Hunter Hat Quest

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5383.gif Hunter Hat [1]

  • A hat for hunters! Good Luck!
  • Rumor who wear it will have a good fortune when hunting monster at the time.
  • Increases damage inflicted on Brute monster by 10%.
  • Increases physical attack against Demi human monster by 5%.
  • LUK + 1
  • Defense: 3
  • Upper Headgear

Items Required

  • 20,000 Zeny


This quest features both - killing some monsters and collecting a few items.

The quest starts in Hugel's tavern, just east of the town entrance.


Enter the building and go upstairs to find a NPC named Hunter Guildsman (hu_in01, 358, 171).


Talk to him and find out that a group of fancy Sea Otters has escaped from Comodo Beach and is now terrorizing Abyss Lake.

The Hunter Guildsman asks you to go there and take care of those rascals, so leave the tavern and make your way to Abyss Lake (hu_fild05). Simply leave Hugel to the south and take the next map warp on the other side of the field to get to Abyss Lake.


What you have to do here is find 10 Escaped Sea Otters.

They are spread over the entire map, don't forget to check the island in the center as well!

If you've never fought Sea Otters before, they're weak to wind damage and are fairly quick. The biggest obstacle though for this map is that most if not all of the aggressive monsters on this map are very quick and attack very quickly. If you aren't properly geared this section of the quest will be very nerve wrecking but still possible. The other mobs instead of Sea Otter can be damaged by fire, so if you're a spellcaster try using Fire Wall / Crimson Fire Formation to stop enemies from reaching you. Anopheles have high Flee and MDEF but aren't very damaging, if they get in the way if you can use abilities that add HIT, ignore flee or deals MATK damage in a single blast you should be fine, their HP is pretty abysmal (100). Aside from that the Mutant Dragonoids and Novus' are the most threatening. Either get them out of the way if they spot you or teleport if you can't handle them.

Once you've killed ten of them, head back to the Hunter Guildsman in the tavern of Hugel. (Note: You will not be alerted when you have killed ten, but it still counts).

He will be very pleased to see those Sea Otters removed and offer you to make a Hunter Hat [1] for you! All you need to do is bring him some items.

It shouldn't be so hard to get those items, simply the Cap [1] could be difficult, unless you find someone to sell you (or already have one yourself :P).

Once you collected all the required ingredients, head back to the Hunter Guildsman and receive your reward: the Hunter Hat [1]


  1. Credits to BlackVampValnar for this guide