Kafra Doll Hat Quest

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Items Required

And 50,000 Zeny.

There are more ingredients required for each type of the doll you require made. They are mentioned further on in the guide.


1. The quest starts in Aldebaran when you speak to an npc named "Kafra Fanboy" (51, 236) behind the Kafra headquarters in the top left of the map. In the short dialog you must select the option "I LOVE them!" and he will redirect you to the next npc.

2. The next NPC is the recruiter of the Kafra Fanclub which you will also find in Aldebaran. Look behind the Alchemists guild (the bottom left corner of the map) for an NPC named "Suspicious Idle Man" (41, 69). He will ask you to sign a contract if you wish to join the club. When prompted, select the option "Sign." After that he will ask that you complete a test to find out how much you know about Kafra. He will ask that you go see a knight in Prontera.

3. In Prontera, keep walking south from the fountain in the middle until you come across another Kafra employee. An NPC called "Indifferent Knight" (136, 88) should be nearby.

This is where you take the first test. There are five questions and you must answer each one correctly.

Question # Answer
1 Warp Service
2 Warp Girl
3 Sadly, no.
4 Super Novice Guild
5 Leilah

Upon completing the test, the knight will tell you to seek out the next tester, a moody scholar who usually hangs out around the fountain in Geffen.

4. In Geffen you will find the "Irritated Scholar" (128, 73) standing behind a tree near the fountain and hey, guess what? Another test... yay.

(the difference between this one and the last is that if you fail to answer all the questions correctly he will teleport you to a random place in town).

Question # Answer
1 Garrison
2 Magnum Break
3 Pavianne
4 Curly Sue
5 No

5. Now give yourself a pat on the back and head back to Aldebaran to the Kafra Fanclub recruiter (41, 69).

He will tell you to find another tester. This time however, you won't recieve any directions or clues, except that he is in Yuno somewhere.

6. In Yuno you must search for an NPC near the bottom right of the map with the name "Ateil" (338, 112).

This is where those items you worked so hard to collect finally come into play. Bring the items mentioned in the ingredients list on top and Ateil will construct a Kafra Ring for you. 2640.gif

7. In Aldebaran go inside the Kafra headquarters, wear your ring and talk to a ghastly looking Kafra NPC "Disturbed Kafra" (aldeba_in; 73, 181).

She will mention that she saw a stranger in the dressing room. Now speak with the "Kafra Manager" who asks a favor of you.

Agree to help and she will ask of you to find an eyewitness somewhere in the building.

8. Finding the eyewitness is pretty easy. It couldn't have been any more obvious since her name is "Kafra Eyewitness" (aldeba_in; 146, 246).

Simply walk into the next room where you find her standing by the window. Nevertheless, I still made a screenshot for you.

After you spoke with her, return to the Kafra Manager.

9. The manager asks you to inform one of the town guards on this matter. Go outside and walk to the Clock Tower in the middle of town. Here stands the "City Guard" (130, 136).

10. Back to the Kafra Manager...

11. The culprit has revealed himself!

go to the southern entrance of the building where you will see him. As you engage in a conversation with him he will spawn a large amount of angry porings.

After you have defeated them, talk to him again and he rushes of into the next room.

12. In the next room it's basically the same thing, except this time he will spawn a horde of angry poporings. If you're a low level, I suggest running a lap around the room to scatter the mob so you can pick them of one by one.

13. Finally the stalker NPC supposedly runs to the final room in the back. Beware because this time he spawns anAngeling (only if you're base level 70+) However, if you're below base level 70 it will spawn a Mastering. [*NOTE: YOU MUST MAKE THE KILL FOR IT TO BE SUCCESSFUL. YOUR FRIEND CAN'T KILL IT FOR YOU*]

After the Angeling and or Mastering is dead, initiate another dialog with the stalker and 2 guards will arrest the stalker.

14. Return to the Disturbed Kafra. She will award you with a Kafra Band 5020.gif (I know it's not the doll, but bear with me people, we're almost there). Speak to the Kafra Manager one last time. She will give you a book:

Keep the book in your inventory for now. From here on go to Yuno.

15. In Yuno find a "Female Adventurer" (294, 140), she will let you chose one of the various Kafra Doll Headgears (YES!) and then she will list the ingredients needed to make it. There are six different Kafra Dolls you can make and each one has a different bonus.

Now for the actual Doll-making :

As already mentioned, you have to choose between six different dolls.

(you can make the other ones with the same character afterwards).

Kafra Doll Hats

Sorin Doll Hat [1]

For a 5342.gif Sorin Doll Hat You will need the following items:

  • 10 Fabric - Wraith (100%) / Whisper (100%) / Also buyable at any Alchemist Shop NPC in Town.
  • 1 Needle Packet - Hylozoist (60%)
  • 1 Spool - Hylozoist (100%)
  • 3 Black DyeStuff
  • 2 Lemon DyeStuff
  • 1 Scarlet DyeStuff
  • And 100,000 zeny.

W Doll Hat [1]

For a 5345.gif W Doll Hat You will need:

Deporte Doll Hat [1]

For a 5340.gif Deporte Doll Hat You will need:

Vinit Doll Hat [1]

For a 5344.gif Vinit Doll Hat You will need:

Tailring Doll Hat [1]

For a 5343.gif Tailring Doll Hat You will need:

Glarice Doll Hat [1]

For a 5341.gif Glarice Doll Hat You will need:

The wonderful thing about this quest is that you don't have to repeat every step once you have done it.

Once you've finished making your doll hat, you can immediately make another one by talking to the "Female Adventurer" NPC again.

So if your friend completed the quest already, you can simply hand over the final ingredients to him/her and he/she can make it for you without having to do all that running around.


  1. Thanks to Chuzard for this guide!