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Niflheim Seal is one of the Seal Quest required to unlock Valhalla; The other three being Prontera Seal, Manuk Seal, Yuno Seal. During this quest, you'll be tasked to locate and destroy a number of LHZ3 monster in a maze.

This seal is all about efficiency and map recognition, as well as handling strong mobs with your party.



Seal of Niflheim can be found in the north-west corner of Niflheim City. (Niflheim, Realm of the Dead(niflheim) : 93, 228).

Important Notes

  • The chatbox function as first come first serve. The first six members to enter the chatbox will be warped into the quest map regardless of whether or not you belong in the same party.
  • This quest has a time limit of 45 minutes?

Niflheim Seal

Once in, you'll find yourself in a square room. There are 100 rooms in total, that look exactly like yours, minus a few details. It is important to note that the entire map is filled with LH3 mobs, Clock Tower Managers and Warlocks. Careful, cause there might be an LH3 mob in there already. They're not in every room, but in most of them. Some rooms have more than 1, which makes it hard sometimes. The LH3 mobs are Boss property so status effects are of absolutely no help. They have the same HP as a normal LH3 mob but they are all Boss Property.

The most important part of this seal is to be able to navigate through it without too much problems.

The Maze

  • Every room has 4 portals.
  • Out of those 4 portals per room, only 2 are active at any given time.
  • The maze is static.
  • The 3 special switches are random.
  • Every switch in the room, will flip the warps of all adjacent rooms.
  • A Special Switch does not flip the warps of all adjacent rooms.
Case 1 - Observe the top square.

This is a representation of an instance where a Switch is not pressed. Let's call this Case 1. Notice all the four rooms surrounding the middle room. Let's focus on the upper Square. The Red Dots represent portals that are open at a given point of time.

Now, let us see what happens once you press a Switch.

Case 2- Observer upper square. Notice the Blue Dots - portals have switched sides.

Consider this Case 2. Notice that the top room loses its top and left warp, and becomes a right and bottom warp. This way you can walk into different rooms. All surrounding rooms do the same thing. This is the primary method to navigate through the Niflheim seal.

The seal tests your memory skills and your analysis skills.

Now, there are 100 rooms and within each room, is a Switch.

Imagine 10 Rows and 10 columns, and starting from the top left of this web, you have 1 to 10 spanning top to bottom along the left side and 1 to 10 spanning left to right along the top. Your mind should picture something like this:

Notice first square: 1 for Row Number and 1 for Column Number. Accordingly, the square to it's right shows 1 as the Row Number and 2 as the Column Number.

This is an orderly formation of the map. The actual map will not have the same sequence. It can be jumbled, too. But the idea behind the map stays the same. The Map to the right of 1-1 will always be 1-2. And the map to it's bottom will always be 2-1. Similarly, the map to it's left will always remain 1-10 and the map above it will always be 10-1.

For those who get confused easily, one tip to follow is, while performing the seal, NEVER look at your minimap. It'll just confuse you all the more. Just keep in mind the above picture and perform the seal and it should move smoothly. It may take you a while to get a hold of the trick behind the seal.

Your goal is to find the 3 Special Switches. You will never know which Switch is a Special Switch. However, there are clues you can follow to indicate that a room could be Special or not. A Lord Knight and/or a High Wizard is always present in a room with a Special Switch. Do note that this doesn't mean that a Special Switch room will ONLY have a High Wizard or a Lord knight - it can have a High Wizard and a Sniper or Lord Knight and a Whitesmith; there can be absolutely ANY combination, BUT the map HAS to have a High Wizard and/or a Lord Knight - those two are the monsters which neccessarily determine a map as a "possible" Special Switch map. A Special Switch room will never inform you in any manner that it is a room with a Special Switch. Once any monster on the map is killed, it will spawn again somewhere else on that map - and it can be a different room too.

