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Manuk Seal is one of the Seal Quest required to unlock Valhalla; The other three being Prontera Seal, Niflheim Seal, Yuno Seal. During this quest, you'll be fighting two powerful Dragons: Hallion and Nokrah's Shadow.



Seal of Manuk can be found in the center of Manuk City. (Mining Village Manuk[Manuk] : 235, 153)

Important Notes

  • This quest has a time limit of ?? minutes

Manuk Seal

1st Room: Hallion

Once your party gets warped in, you will get an introduction from a Valkyrie. The map looks like this.


1. This is where you'll spawn. This area is safe, and will be safe for the entire run's duration. The Valkyrie will spawn here, and give you the introduction.

Warrior : Brave warriors!
Warrior : This cave is protected by the strongest of all dragons!
Warrior : Have you ever heard of Halion?
Warrior : Unfortunately he was not strong enough to defeat Nokrah!
Warrior : Now he is in control of the dragon's mind.
Warrior : Be careful, you have to free him!
Nokrah: My dragon shall defeat you all!

2. There is a hidden barricade which prevents you from entering the main fighting area. Once Nokrah has finished broadcasting his threat, the whole party will be warped to on cell on the top right corner of the main fighting area. You will not be able to leave the main fighting area after you have been warped in.

3. Once Nokrah makes his threat, and the invisible wall dissapears, this is the location where Hallion will be spawned. Hallion does not move, but has a really long range for attacks.

4. This is the spawn point. When you warp back out of Hallion's mind, you will spawn in this location. Remember this, as it might be important for your future strategies.

Once the barricade disappears and you enter the room, you'll see a Detale-like dragon with the name Hallion. He is invincible. He has a few million hp, and you can only do 1 damage per hit. This is mainly to illustrate that you're clearly not aiming to kill him just yet. As you proceed into the room, you will see Warp Portals appear and dissapear. These portals allow you to walk into Hallion's mind. According to the story, Nokrah is keeping control over Hallion, by controlling his mind. If we can beat Nokrah from having control over Hallion's mind, we can kill Hallion. Besides Warp Portals, you will also see Void Zones appear and disappear on the screen. They look like Basilicas, but have no intention of helping you. If you step on one of these your, or your party's hp and sp will be drained by 50%. At this particular point, the person that is tanking any of the bosses in this map, won't get their hp/sp drained. (This may change in the future). You really want to avoid these Void Zones as much as possible.

2nd Room: Nokrah's Shadow

When you run into the Warp Portal, you will find yourself on another location on the map. It looks exactly the same, minus the stairway in the top right corner.

  1. This is where you will spawn, when you walk into a portal on the Hallion map. This is the same as number 4 of the previous picture.
  2. This is the spawn location of "Nokrah's Shadow", this is the dragon that keeps Hallion under Nokrah's controll, and invincible.
  3. These things are really interesting. They're identical on both maps, and can be used the same way as on the Hallion map.

  1. Normal Top View
  2. Top View with 'walkable' and 'non-walkable' tiles.
  3. Top View with 'walkable' and 'non-walkable' tiles without objects.

Phase 1: Weaken Nokrah's Shadow

hase 1 begins when the team is warped into the main fighting area. Hallion is invincible, so we must focus on attacking Nokrah in the second map. The class that is tanking the first map (Hallion map) must be able to cast Pneuma so that the rest of the party can enter the warp to the second map (Nokrah map). As everyone is warped in together, it is vital that the individual who is tanking the first map has to cast Pneuma BEFORE anyone else moves, to avoid un-necessary deaths of the party. Once the Hallion is being tanked, the rest of the party is free to move to the second map. Hallion need to be tanked in order to able to damage Nokrah.

Hallion is an immobile ranged monster. All his attacks can be blocked by pneuma. Hallion has insane ATK, and missing a pneuma is fatal. (We're not talking about might be fatal, if this and this ... Missing one pneuma implies you will be insta-killed. You may be able to survive if you are not under pneuma for a split of a second if you have decent DEF and able to tank a couple of hits). In order to not miss a pneuma, you should put up 2 pneuma's. As soon as the pneuma that's not on you is down, you cast it, and walk to the pneuma. Once your old pneuma dissapears, you recast that one, and walk back over there. This should mean that, if done correctly, you will never die because of his physical attacks, unless you misclick for some strange reason.

