Hunting Board Quest List

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What is the Hunting Board Quest?

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You are probably aware of the iRO Repeatable EXP Quests. We have modified these a bit. Once every day, on top of getting the EXP rewards when completing the quest, you will also get a bunch of Bronze Coins. So it's highly recommended to check the Hunting Board in Prontera every day for a new quest to earn some Bronze Coins.


This NPC gives you quick access to the Repeatable EXP Quests for your level. Here you will also be able to acquire the Daily Bronze Coins when completing a quest. This NPC can be found at Prontera 139,183 (southwest of Prontera Fountain)

For now, the Map of the Week and Repeatable Quests are the only ways of getting Bronze Coins. We have various more ideas on how to let you obtain these, so stay tuned!

List of Monsters Available

(compilation courtesy of spacebar)

Hunting Board Quest
Non-Trans Trans Non-Trans Trans
Level 21-30 31-40 41-50 51-65 66-80 81-90 81-85 91-99 86-99
Base 800000 900000 1200000 2400000
Job 0 280000 400000 1000000
Set 50 Kills 100 Kills
1 Anacondaq Bongun Antique Firelock Alligator Grand Peco Evil Cloud Hermit Penomena or


Loli Ruri or


2 Christmas Cookie Leaf Cat Kobold Archer Minorous Clock Obsidian Medusa or


King Dramoh or

Nightmare Terror

3 Hode Beetle King Orc Zombie Isis High Orc Erend Ice Titan or


Ferus or


4 Cornutus Cruiser Swordfish Li Me Mang Ryang Dark Frame Nine Tail Deleter or

Teddy Bear

Agav or


5 Pirate Skeleton Jakk Siroma Hill Wind Wooden Golem Gazeti Loli Ruri or


Majoruros or

Ragged Zombie

6 Bigfoot Soldier Skeleton Myst Green Iguana Demon Pungus Dragon Tail Harpy or


Acidus or

Ancient Mummy

7 Raggler Dokebi Argiope Carat Bloody Butterfly Pasana Wanderer or


Apocalypse or

Lava Golem