

Heaven's Drive: For wind monsters. Unhide monsters.

Quagmire: Amazing and underrated skill. Using this on boss monsters would be greatly helpful. Level 5 reduces 50% of monster's AGI, so cast it on high-agi MVP such as Mistress, BZB and Valkyrie, so that snipers would not miss-hit. Generally, used to slow monsters down.

Soul Drain: You can opt for this if you have spare skill points. Not that useful.

Amplify Magic Power: 150% magic damage /rice



  • Lord Kaho's Horn
  • High Wizard Card
  • Vesper Card
  • Mistress Card
  • Pussy Cat Bell (+5 DEF)
  • Rainbow Scarf
  • Isilla Card
  • Orc Hero Card


  • Fire Armor [RSX] - No knock back, +3 vit
  • Int or Dex Enchanted Armor
  • Marc Card - Immune to freeze
  • Bathory Armor - Dark Soul Strike, Coma (Amonra, GM Howl, GM Boreas, Abbey Monsters)
  • Agav - Additional 5% MATK


  • Staff of Magi [Necro] - Maximise damage output
  • Staff of Magi [Doppel, Gold queen scaraba] - Spamming JT
  • +4 / +7 Dark Thorn Staff - Reduce After-cast delay /lv
  • +9 Lich's Bone Wand [Drops or Necro] - Screen wide curse to monsters, super effective!
  • +7~+10 Staff of Piercing
  • DEX Survivor's Rod [ Drops or Necro] - Very cheap, good for starters


  • Normal Shield - Hodremlin shield, Tirfing shield, Platinum Shield
  • Golden Thief Bug Card - For high end parties, nullify magic.
  • Alice Card - 40% redux against Boss
  • Medusa Card - Immune to Stone Curse against MVPs such as BzB
  • Maya Card - Autoguard


  • Deviling Card - 50% damage redux against neutral
  • Leak Card - 10% redux, Chance of confusion when monsters get magic attacked
  • Lord of Death - +10 VIT, 10% redux
  • Beach Manteau - +1 INT
  • Stem Worm Card - +5 DEX


  • Eddga Card - Endure
  • GEC Card - SP Regen
  • Moonlight Shoes - +5 DEX
  • Lady Tanee Card - Maximise MATK when you have vit
  • Gargoyle Card - +5 DEX


  • Brisingamen [ Sting / Scaraba ]
  • Celebration Ring
  • Orleans Glove [ Sting ] - +6 DEX, MATK, bonus with Orleans Shield
  • Gloves [ Sting ] - +5 DEX

Offensive Wizard - Stats Distribution

OFFENSIVE WIZARD is pure MATK based. With Eddga, you could be the scary maid sweeping ET floor 1-70.


In order of priority:

- 140 Total DEX

- 150 total INT

- 150 Total DEX

- Even higher INT

- Rest VIT

Support Wizard - Stats Distribution

SUPPORT WIZARD is more tanky and uses skills such as Safety Wall, Quagmire, Energy coat, Icewall+Sightrasher, Monster Property, Ganbantein more frequently. Deals less damage but potentially higher survivability. Storm Gust to control mob, do not really need high damage.

Highly recommended for ET, GMC, seal or any other high end parties.


In order of priority,

- 150 Total DEX, if not 140

- 97 Total VIT

- Rest INT

Getting the last few Dex

EXTRA DEX gears:

In order, I would recommend,

- DEX Food [Green Salad] - +5 DEX

- Moonlight shoes - +5 DEX, fast walk, HP

- DEX enchanted armor

- Orleans Glove (Sting) / Gargoyle / Stem worm


Keep running low on your SP? Don't forget to bring your important foods :3


- Grape Juices ~ Bring many (500-2000)! Ask your trusted biochemist to help you carry if you wish.

- Yggdrasil Leaf (5-20) ~ You have fast cast; be in charge of resurrecting your priest~

- DEX food ~ Green Salad gives 5DEX for just 20k.


- Some Green Pots to cure silence

- Slim white pots, ygg berries and seeds

- Int food