So far, we're just trying to get your team past Hallion, without casulties. We're still not damaging anyone yet.

For the Hallion Temporary Tank, you will need at least a GTB. Next to his insane ATK and ranged attacks, he also likes to spam Earthquake (EQ). There's quite a long cooldown (like 10ish seconds?) between his EQ's, so you should be able to swap shields quickly if things do happen. But in a normal situation, you should never really have to take off GTB. Your tanker will also need to wear Evil Druid Armor for Hallion's upcoming stone curse ailment. (It will start doing this only when his HP is below 50%.) The ideal gears would be GTB Strong Shield with ED armor but if that isn't possible a GTB shield + ED will do just fine.

Hallion uses BowlingBash, with his 12 range. Through pneuma, this will still miss, but BB pushes back even though it misses. This implies that, if you're not careful, the tank will get knocked out of his/her pneuma, and will take a fatal hit within a second. Your Tank can tank in front of the statue (spot 3 on Manuk03.png) on the right side. There will be no warp portals appearing on this location, making the tanker's job easy while nullifying the BB effect because you're against a wall. This is the limit distance for the MVP to double his HP as well. Since you can't go through walls, this means the MVP will NEVER double his HP as long as your tanker doesn't die.

Alright, so now we have someone walking in between 2 pneumas, with GTB and ED armor. This means Hallion chose his target. This implies that the rest of the party can just walk around the map freely, as long as the tank is tanking, and on screen. Make sure your party all have GTB's, because the EQ, even though tanked by 1 player, will still hit everyone else. If your party is wearing GTB, you should be able to get into the portal easily, without anyone dying.

Next step, start the tank of Nokrah. Everyone that enters a map, has 3 seconds 'spawn time'. The MVP wont see you for a few seconds, or untill you move. Make sure your Nokrah-tank goes in first, so he/she attracts the aggro of the MVP, this way the rest of your party won't die. Nokrah is an immobile too, and has ranged attacks too, but is mainly focussed on Magic. The tank will definitely need GTB, and preferably FCP, since Nokrah breaks shields, killing the Tank's GTB, causing him/her to instantly die because of the magic. Other reduction gears would be Lord of Death Garment and Garm Armor. Kaahi is also recommended to avoid using pots and healing damaging.

Nokrah keeps hitting and casting skills on the target. Since it is ranged, you can only block it by using pneuma's. You don't really want to get hitlocked, or you don't want to get damaged at all really, so the tank should make a trail of Pneuma's to move to the new location. (image needs updating but you're tanking at the right statue on the image below which is path 2, not path 3.)


1. Spawn Point 2. Nokrah's Shadow. 3. This is where the tank will tank Nokrah.

  • Path the tank should follow to reach his/her destination
  • Path the party should follow to reach their damaging positions.

4. Area of Effect once the tank has reached their destination. Everyone that is not tanking, should stay away from this area. 5. This is the believed to be the range that at least

Alright, let's assume that the tank is in position, tanking Nokrah, and the party is in position to start damaging. Stay close to your tanker and their pneuma's while damaging. Apart from that, and ressing people that died, the rest of killing Nokrah should be easy.

Nokrah, as well as Hallion, keep changing elements every so often. As long as it is not ghost, Acid Demonstration with Bragi is an extremely effectif way to get rid of Nokrah. When it Pneuma's or when it goes to Ghost, too bad, just wait a few seconds, till the pneuma is gone, or untill he changes properties back. You should not find a lot of problems with Nokrah from this point on.

Now, at a certain point, Nokrah will warn you that he will become invincible, but that he is losing his power over Hallion, and that you should kill Hallion instead. <exact text goes here> At this point, Phase 2 begins.

Phase 2: Weaken Hallion

From now on, at least 1 person should be on each map, till both MVP's die. (read: platforms, i do think that hiding in the safezone, at the top right of the Hallion map, doesn't count)

Your party now has to move back to the first floor, so you find the portal on the Nokrah map, and you warp back to the first one. You notify your Hallion-Tank that you're going in, so he can pick up Hallion before the party spawns on the Hallion map.


1. Spawn Point 2. Hallion 3. 4. Tanker will be with at the right statue where the party is damaging Hallion

  • Path the party should follow to reach their damaging positions.

