Ice Necklace Quest

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  • 5x Rough Wind
  • 1x Hammer (buyable from NPC)
  • 1x Blank Scroll (can be bought in Yuno)


  • 700 000 base exp
  • 4x Freezing Snow Powder
  • Ability to summon and fight Ktullanux


1. In Rachel (157, 183), you'll find the Sincere Follower, Urstia. Talk to her and agree to help her. She will give you an Ashy Necklace.


2. On Ice Dungeon Level 2 you will find Maheo frozen in ice (ice_dun02 120, 105). He will tell you his embarrassing story, and ask that you get his master to help free him.


3. Go back to the city of Rachel, and near the top of the lake in the bottom right you will find Hamion (264, 98). He will ask that you bring him 5 Rough Wind, 1 Hammer [2], and 1 Blank Scroll. When you bring him these items, he will give you a Wind Hammer.


4. Return to Maheo and use the hammer to smash the ice. He will reward you by restoring Urstia's Necklace to a Sparkling Necklace. You will also receive 4 Freezing Snow Powder. Skip the next step if you want to summon Ktullanux.

5. Return to Urstia to receive 700,000 Base Experience.

Summoning Ktullanux (MVP)

Items Required

  • 4x Freezing Snow Powder (Quest) OR 4x Ice Scale (dropped by Ktullanux)

1. Put out the flame of the 4 blazing fires around the center of ice_dun03, use either Freezing Snow Powder or Ice Scale. The coordinates are ice_dun03 (126 126), ice_dun03 (172 126), ice_dun03 (172 172) and ice_dun03 (172 126). If there is no animation of a Blazing Fire, it means the MVP is on cool-down and you have to wait til it respawns.


2. Upon putting out the 4 blazing fire, this will summon out Ktullanux.


3. After defeating Ktullanux, a portal to ice_dun04 will be opened for 20 seconds. The Blazing Flames will reactivate 2 hours after Ktullanux is defeated.