Kiel Hyre Quest 1

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This quest has two parts. Check them out before starting. The second part is Kiel Hyre Quest 2, if you want to read it.

Item Requirement:


  • 21,000 Base Exp from Kiel Hyre in Step 47
  • 1 Taming Gift Set from Kiel Hyre in Step 48

Quest Part 1: I feel like having cookies

Step 1

Warp Girl>Cities>Yuno. Enter the Yuno Bar (yuno 51,105), soutwest of the spawning point:


Step 2

Inside, talk to the Pub Master (yuno_in01 35,179). Select "You look worried, what’s up?" He’ll ask you to help him to deliver his goods. You’ll obtain a Culinary Wine to be delivered to the Kiel Hyre Academy to Mrs. Lecollane.


Step 3

Kiel Hyre Academy (yuno_fild08 155,189) is located 1 south, 2 east and 1 south of Yuno. But maybe you prefer just to Warp Girl>Dungeons>Kiel Hyre Dungeon and walk the rest of the way. Talk to one of the guards, they won’t let you in unless you tell them that you are there to deliver the Culinary Wine to Ms. Lecollane. Answer the following: Lecollane and Culinary Wine.


Step 4

Go downstairs west and a bit south of the spawning point, and you will find Lady (kh_school 175,60). She's Lecollane from now on. While walking down, you’ll overhear two students talking.


Step 5

After delivering the Culinary Wine to Lecollane, talk to Cute Student (kh_school 179,39). She’s Elly, her new student and she would ask for your help to gather ingredients for her cooking. She’ll ask for:


  • 1 Bag of Flour – Toast Shop in Juno (217, 114)
  • 1 Egg – Toast Shop in Juno (Comes with Bag of Flour)
  • 2 Cheese – Dropped by Taoist Hermit in Gonryun Dungeon.
  • 1 Culinary Wine – Yuno Bar.
  • 7 Milk – Vendor from Milk Ranch (prontera 73,134)
  • 5 Cacao – Dropped by Yoyo

You’ll need to gather the Cheese, Milk, and Cacao on your own.

Step 6

Go back to the Yuno bar. Because you have delivered the wine to Lecollane, you can now buy wine from him.

Step 7

You can get the flour and egg from Little Kid (yuno 217,113), Cezu from now on. But you have to help her first. You need to go to Lighthalzen Windmill and get Eggs and Flour for her.


Step 8

Warp Girl>Cities>Lighthalzen, you need to go past the guard to slums (talk to him a lot until he lets you through) and go Northeast to Windmill Owner (lighthalzen 365,300) near the windmill. You’ll get a Delivery Package in return.


Step 9

Go back to Cezu and give her the delivery package. She’ll make another bundle of food for Elly.

Step 10

Bring the items back to Elly in the Kiel Hyre Academy (the guard should let you in freely at this point), and Elly will give you some of her well-baked cookies she made. Talk to her 2 times.

Step 11

Talk to Elly once more. She’ll ask you to deliver some cookies to her grandpa Kiel Hyre in his cottage. Agree to help her.

Quest Part 2: Anybody at home?

Step 12

Kiel Hyre’s cottage is located at the north (yuno_fild02 91, 210) of the Kiel Hyre Academy.


Talk to the Cottage Keeper outside the cottage. Tell him "I have an appointments with Kiel Hyre" and "Yes". He’ll tell you that Kiel Hyre is not in there.

Step 13

Return to Elly and tell her what happened. She’ll give you a Cottage Key to enter.

Step 14

Go back to the cottage and use the key on the left door (yuno_fild02 75, 217):


It will reveal 6 Forward, 3 Left, 3 Forward, 4 Left. This is the direction you have to take after you respawn in the room. You’ll find yourself in a storage room:


Step 15

Explore the room according to Step 14 and somewhere in the middle, you’ll find a letter from Kiel Hyre to Elly (kh_vila 179,11):


The directions given are just squares from your starting position. You could read them as, after spawning, 6 West, 3 South, 3 West, 4 South, if you prefer. You got the coordinates too.

Step 16

Go back to the Academy and give the letter to Elly. Upon reading it, she’ll find something odd. Ask her "What's with this academy?" and "Strange incidents?". She'll talk about a ghost that curses its victims, and that if she gets cursed, to say Wake up, Elly!. Talk to her again, she’ll then ask you to go back to the cottage to investigate further and meet her after at the dormitory in the later part of the Kiel Hyre Quest.

Just to make sure, be sure you take note of what she says in red. If it's a different sentence, note it (and it would be nice a little feedback here).

Step 17

Go back to the storage room again at the cottage. Click on one of the book in the bookshelves and a secret portal (kh_vila 191, 14) would appear. You may need to click it a lot of times before activating the switch.


Any of them work, it seems (I just clicked the eastern one), and even if the portal "disappears", you can still go to the place.

Step 18

Enter the secret portal and you’ll find yourself inside Kiel Hyre cottage’s kitchen.


Step 19

Click the box behind you (the one where the cursor is in the previous step), you’ll obtain pet food for 1,100 zeny. You are going to need this later.

Step 20

Go to the room in the south of this through the portal, and you'll be in another room with two maps, check out the right map. Something is hidden paper but you couldn’t take it for it may damage the map.


You need to find something to loosen the glue of the map without damaging it.

Step 21

Go back to the kitchen and click the pot.


It seems it has steam. "Try it".

Step 22

Go back to the map again. Examine the map and you’ll find a hidden paper with a poem in it. You have to take note of the poem.



