Lost Child Quest

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Note: This quest must be done in tandem with Rachel Sanctuary Entrance Quest.

Level required to start: 60

Quest requirements to finish: Steps 1-5 of Rachel Sanctuary Entrance Quest.

Quest Part 1: Searching for a kid in Rachel

Step 1

Warp to Rachel (Warp Girl>Cities>Rachel) and head to (rachel 100,236), it's a building in the northern part of Rachel. Enter through that portal and head up to the second floor and talk to Vincent (ra_in01 384, 248).



He will ask you to find Phobe, and ask you to return a jewel that is very important to him that he stole.

Step 2

Get outside the building and you'll see Logan (rachel 114, 232).


When you ask him about Phobe, he'll tell you to talk to Mr. Manson, one of the senior servants.

Step 3

Mr. Manson happens to be inside the building you just left, so go back inside and look here (ra_in01 372, 200).


Mr. Manson tells you he sent Phobe to the market to make some errands. He also directs you to Jenny to know more about the kid.

Step 4

Jenny happens to be outside the mansion, so go west from there till you reach a tree, and the girl next to it is Jenny (rachel 48, 236):


Jenny seems a bit nervous, and doesn't provide too much information, apart from telling you that he's a good kid. You decide than going to the market may get you some clues.

Step 5

First you talk to the Idle Merchant in the market area (rachel 138, 73):


He tells you to ask to other merchants, and then he tries to sell you meat vegetables (eeeww).

Step 6

The second Idle Merchant (rachel 120, 47):


Isn't as useless as the other and has a message for you from a Nogan or Rogan guy telling you to go to the "ice cave".

Step 7

Yeah, you guessed right, Warp Girl>Dungeons>Ice Dungeon. You will see this Suspicious Man (ra_fild01 245, 325) just outside the cave. Talk to him:


The guy tries to kill you (you'll lose half your HP). While you heal yourself, if you can, he tells you he's Mogan, and that he was hired to kill you and then get you framed from the theft of the jewel.

You may want to farm for 40 Glacial Hearts at this point. You'll need them later when you start the Rachel Sanctuary Entrance Quest. Siromas drop those at ice_dun01. They are Water property, so bring Wind property weapons or spells with you.

Quest Part 2: I'm your father. And now we'll talk about that jewel...

Step 8

Go back to Vincent as it seems some explanations are in place about trying to kill you. He tells that Phobe is Jenny's and his son, but he can't make it public, so he tried to kill you and frame you from the theft of the jewel. After a bit sobbing, you're a good guy and promise him to search for his son.

Step 9

So, where is the Kid? I'd check out the pond south of Rachel. You got 2 kids there, take the one in the most easthern part, next to a Grandma and half hidden by a tree (rachel 273, 32):


The kid seems to hate his father, but he wants you to talk to his mother (Jenny) and to tell her not to worry. He gives the jewel back to you too.

Step 10

So, first you go to Vincent and tell him his son is safe, he tells you to talk to Jenny too, to tell her that her son is safe.

Step 11

After you do that, go back to Vincent and he tells you to give a package to his master, High Priest Zhed, that is in Rachel Sanctuary.

Well, the thing is, how do you get into it? It seems closed.

Now you stop here and start the Rachel Sanctuary Entrance Quest.

Step 12

Once you have access to Rachel Sanctuary, talk to High Priest Zhed inside (ra_temin 277, 159).


Congratulations! You finished the Lost Child Quest!


Old Purple Box from Vincent in Step 11.

2,700,000 Base Exp from High Priest Zhed in Step 12.