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Welcome to TalonRO's Wiki, a repository of incredible information, guides, and resources about TalonRO. In our wiki, you'll find helpful information about quests, creation guides, custom features, TalonRO basics, installation and FAQ help, and much more. TalonWiki is a community-based project, so anyone can edit pages, contribute new information, or add their own information to existing articles. We hope that TalonWiki continues to grow and expand to include pages and pages of useful and insightful information, gathered together by players of TalonRO with years of experience between them.

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Navigating through TalonWiki is easy! Just use any of the major categories above or in the right-hand column to find an article. Wiki entries are grouped into major categories, making searching for a topic easy and exploratory. You can also use the search bar at the top of the page to locate a specific entry or topic, such as "Abbey Quest" or "Seals" to find information to articles containing those words. As with all wikis, you can contribute to TalonWiki and share your knowledge with the TalonRO community! Just register for an account and begin to add in your own knowledge on gameplay, items, helpful tips, and more.