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This is a guide geared towards helping players get an rough idea of the Ninja job and to suggest leveling spots for them. I'll be assuming people reading this don't exactly have a million zeny burning in their coinpurses so I won't be suggesting any actual specific gear combinations, because most of the time you can make do with what you have unless you're at some point in the late game.

The Ninja

The Ninja job is a job that you can pick up once you hit job level 10 as a Novice. The job is defined as a sort of hybrid class, allowing you to use Melee, ranged and/or magical abilities depending on the build you choose. Most of the job bonuses and skills can be found at ratemyserver, which I will be referring to. A good mindset to have when picking up the job is that its weak but still powerful. Throwing weapons deal low damage but ignore defenses, melee skills aren't really spammable unless you abuse non-ninja abilities but are useful in short spurt fights if used correctly and spells are not as damaging as other magic classes but they have no cooldown. Just choose what you prefer and change if you aren't comfortable with it. Lets have an overview over the three general types before getting to leveling.

Ranged Build

The Ranged build relies on Shuriken, Kunai, Huuma Shuriken and even Zeny. A nice thing about these builds are mainly the Shuriken and Kunai. They don't deal much damage in general, but in exchange it completely bypasses defenses and always hits. The Kunai deal 300% ATK damage and most players use Huuma Shurikens to beef up the damage being thrown. Shuriken don't have elements themselves but copy the element of the weapon you're carrying. The Huuma Shuriken is an interesting weapon. Its slow when you try to use it with Melee, but coupled with Throw Huuma Shuriken it can deal a lot of damage to single targets if you can cast it quick enough. Throw Zeny is nice, but sadly it is not something we'll be completely considering here, mainly because the maximum cost is 10,000 zeny a throw and if you're starting out you really don't want to be wasting your money unless you're profiting from it. However the skill does ignore defenses but deals half damage to players. Coupled with Cast-off Ciceda Shell you'll find yourself at a pretty good distance from enemies all the time. Ranged attacks are generally focused on a limited supply of throwing items, so it'll cost some zeny but if you're fighting enemies with drops that replace or give you profit there shouldn't be any problems.

Melee Build

A pretty odd build in its own right, the build does not see much use, however it is still useful, especially if you can get your hands on a piece of equipment that enables hiding such as Smokie Card, Yoyo Hat etc. Reverse Tatami deals very meager damage to adjacent enemies, but it has the perk of ignoring incoming physical ranged attacks (It works like Pneuma). Dropping this and launching blows with your weapon is definitely an option. Mist Slash deals up to 250% ATK and hides you after the hit successfully lands. This coupled with Shadow Jump makes it so you can quickly remove yourself from combat, making you tricky to kill. Shadow Slash is the exact opposite, but instead it deals up to 500% ATK damage with up to a 50% chance to ignore enemy defenses, Very useful if you can use Mist Slash/Hiding and Shadow Slash quickly. Final Strike is similar to an Asura, but based on your Hit Points. However since Ninja Hit Points is low its a good idea to focus on increasing the amount of Hit Points you have in order for Final Strike to deal a lot of damage. In short, Melee Builds aren't about ASPD but moreso about safe hits that perhaps slow down or annoy opponents. One reason why Melee builds aren't really used, but from a scouting perspective Melee builds are confusing to opponents which is useful.

Magic Build

A more common build, seen about as common as Ranged Builds around most servers and more than likely includes TalonRO. The starter spells are by definition weaker than the bolt spells mages get, but in exchange they have no cooldown. It has been noted though that the description for Lightning Spear of Ice is incorrect, that it is actually 100% MATK. If the MATK numbers are to be believed to be the pure damage dealt before damage reduction, then Lightning Spear of Ice does indeed not deal 70% MATK but a higher value, in which case Lightning Spear of Ice is far superior to Cold Bolt. The next level of skills is usually more helpful than damaging, save for the wind route. Crimson Fire Formation is similar to a 9x9 fire wall with you at its center. A good strategy with this is to Shadow Jump on an opponent and rush out and use your element of choice, unless the enemy is immune to fire, magic or can't be knocked back. Water Escape Technique is good to slow enemies down, as well as lowering enemy AGI. It has properties similar to Deluge in which you can make Holy Water and cast Water Ball in it and if you cast Lightning Spear of Ice into it you'll deal more damage. Lightning Crash simply deals 360% MATK damage in a 9x9 area once, good if your damage is being negated by INT MDEF. The last row of spells are generally the "best" of the spells Ninjas have to offer. Dragon Fire Formation deals up to 900% MATK three times in a 5x5 area, good for mobbing. Falling Ice Pillar is similar to Lightning Crash with the addition of freezing enemies up to a 60% chance. North Wind is a spell that deals range wind damage up to 600% MATK, also

useful for mobbing. For the end stage spells you'll need catalysts which cost a base of 150z, however if you're mobbing you should easily make up for the cost by mobbing large amounts of enemies.

