Knight - Spear Rambo Sleeper Guide

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This is for the Knights and possibly LKs who I share the Sleepers map with.

So, anyway, I am CavalierAmelia. As a Knight in Sleepers, there is the special something as a Knight farmer compared to a Rogue farmer I'd like to point out.


Before we proceed, let's look at the benefits and setbacks of using a Knight.


  • No Intimidate
  • No Improve Dodge


  • Bigger VIT bonus
  • Endure
  • Equip heavier armor, spears and 2 handed swords
  • Does not need Plagiarize when using Bowling Bash.

However, Bowling Bash farming in Sleepers between the Rogues and Knights have very little advantage over each other. This guide covers an alternative build to Bowling Bash that only Knights can make use of.


  • You are a cheap Knight with 100 STR. 100 because with your Job bonus and no STR gear, that is the highest multiple of 10 you can reach in STR.
  • You have decent DEX to hit Sleepers and even Demon Pungus. This would be about 40-50, depending on your level.
  • Your remaining stats are spread on VIT, AGI or both. I suggest to hybridize and make full use of the Job Bonuses. You don't really need 95% Flee, or to negate the damage to 2-digit numbers. I myself generally have a little more AGI than VIT most of the time, between 50 and 30, to 60 and 50 or so.
  • You are at least Level 80 or so, enough to have 100 STR without completely sacrificing your VIT/AGI/DEX.
  • You are too cheap to buy Ice Pick (IP). Face it, if you had one, you'd have a farmer Rogue instead. Given that you don't have IP, you probably have an Ahlspeiss (Ahl) or Rental Brocca (Brocca R)
  • You are too cheap to have decent defensive gears.
  • You have a lot of Grape Juice or have GEC-footgear.
  • You have Spear Mastery 10, a Pecopeco with Cavalry Mastery 5 to increase the Spear Mastery, Bowling Bash 10, Magnum Break 10, Bash 10, and Spear Boomerang 5.
  • You have a Fire Endow Sage outside Sleepers or your friend/partymate does.

Getting Started

First, some information with numbers:

  • A Sleeper has more than 8,000 HP. You need special DEF-ignoring or DEF-advantageous equipment like Ahlspiess/IP/Brocca to deal decent damage.
  • Bowling Bash(BB) with Ahl at 100 STR deals maybe 5,000 damage. In 2 hits a Sleeper goes down.
  • At 110 STR, BB deals at least 6,000 damage.
  • Brocca R and 100 STR BBs for 7,000+ damage.
  • Brocca R and 110 STR BBs for 8,000+ damage. This will mostly 1-hit them.

Most players will say :"Therefore, hit the Sleepers twice with BB, unless you have Brocca R and 110 STR". This guide aims to cover the Knight's other skills that are rarely used, namely:

Magnum Break

Magnum Break 10 deals 300% ATK damage to Bowling Bash's 1,000%. It has a +100 to Hit and deals Fire damage, at the cost of a laughable 15 HP. Magnum Break knocks back all targets 2 cells away. For 10 seconds after the cast, you have a 20% bonus to ATK in the form of seeking fire damage.

It is a good bit quicker than Bowling Bash and can be cast as a combo. After casting Bowling Bash, quickly cast Magnum Break as the Sleepers approach you. If we run the calculations,

  • Bowling Bash(BB) with Ahl at 100 STR deals maybe 5,000 and the Magnum Break(MB) afterward to deal a bonus 1,700 damage.
  • At 110 STR, BB deals at least 6,000 damage. Add MB, and you deal 2,000 more damage. If it's not dead yet, you can give it a quick tap. Or if there are a lot, take a step back and let them run into another MB.
  • Brocca R and 100 STR BB for 7,000+ damage. Add the MB for a certain kill.
  • Brocca R and 110 STR will let you 1-shot with BB, but in the off-chance that they're not dead, follow-up with MB.

If you would decide to use another Bowling Bash, there is a high chance that you will get hit again. Using this combo protects you from further damage and will save you time and resources.

Spear Boomerang

Spear Boomerang 5 deals 350% ATK damage (equivalent of a Bash that doesn't stun) at a range as far as 11 cells away. Spear Boom has faster cast time and cooldown than Magnum Break but somehow if you kill something with a Spear Boom it can sometimes hit you back as it dies.

Also, Sleepers sometimes take reduced damage due to Defender. 100 STR, an Ahlspiess and Spear Boomerang might deal 2,000 damage, or 400. In those cases, you might want to follow up with another Magnum Break or Spear Boomerang, or even a quick tap. Don't rely on Spear Boom too much.

Spear Boomerang is used to finish off that combo with an Ahlspiess and 100 STR. If you are fighting one Sleeper, BB-MB-Spear Boom will kill it, with a likelihood that you will not get hit during the combo.

You leave yourself open if you BB-MB-Spear Boom a mob. You kill one, sure, but you leave yourself to counterattacks due to aftercast delay. This combo will do alright against one, two and maybe three Sleepers; getting rid of one in a small crowd can help minimize counterattacks.

The alternative is as stated above, BB-MB then take some steps back and MB again. Or, BB-MB and pick off the weakened Sleepers as you kite while using multiple Spear Booms.

An alternative is to build up the mob by Spear Booming each one before letting them gather for a BB-MB.

