Mandragora Cap Quest

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Items Required

  • 75x Straw Basket [Dropped by Kraben]
  • 40x Soft Blade of Grass [Dropped by Parasite]
  • 60x Sprout [Dropped by Parasite]
  • 60x Thin Trunk [Dropped by Parasite]
  • 3x Envelope of Photos (Collected from Katie's Friends)


So we start in Splendide~

NPC: Katie, Splendide (176,256)

Talk to Katie and wake her up. Ask about Rosie that she mentioned in her dreams and you will see Rosie's Spirit appear.

After talking to Katie she will ask you go to Hugel and find Rosie's parents to ask about her death


Go to Hugel_in01 (364,245), Go up and turn right first big house after the bridge. And go upstairs.

Talk to Mr.Bell or Mrs.Bell, ask about Rosie's death and they will mention you to visit her grave in Porntera Church Graveyard.


Go to Porntera Church and go to the graveyard behind. Talk to the second gravestone from the left. (264,355)

After summoning her spirit talk to Rosie's spirit. She will ask you some stuff and accuse Katie of breaking their friendship and losing the mandragora cap.


Go back to Katie and tell her what Rosie said about the friendship bond that broke and the lost cap.

She will tell you to remind Rosie's Spirit about the good times they had and that she would never want to lose Rosie as a friend.


Rosie's spirit wouldn't remember the times. She would ask you to help her remember.

Go back to Katie again.


Katie suggests that they make a new mandragora cap and get some photos to help Rosie remember the good times. She will ask you to get the ingredients and 3x Envelope of photos from another 3 friends.



The first friend would be found in Moscovia. South West of the island. He will hand you one envelope of photos. NPC: Oliver, Moscovia (126, 117)


Then go Lutie. There are two NPCs here together so it's convenient. You can talk to either one of them, they will say the same thing. In the end you will receive TWO envelope of photos

NPC: Vin, Lutie (99,232)

Chi, Lutie (98, 234)


After collecting all the ingredients and the 3 envelope of Photos talk to Katie again. She will take the items and tell you to meet her at Rosie's grave.


Go to Rosie's grave. Then talk to rosie's spirit and Katie would appear too. They will talk about the friendship etc etc.. xD. After that they decided they don't need the hat anymore so they give it to you.




  1. Credits to Haruchi for this guide