Honeybee Hat Quest

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  • Mdef+3
  • Reduce damage from insect monster by 5%.
  • Add chance of gaining 'Honey' each time an Insect monster is killed.
  • Upper headgear.
  • Def: 3

Items Required

  • 4 to 10 Honey pot
  • 100 royal jelly
  • 300 bee sting
  • 1 lemon dyestuff
  • 1 black dyestuff
  • 200,000 zeny


1. To obtain this quest, talk to 'Weird Botanist' at Geffen city, geffen 159, 86. Honeybee2.png

Choose to help him by keep talking to him. Select 'Nope. Tell me about it.' in the option. He will ask you to collect some honey with 'Honey Pot' from a 'Magical Flower' at north of Geffen.

2. Find the 'Magical Flower' at mjolnir_01 83, 73. Choose 'Kick the flower'. You will gain the honey straight into the honey pot. The magical honey obtained will not show in your inventory. So, just move on with the quest. After obtain the magical honey, go back and talk to Weird Botanist.


3. The Weird Botanist will then ask you to find his good friend, 'Entomologist Ernest' at a city named, Spledddirree or something like that , who loves honey a lot. What he actually means is, the city is 'Splendide'. He can't move from the city, so help him by selecting 'Of course, where can I find him?'.



4. Go and talk to Entomologist Ernest at splendide 132, 237.

He will ask you to bring some ingredients for him to make Honeybee Hat.

  • 100 royal jelly
  • 300 bee sting
  • 1 lemon dyestuff
  • 1 black dyestuff
  • 200,000 zeny




5. After giving him the ingredients, he will tell you that, he can't really use it to take honey from the bee. So, he decided to give it to you.


6. After obtaining the Honeybee Hat from Entomologist Ernest, go back and talk to Weird Botanist. He will award you with 5 'Honey Herbal Tea'.



  1. Thanks to sweehung for writing this guide