Hoplite Helmet Quest

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  • In ancient western countries, this helmet was used. It makes a robust defense. Almost as good as a good formation, apparently.
  • MaxHP +3%.
  • [+ Pike]
  • Physical attacks +3% damage.
  • [+ Gladius]
  • Physical attacks +3% damage.
  • [+ Strong Shield]
  • Def + 2. Increase resistance to all physical attacks by +5%.

Items Required

  • 1x Citrin
  • 1x Detrimindexta
  • 1x Antelope Skin
  • 1x Anodyne
  • 100x Holy Water
  • 1x Harpy Talon
  • 1x Silver Ring
  • 1x Old Blue Box
  • 2x Gold
  • 5x Red Feather
  • 1x Helm[1]
  • 1x Iron Cain


- Enter the building in Veins: Veins, Desert Village(Veins): 333, 230.


- Talk to Dilios (inside Veins(ve_in): 207, 387)


He'll ask you to kill a Vagabond Wolf. Kill the wolf in one of its locations, and return to Dilios. He'll ask you to bring Hercules' favorite weapon. (Hercules' favorite weapon was a club, so bring him Club[4]) He'll ask you to find the Oracle of Delphi.

- Talk to the Oracle of Delphi (Freya's Grand Temple (sesilmir)(ra_temple):166, 106) One north of Rachel City.


You can Memo here, cause you'll have to come back here a few times. She'll give you 12 tasks, the same 12 that Hercules had to do. 1. Bring her a Citrin (By killing the Legendary Chimaera [Nemean Lion]) 2. Bring her Detrimindexta (By killing the multiheaded Hydra [Lernaean Hydra]) 3. Bring her Antelope Skin (By killing a Goat [Golden Hind of Artemis]) 4. Bring her Anodyne (By killing the Savage Boar [Erymanthian Boar]) 5. Clean out the massive stables of Augeas at Hugel.

- Talk to Augeas at Hugel (Hugel, the Quaint Garden Village (hugel): 66, 93)


Bring him 100 Holy Water to purify the stables. Return to the Oracle of Delphi

6. Bring her a Harpy Talon (By scaring off the metal-feathered Harpy [Stymphalian birds]) 7. Bring her a Silver Ring (By killing a Majoruros [Cretan Bull]) 8. Bring her an Old Blue Box (By killing a Nightmare [Mares of Diomedes]) 9. Bring her the Girdle of Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons.

- Enter the building in Splendide (Forest Village Splendide(splendide): 157, 314)


- Talk to Hippolyta (Splendide 02 (Spl_in02): 108, 213)


Receive the Girdle Return to the Oracle of Delphi

10. Steal the cattle of Morroc (The cattle of Geryon)

- Go outside Pyramids Dungeon (Morroc Ruins (Moc_Ruins): 118, 140).


talk to the 3 animals to have them follow you. Return to the Oracle of Delphi

11. Bring back the Golden Apples of the Hesperides.

- Go to Gonyrun City (Gonyrun, the Hermit Land(Gonyrun): 92, 173)


Walk under the tree far west till you see something shiny. (autotrigger npc) Bring the obtained apple back to the Oracle of Deplhi.

12. Bring back Cerberus, Chief Hound of Hades

- Go to magma dungeon 2 (Nogg Road F2(mag_dun02): 222, 178)


Talk to Cerberus Return to the Oracle of Delphi

Receive the 'Heart of Hercules'

- Go back to Dilios, and show him the heart. - He'll send you to the local forger. - Enter the building at Veins, the Desert Village(Veins): 150, 175


- Talk to Hephaestus (Inside Veins (ve_in): 370, 253)


- Show him the Heart of Hercules - Bring him:

  • 2x Gold
  • 5x Red Feather
  • 1x Helm[1]
  • 1x Iron Cain

- Return these ingredients to Hephaestus, and he will forge you a Hoplite Helmet


  1. Thanks: Viridis Thanks to Regi for finding my Cattle of Geryon.