Leveling a Ninja

Lets get to the point that actually matters, leveling a Ninja. I'll be suggesting some places and what to use at those places. You should follow the Training Grounds guide for leveling. Normally one would get out of that area around 35~42, so i'll be assuming you're in this level range. If the next level is too hard for you, keep at the lower levels, its fine if you level off a 35~55 mob until you're level 60, its doable. If Metalings, Cookie and Orc Dungeon are too hard, go for Poporings for a while. A basic gear suggestion would be to go for MDEF. Why? If you read the skill abilities for Ciceda and Illusionary Shadow, you'll notice that they specifically state that it doesn't work with magic, making magic a serious weakness for Ninjas. So with a hefty amount of MDEF you won't have problems from most sources of damage and get to deal a bit of damage in turn. Aside from that the equipment really depends on what you're using or where you're going. Ninjas have a nice selection of daggers, even elemental ones which help melee and shuriken Ninjas. In Amatsu where the Ninja Job quest can be done you can make an Improved Arm Guard that gives 5 MDEF and 4 DEF. You can even slot it at a chance, so its definitely something to aim for if you can handle the zeny loss from trying. Use ratemyserver or TalonRO's item search if you're looking for anything specific.

- 35~55 -


These little guys are definitely good experience. Why? For one, their HP is low. Hilariously low. For the amount of experience you get from them coupled with their hit points you'll get more out of them than other mobs. They have Strip Weapon, Auto Guard and Reflect Shield, but the Ninja abilities generally allow you to not have these as a problem. If you're using magic or ranged Strip Weapon will never really happen, if you're melee you'll be hiding and jumping away or being knocked back by Ciceda even if its the low leveled version if you wish to get it for security. The drops are also fairly profitable, several of which are used for the Moscovia Dungeon Quest.


These guys are similar to Metalings in which they give good experience but their HP is low. However a big problem with Cookies at low levels is that they heal themselves, which can slow down the leveling process, although one could say being stripped of your weapon has the same result, but its more relevant here with the Ninja. However if Metalings are giving you a hard time Cookies are a decent alternative. Christmas Cookie is also a choice but if your damage isn't enough to take out Christmas Cookies quickly you should stick to normal Cookies until then. Items are not as useful as Metalings but it does the job with selling them.

Orc Dungeon

A pretty good place to train if you can find yourself with Lightning Crash and you can manipulate Ciceda well enough. The idea here is mobbing, of course. It may take some time to get used to but its definitely doable. Mind the walls with Ciceda, Farmiliars can easily rush you and knock you into a wall if you aren't careful, allowing mobs to quickly wipe out your Ciceda and making it useless. Since its mobbing you'll get a lot of the drops from it which can be sold for a fairly decent amount of zeny starting out.

Leaf Cats

Pretty obvious choice for job experience if you're hurting on skills, however their normal experience is pretty terrible although there are several quests you can do to increase the amount you get. The biggest problem with the Leaf Cat area is similar to Cookies and then some. For one, Leaf Cats heal themselves, so damage output isn't as good. Secondly you have to deal with Wootan Fighters. Lastly there isn't much room to work with so you can very quickly corner yourself in the area. Early levels for spellcasters I tend to suggest slow enemies until you get Ciceda, since if you get hit the spell is lost unless you somehow have equipment that makes you uninterruptible. Melee is possible but may be tricky here, so be cautious with that. Ranged and Magic builds should only have the problem of having Leaf Cats quickly getting close to you while you're trying to damage them.

- 56~80 -

Toy Factory 2

Although not my all time favorite place it does require a good mention here, as its quite popular. Myst Cases are slow attackers and drop Piece of Cake, which can be sold for quite a bit of zeny. Melee builds, if possible, can jump around multiple Myst Cases dealing damage, although the more standard way is to use ranged or magic, although Myst Cases have no weaknesses you can exploit. Cruisers will cause problems as they're aggressive and are ranged, so its best to try to deal with them before you do any sort of mobbing system with them.

