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Due to the seems to be lack of MirAI guide, which I'd say one of the easiest customized AI around, I decided to make a guide on how to customize it.[1]


First thing first, installing.

1. Open this.

2. Recommended if you read it too for some nice guide. Stroll below till you see the External Links. Choose the MirAI (last updated: 2006). Yes, It's old, but meh, it works great and easy to customize, as I've said.

(I directed you to irowiki first instead of just giving the links in purpose of giving you some good read there and you also can readily direct someone to go there if they want MirAI, considering irowiki is easy to remember instead of my random guides).

3. Download these 2:

Last updated version

- 2006-12-22 mirai_v1_2_2 (35 Kb)

- 2006-12-14 control_panel_for_mirai_v1_2_(en_de_it)_R3 (269 Kb)

4. Open your TalonRO folder, let's say it's talonro. So open talonro/AI. Create a new folder named user_ai and put those 2 you've just downloaded at talonro/AI/user_ai.

5. Extract those 2 to the same folder, talonro/AI/user_ai.

6. Now open mirai_cp_setup.exe and install it at talonro/AI/user_ai


7. Installation part done!


The next one, configuring it.

1. Open Config.exe


2. The explanation about parts:


I. Homunculus: Attack and Evade

On this part, you set at what condition of HP you want your Homunculus to attack/evade, added with some other check box.

Recommended: drag the thin square to the left so your Homunculus will keep attacking even with 1% HP or less than that. In TalonRO, it's better leaving the Homunculus dead then use Resurrect Homunculus skill than letting it attack until x HP then evade at y HP and using Potion Pitcher on it so it'll start attacking again.

"Cautious" check box: checking this on will cause your Homunculus to obey and only obey Tactic List. Explanation about Tactic List later in part III.

Recommended to uncheck it (default already) if you're not playing by the Tactic List.

"Switch target on battle, to go to help the owner" check box: checking this on will cause your Homunculus to automatically come to you (if it isn't out of screen) when you're being attacked.

Recommended to check it on (default already).

"Take care of homunculus enemy first" check box: I dont use this because I'm not PvP/WoE player with my creator, but if you're playing PvP/WoE I'd recommend get a better AI, lol.

II. Kind Homunculus

On this part, you can set your Homunculus minimize the Kill Steals and detect area spells.

Note: this is a reminder of the rules regarding Kill Stealing.

  • Do not attack or loot/greed other players' monsters without their permission.

A monster "belongs" to another player if it is attacking, being attacked by, trapped by, or following that player. When casting area attacks, make sure not to hit other players' monsters. Monsters that give the MVP sign when killed are exempt from this rule.

  • Do not allow your Homunculus to attack other players' monsters. Use the "Stand By" (Alt+T) command as necessary.

You are responsible of what your Homunculus does, so it's good to configure this part properly so that it doesn't Kill Steal other players.

"Don't attack moving monsters" check box: checking this on will cause your Homunculus to not to attack moving monsters, even if the monster is chasing yourself. Your homun will only attack monster attacking you/your homun or idle. Note that MirAI has self-noKS which prevent your homun to attack a monster who's attacking/being attacked by someone else.

Recommended: turn it off (default already), since if it's on... well, it sux, just try it if you want.

"Try to detect area spells and frozen monsters" check box: checking this on will cause your homun to try leaving the area of a spell during the casting time of the spell, and to ignore attacking frozen enemies.

Recommended: turn it off, it's a bit buggy in my experience, and it doesnt serve much use, since you can just let your Homunculus die due to area spells then resurrect it later.

III. Tactic List

In this part, you'll be really customizing your Homunculus AI. You can add what action your Homunculus will do to a specific monster. To add or remove a monster (see the default Tactic List created by miranda blade there) you only need to click that + or - symbol. Note that if you want your Homunculus to attack Poring/Metaling, under Poring and Metaling Fields change the action from "react" to "attack". Common MirAI users don't know this.

Recommended: Ignore this and off the "Cautious" check box if you're a newbie, but read what I say above.

Tactic List will be used by default even if you're not in "Cautious" mode. If you're in "Cautious" mode, your Homunculus will only attack/react to the monster in Tactic List and actively ignore other monster.

You can add a monster there by adding their ID (look at ratemyserver.net for that), and fill the name of monster as you wish (only the ID is important). Ignore AAA, it's disabled in TalonRO. Behaviour set as you wish, should be easy as long as you know English. Same case in Skill and Level.


IV. Homunculus Skills

The explanation above the skills should suffice. On this part, you can configure the level of skill you want to be auto-casted while auto-attacking monsters (especially Caprice and Moonlight) that aren't in the Tactic List already.

Recommended: change the SP requirement to 0 and the level of the skill as you wish.


V. Extra

The best part (lol).

Max enemy distance from the alchemist: Set how far you want your Homunculus to wander and attack monsters (yes, this will cause the Homunculus not attacking monsters that are too far from you).

Recommended: Set to 10, 14 is too far and often cause the homun to be out of screen when you move to different directions.

Max time for skills (ms): Dunno, I dont bother with this =P

"Follow the alchemist at once" check box: Creator is discriminated D: Anyway, checking on this box will cause your Homunculus to ignore the monster it's currently dealing with when you move, even if only 1 cell. Forgot if this will also cause such things if you use skill.

Recommended: Off. It's annoying at times, and you can stand a few hits while moving, right?

"Circle around the alchemist when full" check box: No mention about creator again D: This is the best part of MirAI, causing your homun to circling you when their hp/sp is full.

Recommended: On (default already) =D

"Detect out of potion" check box: ignore this, disabled in TalonRO.

Activating MirAI

And guess what's the last thing? Activating it!

1. Open your TalonRO.exe, and get your alchemist/creator logged in.

2. Type /hoai, you'll see words saying "AI has been customized".

3. "Relog" your Homunculus. It can be done via 4 ways :

  • Rest then Call Homunculus, or Call Homunculus if your Homunculus is rest-ed already, or Resurrect Homunculus if your Homunculus is dead.
  • Change map.
  • Teleport.
  • Relog.

That's all, have fun with your MirAI and thanks for reading!

By T i o

  1. By T i o