Mr. Smile Quest

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The Mr. Smile quest is one of the simpler headgear quests that provides a mask which is used in several quests, such as the Umbala Language Quest, Ore Downgrade Quest, and the The Sign Quest. It's also quite stylish.


To obtain the mask, visit any Smile Assistance NPC located in several town locations.

  • Prontera (148, 237)

MrSmile Pront.jpg

  • Payon (187, 104)

MrSmile Pay.jpg

  • Morroc - Outside the Pyramids (59, 155)

MrSmile Mor.jpg

  • Izlude (124, 175)

MrSmile Izlu.jpg

  • Geffen (118, 107)

MrSmile Gef.jpg

  • Alberta (114, 53)

MrSmile Albe.jpg

  • Aldebaran (135, 125)

MrSmile AlDe.jpg

The Quest

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As said, this quest is fairly easy. You'll need 10 Jellopy, 10 Fluff, and 10 Clovers. Geffen is probably the easiest spot to make the Mr. Smile mask. Just head out the warp to the west and kill Poring or ChonChon for Jellopy, and Fabre for the Fluff & Clovers. Once you have all of the required ingredients, head back to a Smile Assistance NPC and select "Construct Mr. Smile" from the given options.

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Congrats! You now have a Mr. Smile mask. Wear that smile with pride!