Lord Knight - Berserker LK Leveling Guide

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This is an alternative time and cost-efficient guide on how to level Lord Knights utilizing their skill called Berserk hence the name of the guide. You can start leveling when you are already got the Berserk skill and that's at job level 50.

Guide Inspiration: Armlet of Mordiggian

Learning Curve (Reserking) = Pretty High

Rate: 8 / 8 / 3

  • 80ish - 95 = easy leveling
  • 95 - 97 = somewhat easy (~1 Berserk Mode = 1 - 2 minutes = 0.8 - 1.3 % exp)
  • 97 - 99 = moderate (~1 Berserk Mode = 1 - 2 minutes = 0.3 - 0.7 % exp)

Values stated above give players an idea about what to expect when leveling.

Expect more Exp gain with more high-end to godly gears.


Thor Volcano 1 (thor_v01)



Core Items

Fire Armor.gif Tao Gunka / Ktullanux Fire Armor (use the latter if you can have 80kish HP w/o Tao Gunka).

Somber Novice Hood.gif Jakk / Lord of Death / Deviling Garment.

Balmung.gif Two-Handed Sword

  • Bloody Eater: it procs extra ATK and Critical when attacking. Use it Endowed or it won't hurt much Neutral Property monsters.
  • Invoker of Death: the Vampire Gift autoskill won't work, but you still get 20 Perfect Dodge that come in handy to reduce damage you get.
  • Muramasa / Rental Muramasa: combine it with 2 [ Critical Rings] / [ Rental Critical Rings].
  • Executioner / Rental Executioner: good if you want to kill Sword Masters and Bow Masters. It pierces their DEF and your damage is still good against the rest.

Rental Muramasas with 2 Rental Critical Rings are overpowered and free, at least for starting players (180 Bronze Coin).

For more efficient leveling though not core:

Sunglasses.gif Vanberk Mid Headgear (procs Crit +100, best used with Baphomet Card, as it also procs on splash damage).

Clip.gif High Priest MVP Accesory (Auto- Assumptio).

Clip.gif Errende Ebecee Accesory (Auto-Pneuma).

Balmung.gif Alligator / Valkyrie Randgris carded Two-hand Sword (Critical and/or Dispel for Reflect).

Schwartzwald Pine Jubilee.gif Foods are always welcome here, Schwartzwald Pine Jubilee particularly, as it gives you +20 to Perfect Dodge for 10 minutes. Combine it with Invoker of Death and you got a 40 Perfect Dodge.

Other Investments

Crystal Blue.gif Crystal Blues

Berserk Potion.gif Berserk Potions

Fly Wing.gif Fly Wings

Butterfly Wing.gif Butterfly Wings

533.gif Grape Juice (GEC works though not core item)

Core Skills/Buffs


Str - the total must be divisible by 10

Agi - base 1 (Two-Hand Quicken + Berserk Potion + Berserk = 190 aspd with 1 base agi)

Vit - the total must be 100

Int - base 1

Dex - base 45-75 (very variable you can test in game or with calculator if you'll able to hit)

Luk - base 1

How to get this working

  1. Always keep in mind to take them one by one even if you can handle 3-6 Kasas.
  2. Killing Kasa should take about 30k hp w/o assumptio and you should be able to take care of 2-4 Kasas in Berserk Mode.
  3. Wall is your number one friend to avoid being mobbed. Utilize the wall when dealing with Bow Masters.
  4. If you can't kill Imps within 10 seconds, Stop! They may strip your armor.
  5. When your HP drops below 10-25k find a safe spot then char select then reberserk and the cycles continue.
  6. Activate Aura Blade, Concentration, Two-Hand Quicken, Auto-Berserk before casting Berserk.

A few things to consider:

  • You don't need to spam recovery items after using Berserk. Remember that the skill will heal you to Full HP after each use, so you only need to drink enough GJ to get the buffs back and activate Berserk again.
  • You can't use items or switch items when under Berserk, so pick your gears carefully.

Common Vendable Loots (Return of Investments)

Burning Bow.gif Burning Bow

1745.gif Luna Bow

2381.gif Sniping Suit

Orleans Glove.gif Orlean's Gloves

Fire Armor.gif Lucius's Fierce Armor of Volcano

Staff of Piercing.gif Staff of Piercing

Spiritual Ring.gif Lesser Elemental Ring

Card.gif It's all about luck

Examples and References

Level 85 with Muramasa Rental:


Based on my experience I've found these dugouts pretty safe when reserking:


Encircled in yellow ones are my favorites due to narrow passage and curves.

When my HP runs below 20k (maximum threshold to avoid 1 hit spear boom by guardians) I seek refuge to these dugouts. Abuse the all time endure and movement speed: moving 12 cells away from kasa and utilizing map walls and curves. Just imagine yourself like a ninja hugging the wall when reserking and like a samurai when in berserk mode.

Busted Myths under Berserk Mode

  1. Kaahi won't work (Tested Personally).
  2. I'll Save You (Marriage Skill) won't work (Tested Personally).
  3. Invoker of Death won't heal you either.

Learn from us !!

Thanks for reading this guide and I hope you'll share it with your Lord Knight to be or Lord Knight friends.