Maiden Hat Quest

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  • DEF + 2
  • MDEF + 7
  • STR + 1, INT + 1
  • Increases ATK, MATK 2%, effectiveness of Heal skill 5%.
  • Additional ATK, MATK 1% effectiveness of Heal skill 1%, when upgraded lv 7 or more.

This quest has to paths to do it, either of two are fine, it depends on who you talk to in Lighthalzen Police Station.

Items Required

Not consumed, but not required in Quest Path 2:

Buy both from Toy Supplier (lhz_in02 87,208) inside the building next to the spawning point (north west of it) in Lighthalzen City.



  • Maiden Hat x 1
  • Rekenber Voucher x 4 (If you choose quest path 2, you will receive Voucher x 3.)
  • 1,500,000 Base and Job Exp

You can exchange vouchers at Rekenber HQ.


1 – Talk to Sonia (Yuno 136, 207) and agree to help her.


2 – Head to Lighthalzen police station (Lighthalzen 231, 277) and talk to Julie, twice.



Here is where the paths divide, if you go back to Sonia, it's Quest Path 1, if you talk to Melissa, it's Quest Path 2.

Quest Path 1

3 – Head back to Sonia. She’ll ask you to go to Rekenber HQ in Lighthalzen.

4 – Head to Rekenber HQ (Lighthalzen 101, 243) and find Fantastic.


5 – To find him you need Geek Glasses and Granpa Beard. Go to far west inside the building and talk to the Rekenber Guard. (You need to equip the glasses and the beard).


6 – Once you are inside, go to the lower portal you will find Fantastic.



7 – 3 Removers will appear, kill them all to continue.


8 – Talk to Fantastic again and he’ll ask you to bring 20 Research Charts.

9 – Exit the room (keep your glasses and beard equipped), and go to the right portal. You will see Caroline. Talk to her.



10 – Go back to Sonia and she’ll ask you to go back to Caroline again.

11 – She’ll ask you to find Lilium Wolcott at north gate (Lighthalzen 188,327).


12 – Go back to Caroline again. This time she’ll ask you to go to Sonia.

13 – Go back to Lilium and now she’ll ask you to bring the materials to make the hat.


14 - After gathering all items, head back to Lilium and ta-daa~


Quest Path 2

In this path, Geek Glasses and Granpa Beard are not needed.

3 – After the Step 2 in the Starting part, talk to Melissa instead of going back to Sonia.


4 – Talk to Julie again after you have talked to Melissa, she now ask you to go Al de Baran and find Miranda.

5 – Talk to the Newspaper Girl (aldebaran 210,212), she is the Miranda you’re looking for. She will ask you to bring 20 Research Charts to Melissa.


6 – After bringing her the required materials, Melissa will ask you to find Merrygate in Yuno’s Presidential Building (yuno 157,319).


7 – Once you are inside, head to the right portal. You can find her behind a bookshelf. Choose “The rum is gone.”


8 - 3 Removers will appear, kill them all to continue.


9 – After killing them, talk to Merrygate again. She will ask you to go back to Melissa.

10 – Melissa will ask you to find Ambient, she is actually Lilium Walcot (lighthalzen 187, 326)


11 – She will ask you to gather some items and after gathering them, get back to her and you will receive your Maiden Hat.