The most effective way to traverse this map is by having "Runners". These runners will run through all the rooms before the entire party runs though the map. the runners make note of all rooms containing a Lord Knight and/or High Wizard along with any other monsters along with them. Ideally, note the room numbers down on a piece of paper. Once you have the Runners run through all the rooms on the map, then you take out the "Possible" Special Switch Rooms together using teamwork and co-ordination. Among all the High Wizards and Lord Knights that you encounter, there are THREE of them which are Switch Guardians. Now, mentioned above, is the fact that all Lord Knights and High Wizards are clues to indicate that the room has a Special Switch. The Special Switch room will not give any indication that it is..."Special". Among all the High Wizards and Lord Knights, there are THREE Special Mobs (obviously, LK and HWs). These three are called as Switch Guardians. They are no different than any other mob, or any other Lord Knight and High Wizard, except that they unlock the Special Switches. Once all three Switch Guardians have been killed, an announcement is made informing the party that all Switch Guardians have been eliminated. This doesn't require all HW/LK to be killed - just the special three mobs. However, you will never know which HW/LK is a Switch Guardian, until they all die and the announcement is made.

Once all three Switch Guardians are killed and the announcement is made, your party needs to re-trace its steps back to all the previously killed HW/LK maps and test those switches. Three of them are the Special Switches. When you click them all together, your seal is complete and you will obtain an "Essence of ..."

Note: Keep in mind that LK and HWs will respawn after being killed. This is why you have the Runners who note down the rooms with the Original Spawns.

The Mobs

One important thing about these mobs that you should always keep in mind, is that you should never underestimate them. These are LH3 Mobs. A Normal LH3 mob can wipe a party out in seconds. Here, it's not just a normal monster, it's a Boss Property, enhanced version - which means it can make short work of a complete party and before you can say "Crap", the party can be wiped. So at all times, take special care.

Lord Knight are fire property and boss type, so tanking them is advisable with a Fire Armour and an Alice shield. Idealy they should not be tanked since a Lord Knight can drop a party in a matter of seconds. A difficult monster to tank since it Spirals as well as attacks very fast and hurts a lot, the best idea is to get rid of it as quick as possible. Poem of Bragi and Acid Demonstration can be considered the quickest way out of the situation.

High Wizards...just one thing sums it all up: GTB shield. Without this, you're roast. That is unless you enjoy a Lvl 20 Jupital Thunder. Tank using any char that can use a GTB. Use a Champ to Finger Offensive from afar or a Sniper to Sharpshoot Spam in a Poem of Bragi. Remember to use Immaterial Arrows. If using a Champ, then use an elemental Weapon or have the High Priest Aspersio you. High Wizard is Ghost Property - so Neutral Attacks are pointless - this includes (and is not limited to) Asura and Acid Demonstration.

Snipers can be tanked in Pneuma from afar. Preferably switch to a RSX Wind Armour to tank it. or tank it against a wall. Remember to keep Pneuma up for tanking it. Acid Demonstration should make short work of it. Snipers are Wind Property.

Assassin Cross can be tanked in a Safety Wall. Should kill it fast before it does a Soul Breaker and kills you along with the party.

Whitesmiths are easily tanked in Safety Wall, but stay safe around them and dont break any gear. As a Side-Tip: Whitesmith is Water Element. Use Jupitel Thunder if you're a High Wizard.

High Priests can be a very big annoyance. the main reason being cuz they can block most attacks by casting a Pneuma or a Safety Wall. There is a very easy way to handle a High Priest. You have two options to kill it quickly: Asura or Acid Demonstration. But it MUST be tanked, before you start attacking it. If you attack it with a Ranged move, it will quickly Pneuma itself. If you asura, it will Safety Wall before you can try. Hence, you need to use your mind a little. Bring your party's High priest up to the Monster and Safety wall it. Then, you can spam it with Acid Demonstration and kill it. Conversely, you can Pneuma it first, and then a Champ can come to Asura it. But don't blindly attack it with no plan, or you'll waste a lot of Acid Bottles and a lot of Grape juice. On a Side Note: Pneuma cannot be cast when Safety Wall is up and Safety wall cannot be cast while Pneuma is up.

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