Minor Old Valkyrie Helm Exchange Quest

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Minor Old Valkyrie Helm [1]


  • Class: Headgear
  • Defense: 5
  • Equipped on: Upper
  • Weight: 100
  • Applicable Jobs: Every Rebirth Job except High Novice

This is the Minor version of the Valkyrie Helm. The helm worn by those women who served Odin as "Maidens of War", or Valkryies. The open winged look of the helm symbolizes elite status. It is said when all the valkyrie gear is equipped, the helm will show its hidden abilities.

MDEF + 5

[+ Valkyrja's Armor & Valkyrja's Manteau & Valkyrja's Shoes] All Stats + 1


Quest NPC location

Hildr, odin_tem02 97,215

Other things you need to know before starting the quest

It is now possible to change your Valkyrie Helm SQI to the Old Valkyrie Helm sprite. Anyone can do it as the refine rate and card will stay. All you need is a Minor Old Valkyrie Helm (see below), your current Valkyrie Helm and 250 Copper Coins. Just talk to the Valkyrie Master in Valhalla to exchange it.

As the Minor Old Valkyrie Helm is an ingredient for the above NPC, you will need a way to obtain this headgear as well. You will find a new NPC in odin_tem02 to exchange a regular Minor Valkyrie Helm to the Old one. Keep in mind that for this it gives you an empty version back, so any refines or cards will be removed. Source

Items Required

How to get to Odin's Temple


Go to the town of Hugel. Find the sign in the middle of the town and read it to find an invitation to an expedition to Odin's Temple.


Look in the southwest side of the town for a house that you can enter.


Find the NPC Laura inside the house and talk to her, so she will hire you to explore Odin's Temple.


Find the boatman on the docks at the eastern side of the town. He will take you to Odin's Temple for 800z.


Once you reach Odin Temple, move on to the map odin_tem02 and find the Quest NPC Hildr at 97,215.

It is important that you have at least the Minor Valkyrie Helm in your inventory to activate the quest and get the list of items. Once you bring her all the required items, she will turn your Minor Valkyrie Helm into an Minor Old Valkyrie Helm.


Enjoy your new awesome headgear![1]

  1. Kudos to Sevi