Nameless Island Entrance Quest

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Level required to start: 80

Quest requirements to start: Lost Child Quest, Rachel Sanctuary Entrance Quest, Veins Siblings Quest, Curse of Gaebolg Quest Well, actually, you only need the last two, but as Veins Siblings Quest requires Rachel Sanctuary and this is done in tandem with Lost Child Quest, the four are included so you know where to start.

Zeny requirements: 3,000 z to get the Seafood, 1,200 z per Airship trip required.

Quest Part 1: I'm Bond, James Bond.

Step 1

Let's start with the last step of that long group of quests. First you need to travel on airship from Izlude to Rachel. That would be taking the airship at Yuno. Warp Girl>Cities>Yuno, and there, you need to head to the Airship Station (yuno 53,213).


Once inside, talk to any of the Airport Staff, pay the fee and get inside. Then, talk to the Airport Staff (y_airport 141,63), it's the girl in green to the left side, and she asks if you want to go to Izlude or Rachel, say "yes".


Now, go along the way (there is only one) and enter the portal next to the Airship Staff to get into the airship.

Step 2

Once in the airship, head to the lower deck, move around (airplane_01 94,59) until an Agent pops up. The way to the lower deck is going through this portal:


And then, walk around here:


As you see in the screenshot, Father Bampf is waiting for you at Prontera Church.

(NOTE: If the Agent is not appearing for you, simply check with the QUEST CHECK BOARD in Payon and make sure you have accomplished the prerequisite quests mentioned at the top of this page.)

Step 3

So, go to Prontera to look for Father Bampf. Just check out Step 6 in Curse of Gaebolg Quest.

It might take a few tries before Bampf gives you the correct message. Bampf gives you the mission of looking for a high ranked man that disappeared a while ago. He was last seen in Comodo Casino, their informant, Larjes, has more details about it.

Step 4

You know what comes next: Warp Girl>Cities>Comodo. Then, go to see the Ordinary Man (cmd_in02 174,89) in the Comodo Casino (comodo 140,115) in the southern part of the city:


Once inside, go south from the entrance and check out this Ordinary Man (yes, Larjes from now on), next to a table:


He warps you to another area in the casino. Talk to him and he tells you two things about the man: he left his guards to meet a woman and after that, some guys came in and then they carried something big, heading for the West. Remember to talk to him after he warps you.

He thinks he has been kidnapped, and that the guys who did it are from Arunafeltz, he wanted to investigate, but he's prohibited from entering there.

Step 5

Now, go back to Father Bampf.

He needs time to think about what to do when you give him the news, but you don't want to wait, so pest him till he asks for your help. It seems that this is the best way to avoid having an international conflict, so well, accept his proposal.


He tells you to head to Rachel.

Quest Part 2: A conspiracy is brewing in Rachel...

Step 6

Warp Girl>Cities>Rachel, you know the stuff. Now, head for Rachel Inn (rachel 115,147), it's next to the NPCs from the spawn point:


Once inside, go through the portal to the left and talk to the Waiter (ra_in01 308,59) next to the portal:


Tell him "I'd like to order". Now you will overhear a conversation about how some smugglers were arrested by the guards at the southeast beach. And about some fish they were smuggling. You decide that Veins is a good place to investigate. You also get 4 Assorted Seafood.

Step 7

You know how it works, Warp Girl>Cities>Veins. There you need to find Al Hamad that is on a building in the western side of Veins (veins 86,170):


The guy you're looking for is this Magistrate (ve_in 78,314):


You try talking to him, but he brushes you away. Talk to the Soldier (ve_in 81,296) near the door and he talks bout the smugglers thing. The Pope's soldiers came after they arrested the smugglers and took them away, and they don't know what they happened to them. You ask who are the smugglers, but they don't seem to know.

Talk again to the Magistrate and ask about the smugglers, he can't disclose details about an ongoing investigation unless you bring a written order from a higher ranking officer.

Step 8

So, who do you know that is a higher ranking officer in Arunafeltz and a friend of yours? Yeah, you guessed right, High Priest Zhed from Rachel Sanctuary Entrance Quest, check out Step 8 if you don't remember where he was. Make sure to have the Assorted Seafood in your inventory while talking to High Priest Zhed.

So yeah, Warp Girl>Cities>Rachel and all the way to High Priest Zhed.

It seems that Niren is the one who knows about the details on that, and he tells you to talk to her.

Step 9

So, let's go to talk to Niren (ra_temple 165,57), outside the temple:


Come on! Don't tell me you forgot about the pretty priestess and her big... glasses. Yeah, glasses. "Ask About Veins Smugglers". She can't talk about the smugglers, but yes about their captive, but she ask for a little favour first that you're going to "Accept", of course.

It seems they lost contact with the hostage, so they sent investigators that gave a message "They are demons". So well, you're going to investigate now. And it seems it involves a place that was a monastery...