Again, these cases are for Ahlspiess and 100 STR.

To review:

  • With Brocca R and 110 STR, a BB will kill.
  • With Brocca R and 100 STR or Ahl and 110 STR, BB-MB or (for single Sleeper) Spear Boom-BB or BB-Spear Boom will kill. If you start with Spear Boom, start at range of course.
  • With Ahlspiess and 100 STR, BB-MB, MB or (for small mobs) BB-MB-Spear Boom will kill. You can Spear Boom-BB-MB too if you bother to tag your entire mob.

Other Considerations


Sleepers have the skill Cloaking. They can go invisible and approach you undetected. If you're lucky, you can cancel it by targeting with Spear Boom, or if they're already close (which is a good sort of melee range since it's extended by spear), BB. If you targeted them while they were visible, they will take the hit and the cloak will cancel.

Spear Boom is pretty quick and you will likely screw up their attack pattern, enough to follow with BB-MB or whatever combo would suit it (With Brocca R and 100/110 STR, BB will suffice). If you canceled the cloak with BB, follow up with MB, pick it off with Spear Boom if necessary.

If not, you will likely have to learn to time casting Magnum Break. Sleepers walk at constant speed and when targeting a player, and move at a straight line. Even without seeing them, you can figure out when they are close enough to decloak-attack. Right before this, an MB will screw up their attack. This timing is only a slight bit tricky and can be done with enough practice.

Situations like this usually are in the form of Sleepers cloaking too quick (They are in a mob in this case) or too far to Spear Boom. Don't panic, even cloaked their speed is constant (generally). You can imagine where they go and bring them together into a cluster like you would a normal mob; encircle the area they're in and make them chase you in a circle. When you're ready, time the MB and send them away.

Demon Pungus

If you do a combo that is generally enough to kill a Sleeper using AoE attacks that also affect one or many attacking Demon Pungus, the Demon Pungus will survive it.

With an Ahlspiess and 100 STR, you will need an extra BB and likely an extra MB.

Usually the combo is as follows:

  1. Bowling Bash,
  2. Then Magnum Break
  3. Then another Magnum Break then you go after it with a final Bowling Bash.
  4. If there are multiple Pungus, make sure to group them up first before landing the second BB.

With an Ahlspiess and 110 STR, BB-MB will kill the Sleepers, but an extra BB is required to down the Pungus. Sometimes, when attacked by 2 Pungus or a group of Pungus with one other Pungus, You can use BB-MB, quickly BB the Pungus group, add an MB to push back the lone Pungus, and follow with Spear Boomerang. An extra tap is sometimes required.

Similar tactics (as those in Ahl, 110 STR) are needed with Brocca R and 100 STR. Although, extra taps are not going to be needed.

With Brocca R and 110 STR, 2 BBs will kill a Pungus. You might consider just BBing the group twice, or just use similar tactics to those above.


Finally, there are moments where you lose track of how much health your enemies have (frequently even) because some enemies might join in the fray as you are dispatching an earlier group.

You can use BB-MB, take some steps back, then repeat BB-MB again. This is used when reinforcements join after the first BB or MB. you have to be versatile enough to switch tactics when you see this happen.

If you use a killing combo and some enemies survive (usually in the form of cloaked Sleeper reinforcements that you did not see coming), dispatch the survivors with a BB or BB-MB.

If there is one surviving enemy, Sleeper or Pungus, you also have the option to just tap it dead. This is pretty fun with the Ahl as it has a chance to L5 Pierce, which deals 2 hits of total 300% ATK to Sleepers or 1 hit of total 150% ATK to Pungus. If you think the survivor only needs one or two taps, go ahead and attack.

If it survives the first blow, you can cancel an auto-attack by casting MB. Yes, if you didn't know, target skills sometimes can't be casted while auto-attacking, but MB can. This is especially fun when your Ahl causes a Pierce on the tap before you MB /heh.

Bash 10 is another skill with higher DPS than auto-attack (in all cases) and has a 25% chance to Stun when you learned the passive skill Fatal Blow, giving you enough time to do a BB without being attacked. When there is a surviving enemy with high HP, you may want to spam Bash until it stuns.


The primary advantage of mixing it up with your skills is to combo them so you will get hit less. It will not prevent all hits, but it will on some. Stacking skills also mean that you can fight pretty well in lag. (i.e. hammer BB and MB until everything is dead when it gets laggy)

Using the combos also allow you to handle situations like nearby spawns of new Sleepers pretty well. If you only spam BB and a Sleeper gets behind you, he gets a free hit. If he interrupts while you have MB on though, and you get the free hit instead, and then you re-position and/or pick some off with Spear Boom.

However, the real advantage of this guide is:

  1. You look cool doing it
  2. It makes farming more fun

Combo-ing skills makes for a playstyle similar to Rambo with a spear. You will be doing some kiting with Spear boom, as well as Double-hitting with BB-MB. It's a trick to look cool in front of Rogues who will look like one-trick ponies in comparison.

It also relieves you of the boredom of having to farm Sleepers for hours and hours.

You will not be playing Ragnarok as much as you will be playing Street Fighter. Your combat will not be about numbers and positions as it will be about speed and priority moves. You will be doing finishing moves instead of simple skills.

Simply put, because you put more thought into your fighting, you will have a better gaming experience.