Moscovia Dungeon Entrance Quest

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This Quest is also known as:

  • Whale Island Quest
  • Moving Island Quest
  • Moving Whale Island Quest

Note: Although the quest does not have much combat in it, it is required in order for you to complete the quest. Choose a character you know that can handle late Biblian Dungeon creatures, the Gusli is now account bound and acts as a ticket to Moscovia Dungeon.


Items required:


1. To start off, head to Moscovia (Warp Girl>Cities>Moscovia) and talk to Berbayeff (moscovia 171, 71).


2. Next, find Mr Ibanoff (moscovia 135, 49) and listen to his stories, after listening to everything, ask to borrow his ship.


3. He will ask you for items required to repair his ship. They are: 10 Rusty Screws, 10 Strange Steel Pieces, 10 Jubilees and 5 Flexible Tubes.

Rusty screws, flexible tubes and jubilees can all be collected from Metalings, just head to the map north of Lighthalzen City. Strange Steel Pieces drop from Zipper Bears, one map south of Gonryun.

4. After collecting these items and repairing his ship, you can board the ship. Ibanoff will give you instructions as to which direction to steer the ship. Follow his directions and eventually, a group of sea-monsters will appear. They are fairly easy to kill if you have decent gears already. If you have trouble with the sea-monsters, try switching to another character that can handle them and complete the quest with that character instead. The ship is extremely small so kiting tactics don't work. I've encountered Obeaunes, Marses, Ragglers, Kaphas and Mermans. Official guides suggest that the monsters reflect your level, but I have run into Kaphas and Mermen at levels lower than what they suggest. After killing the monsters, you should be able to continue controlling the ship and you will end up on a strange whale island.

5. Talk to the Aged Stranger (mosk_fild01 86, 104) after talking to him 3 times, he will send you back to Moscovia.


Speak to Ibanoff again and he will ask you to report to the palace.

6.Head to the palace, (moscovia 255, 140)


and talk to Prime Minister Dmitree (mosk_in 128, 89).


Then talk to Csar Aleksay and he will ask you to bring proof of the whale island.


7. Return to Ibanoff and set sail on his ship again. You have to go through steering the ship and killing the sea-monsters once again to get to the whale island.

8. Once you reach the whale island, talk to the Aged Stranger again and ask to borrow his instrument. He will ask you to bring some materials to make the Gusli. This one's abit tougher to gather. You need to collect 30 Logs, 20 Tough Vines, 20 Antelope Horns and 10 Sea-otter Furs.

Logs can be found from Stone Shooters at um_dun01. Tough Vines drop from Dryads, also found at um_dun02. Antelope horns come from Goats at ein_fild06 and Sea-otter Furs drop from Sea Otters at cmd_fild04, or the map east of Kokomo Beach (Warp Girl>Dungeons>Kokomo Beach).

9. Return to the whale island and make the Gusli. Request to learn the Gusli from the Aged Stranger. After learning, return to the palace for your reward. You will receive 1.2m Base EXP and a OPB from the Csar.

10. You will now be able to enter Moscovia Dungeon. Gusli can be equipped by other characters in that account, meaning they can visit Moscovia Dungeon as well.

How to enter Moscovia Dungeon

First, you equip the Gusli:


Then, just rush to Ibanoff's boat, a window will pop up and click on "Go to Whale Island Option":


Just head to the whale island and tell the Aged Stranger you want to venture into the unknown. Once you arrive, head north and you'll reach Moscovia Dungeon 1.

To get into the Moscovia Dungeon 3, head to the east passageway and examine the milestone.


The milestone to the North takes you to Moscovia Dungeon 2.

Moscovia Dungeon

Moscovia Dungeon is a nice place to make some fast zeny and sell them fast.

Level 3 of the dungeon houses Mavkas, which drop Crystal Mirrors and Witherless Roses by chance, these sell for 7500 and 27500 zeny each (before overcharge). You also get a lot of Blue Herbs. Check out their market price, but they can sell pretty well.

And Baba Yagas there also drop Pieces of Cake, which when sold to NPCs, can fetch you 1500 zeny (before overcharge). Other players may be interested in them, too.

You also got Uzhas, they drop Mastela Fruits, but there are better monsters for that, if you are looking for them.

Apart from that, mavkas give a great amount of EXP as well.

Here are a few pointers for this place:

- Mavkas are Earth element. They take double damage from Fire element, so you may want to bring a weapon with that element.

- Baba Yagas and Uzhas are Water, so they take more damage from Wind.

- Be careful with the Waterballs those two cast. Once you hit a Baba Yaga, kill it. If not, you will get damage from Waterball (and they hurt a lot, yeah).

- As you can check from the links provided, you need around 227 Flee, to fend off Mavkas. Well, that should at least be a pointer if you are ready or not.

- You may get mobbed any time. Get ready for a fast teleport or intimidate.

- Be careful with Gopinich, it bites. A lot. Run from it.

As you can deduce, this place is better suited for Rogues and Stalkers, as they can use Steal and Snatch skills to get more items from monsters. Also, they have Intidimate skill, that can be a lifesaver when you are mobbed or snatch away that Mavka from a big group of monsters.

As for gears, well, that depends on your class, but the mentioned classes go around with ASPD, ATK and Flee gears. For starters, a Fire Elemental Damascus (you may also want Wind, not required), Hermose Cap, Pantie and Undershirt could be called basic gears. Get yourself some more gears like shields, footgear and such to complete your set, but those should be the basic stuff.