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About Malangdo


Ambitious group of cats, calling themselves the 'Cat Hand Group', have set sail from their homeland in an attempt to make profit in a foreign land. It has been 26 days since their voyage and to their misfortune, they were caught in a storm.The ship's rudder, having been damaged in storm, have lost their functionality. Feeling helpless, the Cat Hand Group was left with no choice but to wait for the tides to calm, only to crash into an unknown reef. When the cats of the Cat Hand Group have regained their consciousness, they found themselves on an unfamiliar, peaceful island. Dazed by the recent events, the Cat Hand Group have quickly came to their senses upon sighting one of their ship, 'Nabeeho', on the middle of the island. Fortunately none of the cats were injured or missing, however all of the ships with the exception of Nabeeho have been wrecked and majority of their loaded goods have been lost. Stuck on an unknown island with no way of returning to their homeland, the Cat Hand Group have settled on the island and named their new home 'Malangdo'.



Malangdo Dungeon

Access the Malangdo Dungeon from Malangdo. Entrance is at (malangdo 73, 239).


Trade NPCs

Stinky Merchant
Amount traded is selectable
Cat's Hand Glove [1] for 32 E-Coins or 200 Cans
Cat's Club [3] for 32 E-Coins or 200 Cans


Malangdo Enchants

Exchange C-class Coins to Mora Coins:

Dark Merchant K (malangdo 236, 179) can exchange 10 C class Coins to 1 Mora Coin. You have the following exchange options:

  • 1 Mora Coin (from 10 C class Coins)
  • 10 Mora Coins (from 100 C class Coins)
  • 50 Mora Coins (from 500 C class Coins)
  • 100 Mora Coins (from 1000 C class Coins)

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