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At the end of Ragnarok Kiel Hyre Quest Part I, you got knocked out upon exiting the mansion of Kiel Hyre. This is the continuation of the said Ragnarok Quest. In the second part of the Kiel Hyre Quest, the mystery deepens and questions are answered regarding Kiel Hyre. Bring a lot of restorative items because monsters are really hard to kill.


Item Requirements


  • 1 Old Card Album from Kiel Hyre in Step 30.
  • 1 Luxurious Keycard from Kiel Hyre in Step 30 that grants you access to Kiel Hyre Dungeon 2.
  • 1,000,000 Base Exp from Kiel Hyre in Step 30.

Quest Part 1: I've got an Impossible Mission for you.

Step 1

After being knocked, you’ll find yourself in a room with the Mysterious Woman (kh_mansion 25,79). Talk to her (just getting close triggers conversation). She’ll explain to you about Kiel Hyre and the Rekenber Corporation. Tell her everything and agree to help her; she’ll introduce herself as Mitchell.


Step 2

Talk to her again and your first task is to go to Yuno and talk to a woman who knows the real Allysia thirty years ago. Talk to her again and you’ll be warped in Yuno.

Step 3

Talk to the two grandma in Yuno. Talk to the Odd Grandma (yuno 257,140) first. You’ll find out that the Odd Grandma was Allysia’s mother.


Step 4

Talk to the Old Lady (yuno 250,132) near the other grandma and she’ll tell you about Allysia and her mother. She’ll then give you a Key to Losimier's House.

Step 5

The mansion (yuno 270,139) is just east from your place.


Step 6

Go along the large corridor and head upstairs (kh_rossi 90,100) , then south and then west portal (kh_rossi 260,46). Enter the north western portal (kh_rossi 188,237) , check out the Desk and open the "second drawer". You’ll find K.H.’s Letter addressed to Allysia.


Step 7

At the same room, click on the bookshelf and you’ll obtain James’ note.

Step 8

Go downstairs and enter the second portal (kh_rossi 63,88) from the stairs. Click on the shelf. "Use Key" to open "First Box" and you’ll obtain a Portrait of a Lady.


Step 9

Go to the other portal (kh_rossi 88,25) in the room. Click on the table and you’ll obtain a Portrait of a Family.


Step 10

Exit the mansion and talk to the Old Lady again. She’ll tell you to find a fisherman at the south of Kiel Hyre Academy.

Step 11

Go to the map south of Kiel Hyre Academy and talk to the Old Fisherman (yuno_fild12 232, 224). He’ll ask you to get him 10 Raw Fish. Give the items to him and he’ll tell you to visit Kiel Hyre’s old hut.


Step 12

Kiel Hyre’s hut (yuno_fild09 155,217) is located 2 north of Alde Baran. Click on the Wooden Board behind the tree and you’ll get a Man’s Portrait.


Step 13

Go back to Lighthalzen to talk to Mitchell at the Kiel Hyre mansion (check out Step 46 in Kiel Hyre Quest 1 if you don't remember how to get). Go to her by talking to the Steward. Mitchell will ask you to confront Kiel Hyre.

Step 14

Talk to Kiel Hyre (use Steward again) and he’ll tell you his story. He’ll ask for your help to stop his son Kiehl. You’ll obtain a Power Device.

Quest Part 2: Do Cyborg Mutants dream with electric sheep?

Step 15

Once you are ready, talk to him again and he’ll open a portal to you near the bookshelf.

Note: You can take anyone with you as long as they have finished the first part of the Kiel Hyre Quest. The one who is doing the quest should initiate the talking. Also, the portal can be opened how many times you want. If you don't enter, nothing happens, just talk to Kiel again and he will open it again. As for the party, I'd suggest not relying only on melee or ranged attacks, as Kiehl has Pneuma and Safety Wall and will cast them as needed.


Step 16

Enter the portal and click on the Receiver (kh_kiehl01 17,39) next to the first bed. Be ready because by doing so, an Alicel and an Aliot would be summoned. After defeating all the monsters in the room, the receiver would drop a Black Keycard. You have to obtain as many keycards as you can because it would be harder to collect it later on. The black keycard isn’t transferable.


If you want to gather Black Keycards now, just click the Receiver a few times. You will need like 4 Black Keycards per run, one for Step 19, one for Step 21, and 2 for Step 22. Of course, if you die, you will have to get them back again, plus the stuff.

Step 17

Click on the Flower Vase (kh_kiehl01 12,40) next to the bed too. "Turn it upside down" to read the message.


Step 18

Click on the Box (kh_kiehl01 19,24) below. Key in open the door and you’ll obtain a Toy Key.


Step 19

Head towards east of the room and go through the Big Door (kh_kiehl01 44,33). Type Black Keycard to make a portal appear.


Don't wait too long, or the portal will disappear, making you use another Black Keycard to go through.

Step 20

Now you will be in a passage, walk along until you see a Big Door (kh_kiehl01 173,40). Key in Toy Key and another portal appears.


Step 21

Continue the Kiel Hyre Quest by walking west until you see another Big Door (kh_kiehl01 77,108). Key in Black Keycard to get through again.


Step 22

Keep walking until you reach a room with test tubes in it.You need 2 Black Keycards to go on (type Black Keycard), so you may summon more monsters (2 Aliots and 2 Alicel each time) to get the cards (click on the tubes, Robots) and then, open the Big Door (kh_kiehl01 42,178) to the east.


Step 23

Walk you way east to the final room. You need to have the 4 Solid Iron Pieces. Force the door to open (any option is good) and monsters will be summoned. You have to do this three to four times. There will be 2 Aliots and 2 Alicel on each summon. You need to kill all the monsters in order to try to open the door again.


Step 24

Use the Solid Iron Pieces to try opening the door four times. A portal would appear. If You're doing this quest for multiple people, each player has to complete this step to receive button from defeated Kiel, otherwise they will need to go through the cave and defeat Kiel once again.


Note, if you have to come back because you died, you don't need to repeat Steps 23 and 24. The door will be open.

Step 25

After you successfully defeat all the monsters three times, you will now be able to face Kiel. Upon entering the room, monsters would be there to fight you.


Quest Part 3: I've watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhauser Gate.

Step 26

Talk to Kiel Hyre. Kiel will summon more monsters and you need to kill them all.


Note: If you are in a party, the person who’s doing the quest should initiate the talking. You have 10 minutes in this room or else you’ll be warped out. You need to obtain the Black Keycards again.

Step 27

After killing the monsters, talk to Kiel once more and you have to fight him. You must defeat him to continue.


Remember that Kiehl uses Safety Wall and Pneuma, so prepare the party accordingly.

Step 28

After defeating Kiehl, the real Kiehl would appear, Talk to him twice before you go, he will give you Allysia’s Ring. Mitchell would show up too.



Step 29

In the previous step, a portal appeared just north of the platform, use it to go out.

If it happens that you forgot to take Allysia's Ring, you can go back to KIehl's room and get it without fighting. You need to repeat the Black Keycard stuff, but not the fight. This is only if you defeated him and forgot to take the ring.

Step 30

Bring the ring to Kiel Hyre. He’ll tell you what truly happened.


Congratulations!! You have completed Kiel Hyre Dungeon Entrance Quest.

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