Ice Cream Hat Quest

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Items Required

  • 500 Acai Fruit (NPC sold)
  • 80 Ice Cubic (90% drop from Ice Titan)
  • 50 Ice Cream (NPC sold)
  • 30 Glacial Heart (100% drop from Ice Titan)
  • 60 Apple (NPC sold)
  • 30 Banana (NPC sold)
  • 30 Orange (30% from Galapago/Baby Desert Wolf)
  • 20 Grape (NPC sold)
  • 40 Strawberry (18% from Wolf)
  • 1 Mystic Frozen (3% from Ice Titan)
  • 1 Hat [1] (0.6% from Poison Spore)

Getting the ingredients

Acai Fruit & Grape & Apple & Banana & Ice Cream :

All of these items are NPC sold at the following locations :

Acai Fruit, buy them from Brasilis' Fruit Gardener for 15z each without Discount Grape, buy them from Prontera's Tool Dealer for 200z each without Discount Apple & Banana, these are available at most Fruit Gardeners in RO's main towns, I personally prefered Izlude due to the considerably small distance between the Warp Girl and the Fruit Gardener. Ice Cream, buy them from the Ice Cream Seller in Jawai

Orange :

You might want to farm Baby Desert Wolf for these as the only Galapago map are fairly furnished in relatively stronger aggressive mobs (Mobsters and Seals). The highest Baby Desert Wolf spawn is moc_fild01.

Baby Desert Wolf has 164 HP, hit for 20-40 and is relatively weak to Water.

Glacial Heart & Ice Cubic :

You should be fairly familiar with these items if you have ever stepped into Ice Dungeon for yourself. Siromas drop these at a rate of 30% for Glacial Heart and 15% for Ice Cubic and as you can notice, these rates are quite low for such a high amount of items (Particularly Ice Cubic). Joining/Banding an Ice Titan party is recommended here as these mobs (Which are much stronger) drop said items at higher percentages (Namely 100% for Glacial Heart and 90% for Ice Cubic). Siroma's highest spawn point is ice_dun01 and Ice Titan's highest spawn is ice_dun03.

Chosing this option will also prove to be a good idea for one more of the items needed for the hat.

Siromas have 6800 HP and hit for 200-400, Ice Titans have 38200 HP and hit for 1000-1600. Both mobs are terribly weak against Wind element.

Strawberry :

Relatively easy item to farm, you may also buy these for ~1000z each. If you decide to farm them, it is recommended to use an AoE damager given the fact Wolves become aggressive if one of them starts attacking you (Making it possible for you to easily drag huge packs and kill them). Wolf's highest spawn is pay_fild02.

Wolves have 919 HP, hit for 30-40 and are relatively weak against fire.

Mystic Frozen :

Second hardest item to farm. You may also simply buy this last item for a price around ~30.000.z. If you chose Ice Titans for farm your Glacial Hearts and Ice Cubics, you may also have obtained some of these. These are also MVP drops from Stormy Knight and Garm for 30%.

Ice Titan's monster information is mentioned above.

Hat [1] :

Undeniably the hardest item you'll have to farm for this headgear. You might want to farm these with an AoE damager for multiple reasons. First one being the reasonably small size of the Poison Spore map and the high amount of mobs you'll find here. Second is you'll find a monster which might or might not wreak havoc on your farming, namely Dragon Tail and AoE allows you to damage your Poison Spores while killing this annoying occurrence. Highest Poison Spore spawn point is pay_fild05.

Poison Spores have 665 HP and hit for 80-100, they do not have any particular element weakness.


To initialize the quest, you must speak with Lucy (morroc 103,260)


1. Lucy will ask you to talk to a man named John in Alberta.

2. Speak with John (alberta 230,52) who'll ask you to pay a visit to a sailor in Dewata.


3. Speak with Joshua (dewata 235,44) on the pier of Dewata and he'll request that you find Amy in the north of Dewata.


4. Speak with Amy (256,233)


She will ask for the following items :

  • 250 Acai Fruit
  • 30 Apple
  • 15 Banana
  • 15 Orange
  • 10 Grape
  • 10 Strawberry

5. Bring the items back to her and she'll ask you to find an old lady in the south of Lutie.

6. Talk to the Old Lady (xmas 201,78) in Lutie.


She'll ask you for the following :

  • 50 Ice Cubic
  • 30 Glacial Heart
  • 1 Mystic Frozen

7. Take the items to the Old Lady and return to Amy who'll ask for the same batch of items as she did when you first spoke to her which includes :

  • 250 Acai Fruit
  • 30 Apple
  • 15 Banana
  • 15 Orange
  • 10 Grape
  • 10 Strawberry

8.Talk to Lucy who'll offer you to make you an Ice Cream hat in exchange for the following :

  • 30 Ice Cubic
  • 50 Ice Cream
  • 20 Strawberry
  • 1 Hat [1]

9. Give the final batch of items to Lucy who'll reward you with a Ice Cream hat.

Congratulations, enjoy using Frost Diver Lv3.[1]

  1. Thanks to Noodle for the guide~!