Juice Making Quest

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The Juice Making Quest is a short quest that will allow you at the end to make the consumables: Apple Juice, Banana Juice, Grape Juice, Carrot Juice.


Items: 1 Meat (not consumed)


1. Inside East Prontera Inn, go upstairs and walk all the way to the end. Talk to Morrison (prt_in 47,173) with a Meat in your inventory. DO NOT give him the meat, choose to ignore him. Then talk to his mom.

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2. Talk to Housewife Marianne (prt_in 49, 172). She will thank you and tell you about the Juice Maker in Payon.

3. Juicer Marx Hansen (payon_in03 188,146) is located in the building to the north of Payon. Give him the ingredients to start making them delicious juice.

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Juice Recipe

Note: Grape can be bought at several Tool Dealers (including Payon Tool Dealer)

1 533.gifGrape Juice 1 514.gifGrape
1 713.gifEmpty Bottle
1 531.gifApple Juice 1 512.gifApple
1 713.gifEmpty Bottle
1 532.gifBanana Juice 1 513.gifBanana
1 713.gifEmpty Bottle
1 534.gifCarrot Juice 1 515.gifCarrot
1 713.gifEmpty Bottle