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What is the Mail System?

The Mailing System is a feature that is also available in tRO. It allows players to send mail to any player, specially when the player is online.

Where can I send or receive e-mail?

You will have to find the following NPC located in different cities

2 POSTBOX zps5f51e41c.gif

Where are the common places, and where can I find this NPC?

Every city at least have one but the most common one would be the one in Prontera and Payon.

(Prontera: Near the hunting board)

Mail00 zps1c038876.png

(Payon: Near Warp Girl)

Mail01 zpsad272a3d.png

(Alberta : Near Kafra)

Mail02 zps2bceb590.png

Sending Mail

Sending mail is very easy. This is the interface of sending the e-mail. You must first click the write tab on the left after opening the mailbox.

Mail03 Int01 zpsf02f900e.png

Recipient: You will need to input the EXACT character name on the recipient box. failure to do so will show an error or worst will send it to another user with that character name

Title: You can put any subject you want for your mail. it is required to have a subject in the message before sending.

Message: any message you wanted to send to your recipient.

Zeny AMT: You can also send zennies to anyone using this mail system. you may do so by clicking the Zeny AMT button.

Item Box: Located at the bottom right (where you see the potato) you can put items mail-able there in that box. please take note that Lord Kaho Horn's are not allowed to be sent in mail.

Once you are done you can click the send button and a notification will appear in the chat box if it was sent or not.

Mail04 zps2989b4a9.png

Sending Mail using Friends List

There is another option of sending mail and this is by going in to your friend list (Alt+H), clicking their name, and then clicking send message.

Mail07 zps00574985.png

This procedure above will also open the Write Mail option but will not let you read e-mails or other things.

Retrieving mail

Retrieving mail is quite easy. You just need to click the Mail NPC and this window will appear.

Mail03 Int02 zps0a8355ad.png

Sender Name: Clickable. once clicked you would automatically go to the Write screen to write an e-mail for that user.

Subject Name: Clickable. once clicked you would be able to open the specific email that was sent to you.

Date: Provides a certain day date that was sent. Time is coming in from the server.

Previous and Next Button : Located at the bottom, you would be able to scroll through different mails you have on the mailbox.


TalonRO created a great system feature by which you would be able to see any new mails that you have and also the current unread items.

Mail05 zpsff7a9497.png

To see this feature just login your character to see if there are any unread or new mails. The notification appears on top of the screen like in the provided image.

You can also see it in yourchat box if you scroll up to your initial login.

Mail06 zpsa4872c51.png

That is basically what you need to know about the mail most of it are actually self explanatory and what you just need to be aware of is that the EXACT character name of the user whom you will be sending the mail to.

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