Magic Kettle Hat Quest

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This is the hat:



For replacing the broken tea pot:

- 10 China (Gift merchant, lower left side of Prontera)

For making your Magic Kettle:

- 50 Battered Kettles (Old stove, 30%) - 25 Crystal blues (Snowier, 3% or Black Mushroom, 24%) - 75 Glacial hearts (Snowier, 100%)


The Quest

1. Magic Kettle quest begins in Amatsu Palace. Talk to the Young Woman in the room next to the Lord of Palace. She asks you to go to Amatsu tool shop to look for a replacement for the tea pot she just broke.

2. Find the tool shop in Amatsu. It's down from spawn point, on the left hand side (you can see the china outside). Go in and talk to the Shop Assistant upstairs. Unfortunately they have no more tea pots. However she tells you to head for Einbech and look for an old man who can help.



3. Talk to the Teapot Master in Einbech (NOTE: Einbech Dungeon, so it is in DUNGEON warps). He asks you details about the broken teapot. Things you need to know and tell him:

  • The color of the teapot = White
  • The ornament on the teapot = red flower
  • Size of the teapot = 7 inches high
  • How much water can it hold = 40 Ounces


4. The man asks you to bring him the 10 chinas.

5. Bring the china to the man. After he finishes making the new teapot, he asks you to take it to the Young Woman in Amatsu Palace.

6. Bring the newly made tea pot to Young Woman who will give you 1 Grape juice herbal tea as a reward for running her task.


7. Return to the Teapot Master in Einbech. He now tells you about the magic kettles he can make, and the ingredients he needs for one. Bring him 50 Battered Kettles, 25 Crystal Blues and 75 Glacial hearts.


8. Give him the ingredients. Congratulations for your new Magic Kettle!



  • For the drops i have listed 2 of the highest drops, however theyre also dropped by other monsters
  • In Ice dungeon, while farming Glacial Hearts and Crystal Blues, the Ice Titans are harder to kill and hurt more than the Snowiers... but im sure you noticed that already. And the Siromas will loot you.
  • Also when farming Battered Kettles be careful with Teddy Bears (they hurt a LOT). And remember that there might be RSX (the dungeon's MVP) around!


  1. Thanks to Minnamonfor this guide