Noble Hat & Sky Hat Quest

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5469.gif Noble Hat

  • "One for all and all for one" hat is inscribed as an experience of the Musketeers.
  • STR + 2
  • When the user receives a Physical Attack, low chance to auto-spell Level 1 Adrenaline Rush.
  • Defense: 2
  • Upper Headgear

5465.gif Sky Hat [1]

  • A clear and wide sky is motivated. if you wear this hat in a gloomy day, you can feel refresh.
  • LUK + 2
  • MDEF + 5
  • [Refine Rate 5~10] LUK Rate increases (by 1) per refine.
  • Defense: 3
  • Upper Headgear

Items Required

5469.gif Noble Hat 5465.gif Sky Hat [1]
1x Hat [1] 1x Hat [1]
1x Scarlet Dyestuffs 1x Cobaltblue Dyestuffs
25x Red Feather 25x Blue Feather
150x Feather 150x Feather
150x Wind of Verdure 150x Wind of Verdure
150x Soft Silk 150x Soft Silk


This Hat quest will take you traveling all over Midgard looking for 4 NPCs.

Prontera NW.PNG


Step 1

Go visit Porthos inside the Prontera Chivalry Signup building, where you signup for the Culvert Investigation.

This building is located in the northwest section of Prontera. He will send you to visit Aramis in a coast town far to the north.


Step 2

Talking to the Strange Bard triggers the next quest line taking you to a coast far away in Yuno.


Step 3

Head to yuno_fild10 and talk to the next musketeer. He will tell you to head to a green mountain with many plants and little dragons.


Step 4

The Wise Worm is located in mjolnir_10 in the middle left part. Talking to him will direct you to a map further south with foxes.


Step 5

The next NPC is located in pay_fild10 she will indicate that she has seen Aramis in a quaint village to the far north.


Step 6

The Strange Bard from the start of the quest has long been Aramis. He gave you a long list of people to see in hopes that you would give up chase. Since he ran away from home not fit to be a Musketeer. Head back to Prontera and report to Porthos inside the Chivalry building.

Step 7

Talking to Porthos he will respond that he is glad that Aramis is alive. Visit him again in Hugel to tell him the good news.

Step 8

Happy that his brother approves of his love of traveling and songs Aramis tells you to visit his brother Athos. Head back to Prontera and find him.