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You may be wondering, is it possible to get married in TalonRO or Ragnarok Online in general? We're happy to tell you that yes, you can! This quick guide will help you get you will on your way for being married to a significant other, or just a friend for the fun of it.


First, you must meet a base requirement which is the following:

  • You must have a partner for marriage. It can be male or female, we support same sex marriage.
  • You and your spouse must be at least base level 45 or above.
  • You and your spouse must not be a "baby" character, this includes orphans.

In addition to this you need to meet a zeny and an item requirement which include the following:

  • The Groom (or the Male Character) must have at least 1,000,000 zeny on him.
  • The Groom (or the Male Character) must have a Tuxedo ( * ) on him.
  • The Bride (or the Female Character) must have 1,000,000 zeny on her.
  • The Bride (or the Female Character) must have a Wedding Dress ( * ) on her.
  • Both the Groom and the Bride must have a Diamond Ring ( * * ) on them.

( * ) There is a location where you can buy marriage materials such as the Tuxedo and Wedding Dress in the southwestern section of Prontera City, which you can find at these coordinates - Prontera City, Capital of Rune Midgard (prontera) : 75, 102.

( * * ) Aside from being purchased, you can also find a Diamond Ring as a monster drop from Incubus or Succubus.

( * * ) You can also purchase a Diamond Ring from a trader in Morroc Ruins (Also known as Pyramids in the Dungeons list in Warp Girl) at the following coordinates - moc_ruins 52, 85.


Unlike official servers, TalonRO allows multiple locations where you can get married at, this includes the following areas:


Marriage 1.png

You can get married at the Prontera Church which you can find at the following coordinates - Prontera City, Capital of Rune Midgard(prontera) : 234, 314.


Marriage 2.png

You can get married at Hugel which you can find at the following coordinates - Hugel, the Quaint Garden Village(hugel) : 160, 106.


Marriage 3.png

You can get married at Lutie which you can find at the following coordinates - Lutie, the snow village(xmas) : 104, 286.


The ceremony will begin as soon as either spouse speaks to the marriage NPC and initiates the process. You must both sign in in order to proceed from this point, as soon as the groom and bride are signed in, you may proceed to the next NPC which is the Priest. Keep in mind that there is a one minute time limit for the application, so please don't take too long!

Once the Priest is spoken to, he will start to speak and you must follow the instructions he provides to you. As soon as this is completed, the ceremony will be complete, and both the groom and bride will be wed, you will enter your wedded state, and the diamond rings transform into wedding rings.

At this point in time you will be unable to attack monsters and use skills. You will have to wait around for roughly 30-60 minutes in order for this effect to go away. Relogging doesn't change this, however, there's three other possible methods:

  1. You can simply go to a monster filled map such as Thors Dungeon and purposely die, this removes the effect immediately and you will return to your normal character
  2. You can go to PvP and get dispelled, which also removes the effect
  3. You can talk to the Reset Girl (without actually doing an reset)

Skills and Benefits

There are several benefits for being married, the first being that you get access to a couple of new skills when you equip your wedding ring, this includes:

  • Romantic Rendezvous
    • Allows you to summon a spouse directly to your location, but it doesn't come without its disadvantages. It requires 15 seconds to use, and you can't use it on a map that can't be memo'd.
  • Loving Touch
    • Consumes 10% of your own HP to heal 10% of your spouse's HP.
  • Undying Love
    • Consumes 10% of your own SP to heal 10% of your spouses's SP.

Aside from skills, there are also a few other benefits you can unlock through Marriage which includes the following: Note! This section may or may not be complete. Assuming something was missed here, feel free to add it in!

  • Soul Linker
    • Soul Linkers can now use "Ka" related skills on its spouse such as Kaahi and Kaizel.
  • Super Novice
    • Assuming the Super Novice is the wife, you will heal your husband x2 more the normal amount.


If for whatever reason you need to divorce, you can (sad day for you :( ). You may do so by going to Niflheim City and going to the following coordinates - Niflheim, Realm of the Dead(niflheim) : 161, 167. Talk to the Deviruchi here, and he will ask for 2,500,000 zeny. Once paid, you will be instantly divorced from your spouse. Please keep in mind though that this will not unadopt any adopted character and the character will forever remain a child! In addition to this you will not be able to adopt another character!


Guide created by : ~Neutral~