Kawaii Ribbon Quest

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Items Required

If you want this to go smoothly, have these items prepared ahead of time:


Part 1:

To start the quest, you must visit Julia at ayo_in01 195,108 First, go to the warper and go to the city, Ayothaya Here is a screenshot of the building location:


Talk to her to being your quest!


Part 2:

She will give you three riddles to solve. Or basically, give you a hint to where you can find a hiding NPC. Her riddles are hints to their locations. If you find them, you'll get a quest item proving you found the NPC. Bring that item back to move on to the next riddle. And now, the first riddle:


Alright this one is pretty easy. Find a warp to niff (or run there yourself through the umbala dungeon) and get to Trunk of Yggdrasil. On the top half of the map near the entrance to niff, you'll find this man who gives you a quest item. I had a guild member stand at the entrance to niff for a reference point.


Once you talk to him and receive the quest item, return to Julia. She will give you a second riddle.

Part 3:

The new riddle~


To find the NPC with your next quest item, travel to Umbala.

On the very north west part of the map on the other side of the bridge, you'll find the next NPC.


After receiving your next quest item, return to Julia.

You'll get the next (and final) riddle.

Part 4:

The last riddle!


This one actually had me confused for awhile.

My first thought was Lutie, then Ice Dungeon.

Actually, it was Manuk, the city. A lot simpler than I thought it was going to be.


Talk to her, get your quest item, and return to Julia.

She will give you the ingredients to make the Kawaii Ribbon.

Part 5:

Julia will give you the quest item list.


If you've collected all the items, just talk to her again.


And there you have it.

The Kawaii Ribbon.



  1. Thanks to Goshujin for this guide