Mercenary Guide for Melee Class Leveling

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Attention Readers: This guide is missing images! If you would like to fill in this information you're welcome to do so.

Originally created by: bryanchi

This is my brief guide on the alternative way of leveling melee jobs at TalonRO which are a bit harder to level up compared to those long range and magic type jobs. So what we are gonna use is a mercenary which acts like homunculus but you won't have to feed them. They don't level up for killing monsters however, you will gain loyalty points though for killing a certain number (50) of monsters. There are different grades of mercenary; the HIGHER the BETTER. And they only last for 30 minutes for each scroll..

To learn more, just Google "Ragnarok Online Mercenary Guides"

Here's what you need:

Step 1.) Download the following file: "Mercenary Auto-Attack.rar"

Step 2.) Extract the RAR file into your AI/USER_AI folder of TalonRO.

Step 3.) Now log-in your character in-game.

Step 4.) Type "/merai" then make sure that you are using the CustomAI. If the mercenary does not move after you type /merai, then just relog.

This is a custom AI script for your mercenary to auto attack monsters. You can Google other versions of AI script if you want. (You can use this for AFK leveling like those pesky alchemists but this was one's a bit harder though)

Mercenary scrolls can be purchased starting at your base level 15, for First Grade Mercenary and go up another, with base level 25 (for Second), 35 (for the 3rd Grade) and so on.

I assume that you did Novice Grounds and level your way through 35-40+, so try to purchase the 3rd Grade Mercenary. If not, then use the 1st grade and try to level up at Payon Dungeon F1.

You can also purchase different types of mercenary which are the:

Swordsman Mercenary - Which can be hired when you talk to Mercenary Manager at Izlude (47, 139)

Spear Mercenary - Which can be hired when you talk to Mercenary Manager at Prontera (41, 337)

Archer Mercenary - Which can be hired when you talk to the Mercenary Manager at Archer Village (99, 167)

For this guide, we will use the Archer Mercenary type so we can utilize its long range attacks.

So here's the guide

Step 1: Go to Archer Village and hired a desired grade of mercenary

(Missing image)

Step 2: Also buy Mercenary Red Potion, Blue Potion, and Concentration Potion too; If you want.

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Step 3: Go to the field outside Ice Dungeon (Warp Girl -> Dungeon -> Ice Dungeon) and kill the immovable plants there. Drosera gave the best EXP, while Geographer gives average EXP, and Muscipular gives weaker EXP.

NOTE: Bring A LOT OF FLY WINGS HERE - Once you see a Gryphon or a Galion with its Roween slaves, teleport quickly. You wouldn't want them to kill your expensive mercenary, don't you?

If you could also avoid Drosera if you want, because they have hit range longer than our archers which might risk death for you and yoyr mercenary.

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Step 4: Once you could purchase much higher grade of mercenary, You could use a time to attempt at GHP (Glast Heim Underprison). Make sure you kill them quickly!

(Missing image)

You need to be careful. If somehow they killed your mercenary, you will need to repurchase again. Use "ALT+Left Click" to move your mercenary. Double click it to attack. (I think the script doesn't let you KS others) Don't mob a large group of enemies there too. It might cause a problem.

You can level-up easily until Level 60 with this method. Have fun!