Lord Knight - One-Hit Mavka Farming

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This is a short guide for a fast way of killing Mavkas. Players are able to kill them using one Spiral Pierce with Carled equipped.

However, should you find it hard to acquire this two-handed spear, read more for a suitable substitute.

The Build

For this build, Burning Crown will be your headgear. It will give you enough damage on earth property monsters to kill Mavkas in one hit.

To easily aquire that 1 shoot kill you need to:

  1. Base str 95+
  2. Get Burning Crown for 20% more dmg on earth property monsters
  3. Magmaring card (preferably in Tendrillion Skin) to reduce further damage from Mavkas 10% more dmg n earth
  4. Hunting spear with Kaho card that weight + 20% dmg on earth
  5. Fire enchant endow

You can add GEC card and Creamy card to save more money and Thara frog card just to reduce some damage from Uzhas.

Pros and Cons


  • Items are easy to aquire
  • Cheap build for that 2-3s fight with each mavka (20-25m)
  • Making much more money (we all know how luck based Mavkas are but you can get as far as 2m per hour or even much more if you are lucky)


  • A bit confusing gameplay
  • UZHAS!!!


One-Hit Mavka Farming

Alternative Builds

The following are similar builds presented forth by other players using the TalonRO calculator. Do note that Burning Crown is not yet present in the calculator, so a second Kaho card is placed instead: