Mining Quest

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Start off the quest by clicking on one of the rocks found in one of these places:

  • Coal Mines (Dead Pit) dungeon
  • Payon Dungeon
  • Mjolnir Dungeon

The following screenshot shows an example of what a rock looks like and its coordinates:


After clicking one, head to Einbech town. You can get to the town by using the Warp NPC > Dungeons > Einbech Dungeon.


Upon arriving at Einbech, find the Retired Miner located at Einbech 93,223


Talk to the Retired Miner and choose the option "Hm, I have an idea!" After doing so, he will ask you to help him with the Mining Cart. You can find the Mining Cart beside the Einbech Dungeon.


Click it, and it will automatically warp you inside Einbech Dungeon where the Retired Miner is. Talk to the Retired Miner again, and he will ask you to come back to him after getting 10x Lanterns.

Min5.jpg Min6.jpg

You can collect lanterns from Pitman (ein_dun01) or Skeleton Worker (mjo_dun02/03). After collecting, bring the lanterns to the retired miner again inside the Einbech Dungeon.

He will ask now for the mining requirements:

  • 20 Old Pick [Pitman]
  • 10 Jubilee [Porcellio/Metaling]
  • 10 Iron Ore [Metaling] and
  • 10 Mould Powder [Noxious/Punk]


After collecting again, talk to the Retired Miner he will try to mine for a few minutes. Wait 20~30 minutes, and talk to him again.


After his mining, he will give you a Simple Pickaxe as a reward. Quest Finished! Enjoy mining!

Written by Masteryoso. Hope this helps!

Edited by Akihana.