5. This is the believed to be the range that at least 1 person should be in, in order for Hallion to not boost his HP 6. This is the invisible wall that goes down once the Valkyrie is done talking. This wall will go up again, so people cannot enter and leave the area.

The tank keeps tanking with GTB and ED armor, with the 2-pneuma trick. Nothing really changes for the tank. The party spawns on the map, and walks a bit north, just like they did on the other map (Yellow line). In here, the party will need to keep GTB equipped, cause Hallion still EQ's. Damaging goes the same as on Nokrah, massive AD spam works wonders. At some point, when Hallion goes under 50% hp, he will start casting wide StoneCurse. This makes tanking considerably harder however ED armor provides immunity from this. For the rest of your party unequiping GTB to get a blessing or cure is necessary so they can continue their roles in the party. Unless you are the tanker DO NOT WEAR ED, otherwise you're sure to fail this seal. (Unless you know the trick) Nonetheless, as long as you can keep tanking, and can keep damaging, you will eventually bring down Hallion. At some point, Nokrah will broadcast again, telling you that from now on, both MVP's can get damaged. <exact text goes here> At this point, Phase 3 begins.

Phase 3: Killing both Hallion and Nokrah within 20 seconds of each other

A requirement to pass Manuk Seal is to kill both MVPs (Hallion and Nokrah) within 20 seconds of eachother. When Hallion dies, Nokrah has to die before 20 seconds pass, or vice versa, when Nokrah dies, Hallion should be killed within 20 seconds. Have a HW/Prof near to keep track of Hallion's HP with Monster Property. Once you get Hallion to a satisfying number (Around 1 or 2 ADs damage left, maybe <50k HP), stop attacking the Hallion. To ensure a sure kill later, you may want to cast Lex Aeterna on the Hallion.

The attacking team will then run back to the Nokrah map and take damaging positions again (Yellow line). From here, you just do what you did twice already. You Kill Nokrah as fast as possible. When he dies, find the warp back to floor 1 immediately where you kill off the last remaining HP of the Hallion. Once both MVP's die (within 20 seconds of each other) you will be spawned back at the entrance, where the Valkyrie will give you your reward.

Further Important Notes

Void Zones: as explained at the top; this will drain your party's hp and sp by 50%

Curse: Cursed will make you walk slow, and will automatically kill you within X seconds (depending on the Phase you're in, 18 second for phase 1; 12 for phase 2, 6 for phase 3). When you get healed, you instantly die. Only way to get rid of the Curse is receiving a "Bless" or a "Cure". Panacea, Holy Water, Dispell, ... nothing helps, as this is not a normal curse. Make sure to keep your people Curse free, as there is Hell Power on Nokrah.

Hell Power: Nokrah has the skill "Hell Power", it shows up as a little screaming purple zombie man in your buffbar on the right. This means you can not get ressurected within the Hell Power time. As you can tell, the combination Curse + HellPower is rather nasty. To avoid Hell Power, don't get hit by Nokrah. Hell Power does not activate through Pneuma (cause the "attack" misses).

Prison: I mentioned it briefly at the top of this post. At random times, a random party member will get taken away, and be put into the little Prison. 2-4 (A bunch of them) Warlocks will spawn, and slowly poke you to death. Just try to stay alive, you don't have to kill them. You will be stuck for 20 seconds, after which you will be put in the exact same location you were taken away from. If you die in prison, no biggy, you will spawn back with 1 hp on the location you were taken away from. (The tankers won't be taken away)

Warp Portals & Void Zones: Warp Portals and Void Zones can not see if they are placed on party members. You will find yourself on top of a warp portal from time to time, because it spawned under you. Same goes for Void zones. As long as you're not moving, nothing will happen. But as soon as you move, either effect will be triggered. Either drain half of the hp/sp of your party, as explained before, or get warped back to the other floor. This may not seem like a big deal, but you'll find yourself in the same room as the other mvp, that is often not being tanked at that time.

Camp Platform: As stated above too, starting from phase 2, you need at least 1 person on each map (read: The Cyan zones on each map). For the Nokrah map, it's fairly easy, there's nowhere you can go really, so the tank should just keep tanking. For Hallion map though, there is a safezone, don't let yourself get tempted and take a rest at the safezone, as it will most likely increase the hp of both MVP's a LOT.

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