Moscovia Dungeon

Mainly the first map, Moscovia Dungeon holds a lot of low HP creatures with a lot of EXP. Les only has 3080 HP and can be easily one shotted if you have 240 or so MATK minimum if you're using Crimson Fire Blossom. Melee is fine but be aware that Les have Assist and can cause bleeding, so be wary. Ranged won't have much of a problem similarly to spellcasters, just use fire Kunai or shuriken under fire element if its possible for you. Les' aren't cast sensitive so DEX is not much of a problem so its not a problem if you have to make it low to get that MATK. Wood Goblins can also be killed but require higher MATK for only barely an increase, so stick with Les until you can mob Wood Goblins (as they don't have Snap like Les does) and use Dragon Fire Formation on them. Note that Wood Goblins heal themselves after a certain amount of damage has been done, so a good strategy is to let them finish and then collect the group again to finish them off. If you have a Fire element Huuma Shuriken you can mob, but be aware that Throw Huuma Shuriken specifically states that damage is divided amongst the amount of enemies, so keep the mobs small if you're using it for efficiency.

Dewata Field

An odd choice, the only field outside of Dewata is a very good place for Ninjas (and other classes), specifically ones who can mob. The area is massive but there's almost no way to not run into a monster on the map and all of the mobs have a general walking speed making it very easy to pull the monsters. The drawback though is that there's almost no money to be made here, its no surprise that the map is completely desolate of players. However if you're looking for quick experience gains look no further. Note though that Alnoldi have a healing ability that they will use similarly to Wood Goblins to combat your damage, so it may take a while to whittle down a massive group of monsters.

- 81+ -

Rachel Sanctuary

This area is good for those doing group mobbing solo. This place can be definitely tricky, mainly because of Hodremlins. If one spots you, a good strategy is to let it follow you into a place you feel it will be stuck for a good while and then warp off and start over. Why? Hodremlins move possibly 2~3x faster than Vanberks or Isillas, making it almost impossible to group them together. If you feel that you can handle killing one, be sure to do so in a wide area so if you're using Ciceda you won't find yourself with your back against a wall. Neutral element works best here, so if you're a Magic Ninja its usually best to find a way to just move them away from the leveling area. The experience is better than both Dewata and Moscovia Dungeon and if you can handle large mobbing using Ciceda you shouldn't have much trouble save from damage. The drops here are really good, ranging from the White Mask selling for 530z to the Bloody Rune that sells for 1008z, with the Bloody Rune also being a quest item. You will need to do the quest in order to get in, though.

Moscovia Dungeon

Mainly the last area, although its relatively hard to do so. Mavkas are generally prized as good experience and good money, but they're also surrounded by Baba Yagas and Uzhas', which both can cast Water Ball as well as the MvP for Moscovia, Gopinich. Up to this point its possible to relax from leveling for a moment and look for some MDEF equipment (which is generally a good idea for Ninjas as they have skills that help against physical strikes) to help combat the damage from those. Since Mavkas are weak to fire, of course bring those elements, but also bring wind too in case you really need to deal with Baba Yaga and Uzhas. The EXP they give isn't as good as Mavkas but its an option. Note though that the map is generally popular to expect some competition here.

Manuk Field 02

Excellent source of base and job xp. Target mainly Bradium Golem which are slow moving and do not cast any form of magic attack (one of the few skills that penetrates Cast Cicada Skin). However you may find the other monsters on this map more challenging like Centipede. Investing in some wind armor (Dokebi card) and some dex gear for casting is crucial here. You'll need to set your skill tree along the fire property for this map (carry Flame stones). When approaching any monster on this map cast Crimson Fire Formation. This will act as a shield between you and the monster. For Golems it doesn't matter too much because they're so slow moving but for the faster monsters you will defiantly need this skill because Cast Cicada Skin won't be enough. By this time if you're leveling on this map you should be concerned with always having Cicada and Soul on at all times. Once you've caught your monster(s) in Crimson Fire Formation you can use Crimson Fire Blossom or Dragon Fire Formation. For Centipedes I recommend you use Dragon because its stronger and you want to kill this before anything else. Nothing wrong with using a fly wing to escape the harder monsters but the map is full of them and you might tele into a mob of them. With a bit of practice you can level on this map well.


These include groups which go to high level areas such as Cursed Abbey, Thor's Volcano and Abyss. Up to this point you should be fleshing out what kind of Ninja you're going to be. If you're having problem with the build you're having in groups do some research on ratemyserver to find what you should be aiming for. If its too high, go lower, do the best that you're able to do and work with what you have.