Step 23

Go to the southwest portal to get to another room. In the western part of the room (over the chimney, I'd say) you’ll find a Calabash. Click the Calabash and you’ll obtain an Old Bronze Key.


Step 24

Head south and you’ll find yourself fin a garden. Click the pool and you’ll find two handles, "pull handles", then use the "left handle". Then "investigate" and "press button".


Step 25

Go outside that room through the East portal. Then cross the hall and go through that portal to the East too.

Head upstairs but you will be stopped by a Vicious Dog. "March forward" and "give the dog a pet food" so you can pass by freely:


Step 26

After that, you'll see three rooms. First one is a bedroom (just go west from the dog), the other is a library (south and then east), and the other is an office with some cilinders on it (just go south, and then west). Enter the office, it is the second room. Inside you’ll find a desk. Click on the desk.


It says that you've obtained a blank piece of paper with the Kiel Hyre seal on it.

Step 27

At the bottom left of the room, click on the box and use the Old Bronze Key to obtain the Green Keycard.


Step 28

Go to the library room and examine the bookshelf. You’ll find a book engraved with "To Elly". "Examine Book" and you’ll see a steel surface, "Examine the steel surface" and you see a safe behind with two keyholes. Enter first the "Cottage Key" and then the "Green Keycard". You’ll get a Steel Box.


Step 29

Go to the bedroom and click the drawer beside the bed. You’ll obtain a Yellow Keycard.


Step 30

Click on the Medicine Chest, "Try Blue Liquid" and another poem will be revealed.


The poem is this:




Step 31

Head back downstairs. Beside the stairs, you’ll find a Sword Hilt. You have to pull the swords four times in the correct order according to the poem. The sequence may vary in every player:


The first poem in Step 22, tells you which sword is which:

  1. First Sword is Love
  2. Second Sword is Despair
  3. Third Sword is Rage
  4. Fourth Sword is Hope

The second poem in Step 30 tells you which sword "kills" each snake, meaning where you have to enter them, but by their trait, not their order:

  1. First Snake is defeated by Rage
  2. Second Snake is defeated by Love
  3. Third Snake is defeated by Hope
  4. Fourth Snake is defeated by Despair

So, according to this, I'd need to put:

  • Enter the First Sword into the Second Snake.
  • Enter the Second Sword into the Fourth Snake.
  • Enter the Third Sword into the First Snake
  • Enter the Fourth Sword into the Third Snake.

Step 32

If you have the correct order, you’ll find yourself in a hidden chamber. Inside, you’ll find two test tubes. Click on the right one, "press button" and key in little lost devil and a number code 4772961 would be revealed.


Step 33

You are now finished with your investigation in the cottage, get out the room, go through the western portal and south to go out. Go back to Elly in the Ragnarok Kiel Hyre Dormitory (yuno_fild08 67,181) behind the academy to continue the kiel hyre quest. Use the pipe to climb up her room through the window. It may take several attempts.


And this is her room:


Step 34

Talk to Elly but she won’t respond to you

Step 35

Click the cookie basket on the table. You’ll find a note for you from Elly.

Step 36

Try to talk to Elly again. Tell her what she said to you in Step 16, in my case, Wake up, Elly!. She’ll respond for a moment and you’ll just obtain a Golden Key and Luxurious Button.

Step 37

Talk to Elly again and use the Golden Key on the Steel box and you’ll obtain a Blue Keycard.

Step 38

Go out of Elly’s room through the window in the eastern wall. Outside, you’ll see a graveyard. Click on one of the graves, enter Yellow Keycard first then enter the code 4772961.


Quest Part 3: Chii!!

Step 39

You’ll find yourself inside Kiel Hyre’s factory. Make your way at the South East of the map (kh_dun01 235,49). Key in Blue Keycard to enter the Heavy Door.


Step 40

Inside, you’ll find yourself with women who all looks the same. Talk to them, and show them the Golden Key you got from Elly. You will be recognize as Elly’s friend and warped at the other side of the room.


Step 41

Here you will see a Beautiful Lady (kh_school 122,186), Allysia from now on. She’ll give you a Red Keycard and warp you back to the entrance of the Kiel Hyre Dungeon when you talk to her for a second time.


Step 42

Walk straight to your right and you’ll locate a Mechanical Device (kh_dun01 162,206). Key in Red Keycard to go to the other side.


Step 43

Walk straight up to the rightmost door (kh_dun01 223,233) and you’ll hear voices. Kiel Hyre would slide a Metal Fragment in the gap below the door. You’ll obtain a Metal Fragment.


Step 44

Use the right portal (kh_dun01 231,225) to exit this restricted area.

Step 45

Go back to Allysia and give the Metal Fragment to her. She’ll take all your keycards and ask you to go see her master in Lighthalzen.

Step 46

Warp Girl>Cities>Lighthalzen. You are almost done with the part one of the Kiel Hyre Quest. Go inside the Kiel Hyre Mansion (ligthalzen 188,199).


Speak with the Steward (kh_mansion 78,55) and show him the Golden Key.


Step 47

You’ll be warped inside the room where Kiel Hyre and Allysia is. Talk to Kiel Hyre then to Allysia and ask them everything you want to know.


Talk to Kiel Hyre again and you’ll receive the rewards.

Step 48

After talking to them, walk outside the room and you’ll be knocked unconscious on fthe loor. This ends the Ragnarok Kiel Hyre Quest Part I.

Now let's start with Kiel Hyre Quest 2.

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