Lord Kaho's Horn Quest

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Level requirement: 75

For Step 4 and 7

1 portion for Step 4, 4 portion for Step 7

(1 out of the 5 Squid Inks will be used for Step 4, and the rest for Step 7, etc..)

Step 12

Step 16

Step 20


Braving the Fires

Step 1

First, take a warp to Magma Dungeon. Walk few steps down South of the spawn, and talk to Bernard. He will ask you to go find his daughter in Magma Dungeon.


Step 2

Bernard's daughter (Little Girl) is on the 2nd level of Magma Dungeon, on the Southeast corner. She will thank you, and give you an old paper with weird writing on it.


Step 3

Now leave the dungeon, and go talk to Bernard again. He will tell you to go find Aideen who can probably translate the ancient text for you.

Aideen's Knowledge

Step 4

Aideen is in Moscovia, in the palace South of the spawn point. Go inside and talk to her.


She will ask you to get few items so that she can translate the text. At this point, you will need:

Bring her the items. She will take 30 mins to translate it.

Step 5

Come back after 30 mins, she will tell you the page is only part of a whole, and there are more pages to be found.

Finding The Secret Locations

Step 6

Go back to Magma Dungeon, and find the pages. There are 2 on each level. This is the most annoying part of the quest because they are really hard to spot. So here are the 4 locations-- look at the mini-map and mouse over to figure out where they are.





Step 7

Once you have all 4, go back to Aideen in Moscovia. Now she will ask for more items, which are the same as before but 4x the original amount

After you get those items to Aideen, she will take another 2 hours to translate them.

The Long Wait

Step 8

After the 2 hour wait, you will be directed to a Scholar in the city of Yuno.

Step 9

Find he Scholar in the Northeast area at (278, 205). The Scholar will then direct you to an Old Man in Hugel.


Step 10

He is inside the Hugel Pub, which is bit South of the spawn point at (129, 66). Talk to the Old Man and follow his direction to Einbroch



Let The Forging Begin!

Step 11

In Einbroch you will have to come talk to this Old Blacksmith at (119, 164).He will direct you to Volund.


Step 12

For this step, bring:

Volund is inside the Blacksmith Guild.




Volund will ask you to bring him an Armor Charm.gif Armor Charm. It's an accessory you will have to farm or buy.


Once you bring him the Armor Charm.gif Armor Charm, he will tell you the ingredients needed to make Lord Kaho's Horn:


Deliver the rest of the items. He will take an hour to forge.

Please note that, in the latter part of the quest, you will be required to give ANOTHER 20m zeny. So please be aware of this.

Step 13

Come back after an hour, you will receive a Reforged Lord Kaho's Horns. He suggests to take the item to a Priest in Rachel Sanctuary. However, this hat can already be equipped and gives +5 to the stats a real Lord Kaho's Horns will give you.

(Keep in mind the item 'Reforged Lord Kaho's Horns' is character bound until the quest is fully completed).


The Gatekeeper

Step 14

Find Father Fishy in Rachel Sanctuary (ra_temin 210, 158) and he will tell you to go find a Spirit of a Dead Warrior. He will also give you a box that will trap Lord Kaho's spirit.


Step 15

Go to Niflheim, the Spirit is located at the Southeast area, near a grave. Talk to it and it will direct you to the "bottom of the Tower of Time..."


Step 16

For this step, take with you:

Head to the Clock Tower in Aldebaran. The map you must get to is Clocktower Basement Level 4 (Maps with Bathory in it). You will need a 7027.gif Key of the Underground to get to this map. Once there, talk to the Gatekeeper at the South area of the map.

The Gatekeeper will ask you to bring the following items:

Deliver the items.

Awakening The Spirit

Step 17

After delivering the items to the Gatekeeper, it will warp you into a maze. You only have 5 minutes to get to the end of the maze. You can try the maze as many times as you want, but it will change every time. If you have skills like AGI up, use them before the Gatekeeper warp you inside.

