Monster of the Week

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Every week, one monster will be chosen as the monster of the week for TalonRO.

Upon killing the monster, player receives extra EXP as well as a chance to obtain one Copper Coin or a reward item or both.

Here is a list of monsters with bonus EXP and their reward items.

Monster Bonus EXP Reward Item
Anolian 20% Immaterial Arrow Quiver
Curupira 40% Royal Cooking Set
Dustiness 100% Thunder Resist Potion
Gargoyle 30% Random Quiver
High Orc TBC Buckler[1]
Hyegun 30% Emperium
Increased Soil 20% Witherless Rose
Karakasa 50% Elunium
Marc 60% Cold Resist Potion
Martin 200% Fire Resist Potion
Merman 30% Mes[3]
Metaling 25% Shoes[1]
Mineral 20% Condensed Yellow Potion
Muka 40% Condensed White Potion
Muscipular 20% Karvodailnirol
Nightmare TBC Star Crumb
Pinguicula 20% Crystal Mirror
Piranha 30% Level 3 Cold Bolt
Poison Spore 70% Berserk Potion
Requiem 40% Mushroom Spore
Rideword 30% Guard[1]
Rocker 333% Old Purple Box
Roween 30% Ruby
Savage Old Purple Box
Skeleton Prisoner 20% Cursed Water
Skeleton Worker 20% Rough Oridecon
Snake 151% Sardonyx
Snowier 20% Transparent Plate
Taoist Hermit TBC Transparent Plate
Wootan Fighter 30% Pauldron[1]
Wormtail 300% Level 3 Fire Bolt
Zerom 35% Opal


  1. Chance to obtain Copper Coin and reward item may vary depending on monster, and are mutually independent of each other.
  2. Bonus EXP is calculated as [base monster EXP x server EXP rate x (100% + bonus EXP)].
  3. Rest bonus does not get increased by Bonus EXP.
  4. Homunculus kills do not grant Copper Coin/Reward Item drops/Bonus Exp unless the player assists in the kill and does more damage, nor do Mercenary kills, or kills by an Alchemist's Biocannibalism Plants, unless it is an autocasted skill that does the final blow.

For example, Wormtail gives 59 base EXP. Server is at 7x rate.

Bonus EXP gained upon killing Wormtail = 59 x 7 x (100% + 300%) = 1652

Rest bonus = 59 x 7 = 413

Total EXP = 1652 + 413 = 2065

Contributed by Yurneric. Sources:

  1. The Talonian Volume One.
  2. The Talonian Volume Two.