By the way, it's located southwest of Veins across the sea, and you use a boat at South Veins Beach. She sends a message to the magistrate of Veins too.

Quest Part 3: Der Name Der Rose

Step 10

Warp Girl>Cities>Veins. And go straight to the Magistrate. He tells you everything he knows about the smugglers, it seems those scum dealt in human trafficking and such. It seems that he knows nothing, either from smugglers of from their captives. He's been stopped from investigating the issue, so now, it's your job to do it.

Step 11

When you don't have any more clues about a case, where do you go? Either to a library or to a tavern. We'll choose the tavern (veins 149,217), this time. Aren't you thirsty?


Now talk to the Drunkard (ve_in 239,115):


He starts babbling about someone who went out in his boat and came back too soon saying he saw a ghost. You decide to check out Kurdi/Curdie's father, the fisherman. Maybe you can borrow his boat...

Step 12

Remember Little Curdie from Veins Siblings Quest? Go to talk to her brother, Karyn, the kid you visit in Step 1 of that quest.

The kid tells you his sister is better. When you ask about his dad's boat, he says that the Pope has forbidden him using it. But well, "him" doesn't mean "you" can't, so the kid offers to help you as thanks for helping him. Of course, keep that a secret...

Step 13

Before starting this part, it's better if you get some Butterfly Wings with you, check out the blue text in Step 15 to know why.

The boat is in South Veins Beach, one map south of Veins (ve_fild07 128,131), so get moving there:


To get to the boat from land, walk around the shallower parts of the inlet, next to the land. You can't go directly, you need to go around. So, click on the bubble over the boat and Larjes appears next to you. He offers to help you to sail the boat, so well, if you're ready, let's go to Nameless Island.

Step 14

Now, let's look for a Dead Crow (nameless_i 125,205):


See that I have rotated the camera. Best if you use the minimap and /where command to check your position.

So, talk to the crow and "Investigate" it. It seems you have found the grass used to kill the princes in Curse of Gaebolg Quest but then, you get hit from the back...

Step 15

You wake up inside a room, with Larjes and a Zombie Slaughter and lots of text. Well, try to click them out fast, or you will die:


If you die, just go back to the house in the northern part (nameless_i 168,256) and get inside. You will be attacked without warning this time. Well, do your best, if you die a few times, it's normal.

So, after killing it, talk to Larjes and get out and you see that it's night time in the island and that is full of monsters.

After killing it, you have 1 minute or so to use the portal. Go right away or you'll be stuck here. In case you fail to do so, that's why you bring Butterfly Wings (not sure if relog works, try it first if you prefer), to avoid having to call a GM. In that case, go back to the house, talk to Larjes and fight the zombie again.

From now on, you have access to Nameless Island and you can go to Abbey whenever you want on __that specific character ONLY__. To gain access to the dungeon for the entire account, you need to complete the entire quest.

Quest Part 4: Checkmate

Step 16

For this part of the quest, you might need help from someone to enter to the abbey, get the book and kill the boss. Abbey isn't an easy place, so yeah, either you get a powerful friend with you, or a party who goes there. It's not that strange to go with an Abbey Party to kill the boss.

So, now it's the time to go to the Monastery. So, move to the west of the boat. And enter into the building:


First, make through the first level to the warp in the lower right part of the map (abbey01 321,102):

Nameless abbey01.gif

Now, you need to get to lvl 2 first, and check out a book in Hibram's room (abbey02 223,68):


When you click on it, a window pops up, read it or click on the book icon on the lower right part of that window to close it (you may read it too, but maybe you're pressed of time, or need to move on), and you'll get a Research Book.


(NOTE: If you can't read the book, then you probably missed the pop-up message when going outside of the house (nameless_n 168 256) after killing the Zombie Slaughter. This would happen if you died killing the Zombie Slaughter or used a Butterfly Wing instead of walking out. Just walk near the coordinates provided and the message will pop up.)

Step 17

Now, it's time to go to the 3rd level of the Monastery. You need to go to the upper right part of the map, where you see a Man (abbey03 232,233):


Talk to it and it will become a [Dead King that wants to kill you. It seems he doesn't like you:


When you kill it, talk to the corpse again, and you'll get a Saviors Pendant and you'll know who he is...


Step 18

Well, now the quest is almost finished. Talk to Larjes again. He's in the dock of Nameless Island (nameless_i 259,218):


It seems that the zombie you just killed was Tristam III, the King of Rune-Midgarts. You'll give him the Saviors Pendant.

Step 19

Now it's time to visit Father Bampf in Prontera Church and report what you found to him.

Step 20

And to finish the quest, time to see Niren and ask about smugglers again.

Congratulations!! You finished Nameless Island Entrance Quest!


4 Assorted Seafood in Step 6.

3,000,000 Base Exp from Larjes in Step 18. 1,500,000 Base Exp from Niren in Step 20.

Access to Nameless Island and Monastery Dungeon in Step 15.

That access is extended to all the characters from the same account when you finish the quest.