Here is how the maze works
  • in each room there will be a few portals.
  • Only one portal will lead you to the end of the maze.
  • Other portals lead you back to the starting point. Using /where right after entering a room can help you identify the rooms.
  • You will need to rely on trial and error for the first few rooms.
  • Once you have narrowed it down to one of the patterns below you can follow it to the end.
  • Paths have been sorted to easily find the right option

  1. left down down up down right up left down up left right up
  2. left left right down up right up left up down down down left right
  3. left right left up up left right down up down left right down right
  4. left right up left down right down right down left up don left down down right
  5. left up right right down right up right down left up right right
  6. up down down down down right up left up right down down up left right
  7. up left down down right right up left down left right left right
  8. up left right down right up right left down left right
  9. up left right right down down left up up down down down right
  10. up right down down right left left right down down down right
  11. up right down down right left left right down down down up down right
  12. up right right right left up left right up left right up down right
  13. up up down down left left down left left down left right down right
  14. up up left right right down down down left left up down up down right
  15. up up right up right right down down left down right down down right right right*
  16. left right right right down right up right down left up right right*
  17. up right up up down right left up left down right down right left right right*

There are more ways but they are incomplete:

  1. left down right down up right
  2. left right right left left right down


Once you finish the maze you will be warped back out to the Gatekeeper.

The steps below are the killing the MvP part.

Step 18

At this point, prepare a party (max of 5 people including yourself), if you don't think you can handle it alone.

Once you are ready, talk to the Gatekeeper again. This time, it will teleport you to Lord Kaho's spirit. Your whole party will be warped with you no matter where they are in game(except PvP maps)

Step 19

Talk to Lord Kaho's Spirit and defeat his MVP form.

  • Take note that he changes element starting at half hp.
  • He has Pulse Strike so Pneuma on the party and Safety Wall on the tank would be good.
  • He also has Break Helm(Chemical Protection here) and Power Up (at 30% hp).
  • Wizards can damage him good unless he turns Holy 4 so it would be good to have a Sniper/Bio with you.

Talk to the Spirit once more after you kill him, and you will trap his spirit into the box you were given earlier. You can still finish the quest even if you die, as long as someone in your party resurrects you.

Once you have the spirit, you will be warped out back into the Clock Tower Basement.

Bonding of the Spirit

Step 20

Now just go back to Rachel Sanctuary and talk to Father Fishy again. Father Fishy will ask you to bring these items


Bring him the items and zeny, and he will finish your Lord Kaho's Horns. Congrats!


Altering your Kaho

It's also possible to make your Kaho look different. You can use the Reward Guru to change the shape of your Kaho to something Unique. The Guru has a list of headgear sprites that you can change your Kaho into. The essence of this procedure is to be able to let you use the sprite of your favorite headgear, but still utilise the stat boosts of the Kaho. You can alter the sprite for 5/10/15 TC depending on which Kaho you currently have, or which kaho you wish to change it into.

The quest helps you make a Basic Kaho. On talking to the guru while wearing a Basic Kaho, you can change the sprite to any existing sprite in the guru for 10 Talon Coin. However, if you already own a Custom Kaho, and wish to change it to an existing Guru Sprite, the charge is 5 Talon Coin.

If you desire a Custom kaho, that is, a Kaho not listed in the Guru, then you need to send in a Support Ticket to the Game Master (GM) with the required information. Changing the Kaho to Custom (not in Guru) requires 15 Talon Coin, irrespective of which Kaho you wear.

Information Required To Change Kaho

The Information required by a GM in your Support Ticket for changing your Kaho is:

  • Username
  • Sprite you wish the Kaho changed
  • Assurance and the character with the required 15 Talon Coins

The Coins will be taken away first. The sprite for your will change on the consecutive reboot. Do realize that you have to wait till the next reboot. So be patient and do not approach the GM every second day!


  1. Thanks to seri for this amazing guide

*Thanks to Lieca for these steps